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Your Name: Christina Battaglini

Pima Instructor: Professor Lopez EDC-257

Name of WebQuest: Out Of This World, Literally!

URL (web address):


Exemplary (2 pts)

All six components of the

WebQuest are present.

(1 pt)

Needs Improvement
Rubric(0 pts)

Five components of the

WebQuest are present.

Score Comments

Less than five components of the 2

WebQuest are present.

Resources are listed process and

not as a separate tab. All 6
components were included.


WebQuest requires cooperative WebQuest provides opportunity WebQuest does not require
learning and all tasks are clearly for cooperative learning, but
cooperative learning.
tasks are not clearly delineated.

WebQuest requires cooperative

learning with teams of 4 students;
with 4 roles on each the team.

The introduction is somewhat

engaging and relates to an
important problem or issue of
interest to students.

The introduction is boring or

vague and does not connect to


The introduction is highly

engaging, and strongly connects
to a problem or issue of interest
to students.

The introduction is engaging for

students to think of designing a town
on Mars. The problem is that Earth
cannot sustain its current population.


The task requires students to

consider multiple perspectives,
analyze or synthesize
information, and provides an
opportunity to create an original

The task requires some higher

order thinking and/or provides
opportunity to create an original

The task does not require higher 2

order thinking. It is the electronic
equivalent of a worksheet
requiring factual recall.

As students pretend to be engineers

that are designing a new town on
Mars, they have to consider many
aspects of Mars and building a town.
Each team will create an original
town on Mars.

Steps are incomplete or

confusing and do not provide
support for ALL students to
complete the task.


All steps are clearly explained Steps may be missing some

and provide a variety of
information and strategies may
strategies to ensure students of be inadequate to ensure all
varying abilities can complete the students can complete the task.

Steps are lacking some specifics to

guide students toward completing
the task.

All criteria for completing the task Some criteria may be missing or Criteria are in the form of a list
are clearly communicated in a somewhat unclear on the rubric. rather than a rubric, or criteria
are missing.


Includes a Rubric. Two of the five

criteria are unclear and lack specifics
for students to follow.


Clearly summarizes learning

goals and key understandings.

Conclusion briefly summarizes

learning goals.

Conclusion is missing or
unrelated to learning goals.

There is no summary of learning


Resources are high quality,

appropriate for learners of
varying abilities and provide
multiple perspectives to address
the task.

Resources are average quality,

adequately address the task but
may not offer multiple
perspectives, or may not be
suitable for diverse learners.

Resources are poor quality,

inadequately address the task, or
are not appropriate for diverse

The resources provided are good

quality, but there is not enough
variety to address the different tasks
involved in the project. Also, the
resources arent appropriate for
diverse learners.


Information is clearly cited with Information is cited; a few

references that can be checked. references are missing

Information is not cited.

Clearly cited and can be checked.


Graphics seem randomly

chosen, are of low quality or
distract the reader.

Use of

Graphics are related to the

Graphics are related to the
theme/purpose of the WebQuest, theme or purpose of the
are of high quality and enhance WebQuest, are of average
reader interest or understanding. quality, but do not enhance
interest or understanding.

Only one graphic is included and is

random. It doesnt add interest to the