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Measuring Task Silicon oil dosing -

Flow measurement and control of the silicon oil dosing. stopper washing
Pipe: 42.4 x 2 mm machine
Material: 1.4571
Temperature: 20 °C ...130 °C

Instruments Used Customer


• small dimensions of the transducers in comparison to a coriolis meter
• contact free and hygienic safe measurement
• no installations in the piping, no stream divider ATEC - Pharmatechnik GmbH
• suitable for CIP 24955 Harrislee
• no pressure drop
• economic price for the whole loop against the whole costs with
installation of a coriolis meter, standard transducers stainless steel.

Usually medicament bottles are closed by rubber stoppers. This rubber
stoppers can be penetrated by a cannula to take out the medicament.
According to a GMP-regulation this stoppers have to be washed in an
emulsion of water and silicon oil. Afterwards the stoppers need to be
sterilised at 130 °C. ATEC developed mutually with Steritech a very
economically concept of the washing plant.

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