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Cell Analogies

By: Gracen Westmorland

Nucleus: The control center of the cells

Analogy: A nucleus is a restaurant manager because
they control the restaurant and what happens there.

Mitochondria: Site of chemical reactions that provide the cell

with energy
Analogy: The food you eat at a restaurant is a mitochondria
because it gives you energy.

Plasma Membrane: Forms the outer boundary of an

animal cell
Analogy: The restaurant doors are the plasma membrane
because they control what does and doesnt enter and exit
the restaurant

Vacuole: Large organelle for storing water and salts

Analogy: A refrigerator could be a vacuole because it stores
food for the restaurant

Endoplasmic Reticulum: Canal system connecting nuclear

membrane to plasma membrane
Analogy: The walkways in restaurants are the endoplasmic
reticulum because they connect one area to another, one
might connect the kitchen to the dining area

Golgi Apparatus: Responsible for storing, packaging, and

secretion of proteins and other molecules
Analogy: Cabinets under and above appliances could be
the golgi apparatus because they are storing items

Chromosomes: Threadlike structures within the nucleus.

Responsible for controlling all cellular activities and heredity
Analogy: The customers could be the chromosomes because
they control how busy a restaurant is and the activities that

Lysosomes: Contain enzymes for digestion and removal of old

Analogy: Garbage disposal or trash can could be a lysosome
because they dispose of old foods and parts that arent needed

Cytoplasm: Thick, clear fluid that fills the cell and supports
the organelle
Analogy: Tables and Chairs are Cytoplasm because they fill up
the restaurant

Ribosome: Smallest and most numerous organelle,

responsible for the synthesis of protein
Analogy: Food/Ingredients are the Ribosomes because they
are small and there are a lot of them.