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Escutia 1

Natalie Escutia
English 113B
Professor Spitler Lawson
11 May 2016
Project Text Final Draft
Word Count: 1,210
Similarities and Dissimilarities
Parents of California have the option to determine their childs potential futures. The
choices parents make determine the schools they send their children to: private or public schools.
Public schools in America have more of a diverse community, in comparison to the monotheistic
believing in private schools. The diversity of ethnicities like in public schools, ultimately lead for
young students to learn how to communicate with different classes of people at a young age.
Students in public schools learn about different ethnicities such as bilingual students, wth the
expansion of cultures this provides learning opportunities for students by having different
opinions. Different opinions mean that we are able to identify points of weakness in our own
community; learning from one another helps increase our knowledge. In The Giver by Lois
Lowry, their community was made up of a controlled society similar to private schools. Jonas
was an average teen who was gifted as the receiver of memory in his community. This
community set strict rules; making their community have the weakest released, while the
strongest were sent to already set up families (Lowry 22). In The Giver, there was no diversity
and everybody was obligated to learn certain regulations and obey unusual rules. Lack of
diversity breeds intolerance. A closed community like in the Giver closed many opportunities for
learning, by forcing them to learn limited subjects, similar to private schools in America.

Escutia 2
Private schools in America provide confined education, by removing what is not
important according to their regulations and controlling education. The Giver is similar to private
schools by setting rules; by also having a closed community and set training, this makes their
community focus only on their chosen career. In The Giver, teens are closely examined and
categorized into what they excel in at school. Their community is forced into training from a
young age. In The Giver teens were given the task to aid at nursing centers. This made children
mature quick by teaching them to do simple tasks like learning to ride bikes at a young age of
seven into their young adulthood. In Chase Fendrichs article called, Public vs. Private
Schools, he explains how private schools help teach discipline, Private schools also instill
proper morals and discipline, especially with schools that require uniforms. The Giver was
similar to private schools and did make their students be prepared for their futures. Discipline in
The Givers case helped students maintain focused, but it also closed their eyes beyond the
world. Although focusing and perfecting on one subject could be beneficial, it closes many doors
to expand knowledge.
Almost all private and public schools in California have different rules and teaching
methods. Some schools are more funded than others and some have fewer students. Private and
public schools must be equally balanced in order to say one it better than the other. In an article
by, "Harvard Study Finds Advantages for Private-School Students." Called, The Chronicle of
Higher Education, it was studied that private schools tended to benefit students in the long run
academically. It was stated, Study found a private-school advantage in 11 of 12 comparisons of
students at public and private high schools...the new study found that there was a private-school
advantage of between 3 and 7 points on test scores; in reading, the advantage varied between 9
and 13 points. This gives stats on how a private school showed a beneficiary academic

Escutia 3
difference. Private schools are different from public schools by the class sizes and teachers. A
brief story about my professors experience at a private school, one of my Chicano Studies
professors spoke to our class about how he attended a private catholic school. He criticized how
he learned nothing in comparison to college and was not prepared to be in college. He made it
clear that private schools were very expensive especially for a single-mother, like his. After
listening to my Chicano professor, I learned that not all private schools teach the best education.
This concludes that private schools are no better than public. The level of education and the
teachers make up their own class rooms level of knowledge.
Public schools invite all types of classes of people to learn. Most public schools let
students wear what they choose and have minor rules. By learning how to communicate clearly
with others, this puts them to an advantage when applying for a new career, by having the
exposure of diversity. Most public schools in California are given up-to-date technology and
education also having a diversity of multi-cultured students. Public schools are funded more,
which means they have a variety of classes. Bilingual students are more advanced than
monolingual students because of how much knowledge their brain uses daily. Communicating
with peers helps future careers to be organized and perform professionally. In an article by W.
Steven Barnett called, "Two-way and Monolingual English Immersion in Preschool Education:
An Experimental Comparison." Two-way and Monolingual English Immersion in Preschool
Education: An Experimental Comparison, the greater language proficiency acquired due to such
early exposure, the benefits of bilingualism for cognitive abilities.

Adolescents learning

multiple languages at a young age, increases activity of the brain by learning. Public schools that
are open to the idea of bilingual classes open more windows of opportunities whose native
language is not English.

Escutia 4
Looking back on high school, there was memories I remember and will always
remember. Public high schools have activities and events, which one could reflect on later in
their life such as Prom and senior pranks. In an article, University Wire, called Public vs.
Private School, it shares that public school students become involved by funding, Having more
of a budget enables public schools to sponsor more activities and keep their students involved in
the school. Public schools give students an opportunity to learn from each other and show them
how to work with one another. It is important to accept differences and learn from society in
order to expand our growth. The Givers community prohibited even thinking a certain way and
people in the community were forced to apologize if they had certain thoughts. Rich vs. poor
child, the poor child can teach the rich kid about lack of opportunities in his society. In The
Giver, when the fighter jet flies overhead The Giver had the collective opinion to shoot down
fighter yet, however the Giver who has many experiences prevented a tragic incident.
It is important for any parents to give their child the best education possible, which is
why having a diverse community, gives children a better understanding of the world. A diverse
community helps build communication skills, which will also benefit ones future. Diversity helps
learn from one another, such as feelings we did not know were normal to us but kept secret
because they were not talked about. In California, parents have a choice in whether to send their
child off to a private or public school, both showing that neither is better than the other. Public
schools give students experiences that shape them into their unique individuality. Diversity helps
increase knowledge by having a better understanding of the world. If all schools had the best
education and teachers then diversity would be best.

Escutia 5
Fendrich, Chase. "Private School Vs. Public Schools: Which School Holds a Better Experience
for Students?." University Wire, (2016):
This article by Chase Fendrich gives stats on the quality of education on the difference of
public and private schools. It shows how much parents pay for their childs education and how
much the government pays for publics schools education. I found this article in the CSUN one
search by searching public vs private schools. The source is from a Community college peer
reviewed article so I found it to be trustworthy for my paper. This article will be useful by having
stats on the cost of education in the U.S. The Giver shows how a shut in community like private
schools have benefits but are also close minded to their surroundings.
"Harvard Study Finds Advantages for Private-School Students." The Chronicle of Higher
Education 11 Aug. 2006. General OneFile. Web. 27 Apr. 2016.
This article on a study for private school students called, Harvard Study Finds
Advantage for Private school Students gives the advantages of private schools. By giving stats
on how academically beneficial private schools are. I found this source in the CSUN library, one
search. I found it really helpful when supporting my private school point. It helped explain some
of my thoughts. I found it to be credible because it was a Harvard study. This article I found will
support that private school students do better in some subjects. This will support that some
private do better academically.
Lowry, Lois. The Giver. Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell, 1997. Print.
Public Vs. Private School." University WireMar 03 2015. ProQuest. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.

Escutia 6
In this article called Public Vs. Private School explains how both schools are beneficial in
different ways. Giving strengths and weakness of both in comparison. I found this source on the
CSUN library data base. I searched up public and private schools, and it was a post from a
university, so I knew it was credible. It will be useful for my paper by explaining the differences
of each school and the pros and cons of each. This article will be useful to by showing how
public and private schools change the way students act just like the community in the Giver.
W. Steven Barnett,Donald J. Yarosz,Jessica Thomas,Kwanghee Jung,Dulce Blanco. "Two-way
and Monolingual English Immersion in Preschool Education: An Experimental
Comparison." Two-way and Monolingual English Immersion in Preschool Education: An
Experimental Comparison. Elsevier, n.d. Web. 01 September 2007.
This article website article called Two-way and Monolingual English Immersion in
Preschool Education: An Experimental Comparison is about bilingual students in public
schools. Particularly, public preschools discuss about bilingual students. It explains how
bilingual children learn quicker and retain more knowledge by using their brain more. I found
this source credible when I found it at the CSUN library one search. It was credible because it
was from a credible source peer reviewed. This source will support my body paragraph about
public schools and explain how public school students learn more.

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