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Irene Poulton

Lesson Title:
Mothers Day Cards
Grade Level: 3rd
Subject matter: Writing a friendly, loving letter to mothers for Mothers Day.
With the support from an adult produce writing in which the development and organization are
appropriate to task and purpose.
a. With guidance and support from adults, produce functional writing (e.g. friendlyletters,
notes and messages) in which the development and organization are appropriate to task
and purpose.
Demonstrate understanding of word relationships and nuances in word meanings.
b. Identify real-life connections between words and their use (e.g. describe people who are
friendly or helpful).

Amount of time needed:

One hour of a class period

In this lesson students will write a special letter to their mother, or person they think of as their
mother, describing why she is special to them and why they love her. Students will back up their
main idea with specific details.
At the end of this lesson students will have written a Mothers Day Card to their mother
describing why she is special to them.
Students will include the five basic parts of a letter; the date, a greeting, a body, a closing, and
their signature.
Students will then draw a picture to give their mother with the card.
Students will decorate the envelop for their letter and picture and write Mom on the front.

Prerequisite skills:
Basic writing skills
Materials needed:
Construction paper, pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers, stickers or other materials to
decorate their card and envelop.
Teacher preparation:
The teacher will ask the students about the person they call or think of as mom. The teacher will
explain that the students will be making a card for their mother for Mothers Day.
The teacher will explain the parts of a letter to the students and why it is important for them to
use these parts when making a card for their mother. The teacher will tell the students that they
will be decorating the card for their mother and envelope that they will be putting it in. The
teacher will tell the students that they should use their best handwriting and drawing skills for
this card. Note: I will bring in some decorative materials for this project for the students to use in
decorating their cards.
The assessment for this project will be based on the results of the students product. Therefore
the assessment will be based on the following; did the student include all five parts of a letter, is
the card neat and is it written in their best handwriting, how well did the student make their
drawings and how neat is their handwriting, and did the students use correct spelling and