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Head Office 5004 Lakeview Road Boyle, Alberta Toa Omo

Employment Enquire; + 1 780 6287838
1. Tell us about yourself.
2. Why do you want to work in our Health Services?
3. Why did you want to resign from your previous job?
4. Why should we hire you?
5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
6. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?
7. Are you a risk taker or do you like to stay away from risks?
8. Can you work under pressure?
9. Are you willing to relocate to Canada if you are employed?
10. What motivates you to do good job?
11. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
12. What is your position in your current or previous job?
13. Have you managed people in any of the positions youve held?
14. How do you balance both your family and your job?
15. Are you ready to obey with the rules and regulation of our Health Services?
16. What was the toughest decision you ever make in life?
17. How do you define success?

18. What position do you prefer to work in this organization and why do you think you can work better in such
19. Is the salary $9,000 USD good for you?
20. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
21. If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?
22 How did you know this company?
Provide the above answers for immediate consideration as soon as you pass this online interview, appointment
letter will be issued for you immediately through email to enable you join our company without any delay.
You are advice to send all the scan copies of your education qualification and passport copy to us for proper
Dr Mohan Radhakrishna