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Date Devised:17/6/2015

Review Date: 17/12/2015

Student: Finn White

Year Level: 4
D.O.B. 19/03/2005
Program Support Group Members consulted in devising this plan:
Class Teacher: Patrick Gill
Parents: Sue McNamara
Principal Rep(PSG Chair): Mr Peter Greenwood
Consultants to the PSG: Sue McNamara, Patrick Gill, Nicole Campi
Additional Reports: Donna Morgan (Psychologist)

Age: _10 yrs _6_ months

Entry Skills (What the student has achieved)

When Finn is focused, calm and knows exactly what is expected of him, he can listen well and does not interrupt the teacher or class. This is
mostly demonstrated in the first 2 hours of the day in the 9-11am sessions.
Finn works really well and responds to set procedure and routines that are established at home.
Finn has responded well to some of the procedures and routines that are set up in the classroom.
Mostly, Finn is able to manage playing in the playground for the morning break with one/two friends if he is given direction on where and
what to play (with supervision and monitoring by yard duty teachers)
Finn is able to manage the afternoon sessions however for this to happen successfully, he has needed some quiet time, away from his
class where he can do a calming task (such as sorting cards, manipulating plasticine etc) in order to stay calm during the middle session of
the day (usually between 12:30pm-1:30pm). Finn has been having a second dose of Ritalin (5mg) during this time and this has assisted him
to remain calm for the afternoon session on most days.
Finn will complete his writing when he knows what line he is expected to write to.
Fin has responded well when he has been asked to report to Mr Greenwood about his good days at lunch time.
Finn is trying to count to 10 at home when he is becoming frustrated or when things dont go his way.
Finn has been really proud of some of his writing throughout the past year, particularly writing tasks he has completed when he has been
able to write on his special interest topic of cows..Finn produced an excellent explanation text on How to Milk a Cow.
Finn has reported to his parents and teachers about how proud his is of himself when he remained calm.
Overall, there has been a really positive change in Finns behaviours since his medication has been altered-he is now having Ritalin 45mg

LA at 8am in the morning and then another 5mg is administrated at school at 12:30pm.
At home, Finn has been really positive about school.
Finns behaviour is being tracked by himself and his teacher on a positive reward sticker chart. Finn takes this home each week to work
through with his parents.
Challenges (Areas for Improvement)
Finn struggles with following a series of instructions independently; he needs instructions broken down for him into small steps to follow them
In the yard, Finn acts very inappropriately at times eg. acting as a bull or cow and charging at other students.
Finn has trouble in most social situations in the yard, his play area, task and who his is going to play with needs to be clearly defined and
Finn struggles working in-group situations with other students-he needs significant intervention for this to be successful.
At times, Finn has demonstrated some significantly inappropriate obsessions at school eg. towards another teacher in his area, hatred
towards a younger student who he consistently targets inappropriately ect.
Finn struggles and at times lacks an ability to respond to changes to routines that are unexpected in a positive way-he needs to be warned
in advance of any changes to routines -Sue runs through these changes at home the night before they will happen at school, and then also
in the car on the way to school.
Finn likes to be at the front of any lines, if any other children challenge this, he can be come very rough, particularly the bus line. Finn needs
clearly defined boundaries of where he should stand in the line for the bus eg. 5th -Monday, 4th -Tuesday, 3rd -Wednesday, 2nd -Thursday,
Finn has been not completing tasks in the classroom (sometimes), he is choosing particular times when he wont complete what is asked of
him-this behaviour is usually demonstrated in the middle session
Catching the bus to/from school and all bus travel has been a challenge for Finn. Sue is trialing-bringing Finn to school (rather than travelling
on the bus) on the days they are not working. This has often led to Finn starting off the school day a alot calmer. Finn needs clearly defined
expectations on the bus, eg. Where to sit, a game to play independently etc
Finn has not been able to recognize when he is unsettled -Patrick will talk to Nicole about working with Finn about recognizing the signs
when he is feeling unsettled
The only negative that Sue has noticed around Finns medication is that he has had trouble falling asleep sometimes.
Learning Priorities (Future Learning)


Semester Goals
(Long Term)

Finn White
Short Term Goals
For Finn to follow
3 instructions



For Finn to develop his

skills to work in a group
situation with 1 other
student (groups of 2)

For Finn to
develop some
positive skills to
play successfully

Break down instructions
and ensure Finn knows
what is happening/required
in each step
Check in on him after the 1st
instruction and make sure
he is on task before moving
onto the next task
Group Finn with students
who he can work with
Arrange the tables so he is
still part of a group but has
less students to annoy
Positive rewards for working
together positively in the
table groups
Develop a social story for
Finn to read before he goes
out to play
Check in with Finn after
play to see how he went
Talk with Finn about this at
home too
Finn to attend alternative in
the library for the 2nd break
where he can play a board
game or similar with a friend
Finn to count to 10 & find
the teacher with a vest

Mode of Delivery
Mode of
teacher during
instruction time
teachers during
rotations on a
During classroom
group work time
teacher to
Alternative lunch
time -teacher on
duty to organise
& set up
Support staff to
create social
story through
PBIS programWellbeing leader
Yard Duty
teachers to
Restricted areas
of playground


For Finn respond

positively and not
run away from the
teacher in the
playground when
he is being
spoken to


For Finn to begin

to recognise signs
when he is feeling
unsettled & ask
for a break

when things go wrong

Compulsory attendance at
alternative play 2nd half
Replay, paper/scissors/rock
To speak to Finn about
what to do when a teacher
talks to you in the
Classroom teacher to
remind Finn each time
before he goes outside to
play about what he needs to
Social story

Aid to discuss with

Have a chair out in the
central area for Finn to work
on when he begins to show
signs of unsettlement
Finn to take a suitable
friend with him
Finn will still have an
expectation to complete the
For Finn to count to 10, take
his timer & sort some cards
for 10 minutes until he feels
calm & the re-join the class
Finn to become more

teacher during
class time &
before each
Yard duty
teachers during
Finns parents at
Support staff to
create social
story for Finn to
read before he
goes out to each
During alternative
playtimes, revisit
In & Out of
control social
Finns parents to
work on this with
Finn at home
before & after
school &
teacher set up as
calming activity



independent when he
needs a break

For Finn to
complete writing
tasks in the

For Finn to
complete requests
by his teacher the
1st time he is
asked (without

Having a writing conference

with Finn to discuss his
needs in this area
Visual prompts
Teacher prompting &
Setting clear expectations
for Finn
The use of a writing plan for
the specific genre (graphic
Sentence starters
Use of success criteria
Publishing writing &
displaying in the classroom
Using the computer
Make eye-contact
Stop what you are doing
Follow what he has been
asked to
Remember that Mrs Morris/
mum are not being unfair
they are just trying to help

teacher in the
Support staff in
the area

teacher at school
parents at home

Work samples
Writing book

tracking booklet

For Finn to be
respectful when
his teacher/mum
are working with
someone else

Term 1
(Follow up- action
plan to be taken)

Term 2

Finn & his friends

will be asked to sit
in another area
during eating
times so that he is
away from some
of the students he
clashes with
Finns set days for
Alternative play
will be Monday,
Finn will choose a
different friend
each time he
Homework to go
home on a Friday
& comes back to
school on a Friday
Finn to attend the
library on a
Tuesday & Friday
Reminders for
Finn to
a new
bus driver so this
is an adjustment

Thinking about me
behaviour (remind Finn
about this)
Thinking out the needs of
Reminding Finn when
Positive encouragement
when Finn remembers to do

teacher at school
parents at home

tracking booklet

for him
New medication
1 full tablet (10mg)
After Recess (from 11:30
am onwards)

Due to the nature of our students learning difficulties, the focus point of our Individual Learning Plan revolves around
the AusVels domains of Interpersonal Development and Communication, while also developing different learning strategies
to accommodate his learning styles. Aspergers disease revolves specifically around ones difficulties when it comes to
interacting in social (classroom) situations. In our students case, he struggles to maintain concentration as a result of his
desire to impress his peers; meanwhile he also has difficulties engaging in group tasks because a number of his peers dislike
his company. One of Finns strengths is found in his obsessive-compulsive nature, specifically organisation, which sees him
responding well to tasks with clear outlines, expectations and a time limit. Through our ILP, we will have altered the way in
which Finn is educated, specifically when it comes to interacting with content, peers and teachers.
Finn responds well to instructions when he knows that he will be rewarded with iPad time at the end of each session,
whether it is for educational or leisure purposes. This strategy been effective with Finn, however one implication for this
strategy is the fact that other students would be jealous of Finns privilege to work on an iPad while they are not given the
same opportunities. As such, we will create awareness within the classroom through the use of his personal rewards chart,
which will be on display to the classroom to clearly outline the requirements expected of Finn to earn his time of the iPad.
Ultimately, this approach will see Finns peers encouraging him to achieve his goals and understanding the fact that he needs
extra help. This idea has also been effective for teachers around from other schools, as the feedback we have received
from various teachers with similar experiences resonates with Finn.
In conjunction with the Interpersonal Domain of AusVels, one of the outcomes is that Finn would learn to develop
relationships based on respecting peers and teachers. Due to the fact that Finn struggles socially with his peers, it is

important that this domain is achieved to allow for more effective learning within the classroom as we see him often
distracting his peers. Ultimately we would have set tasks for Finn to complete each lesson, while having occasional support
from his peers with tasks that he struggles with to help develop his social skills. This outcome is difficult to achieve
because it requires a cohesive effort from the classroom, which could be perceived as favouritism, however the students
would receive extra praise when helping Finn with his work.
It is our hope that this ILP will develop Finns social skills because he is a capable student when focused, however will often
be a disturbance to the class through inappropriate behaviour.

Our group worked in collaboration with a range of sources to design an ILP to cater for a student with
Aspergers. These individuals that were selected for this particular ILP all obtain multiple insights into the childs
overall condition including; social, emotional, physical and academic outcomes.
Patrick Gill: (Classroom Teacher)
Mr Gill is Finns grade 4 teacher who predominately works with Finn in a safe and inclusive class environment.
Mr Gill works both one-on-one and in whole class settings to meet Finns needs. As a classroom teacher, Mr Gill
works collaboratively with teacher aides, parents, support groups and senior leadership. He provides direct
classroom evidence such as student behaviour, academic outcomes and social interactions.
Sue McNamara (Parent)
Sue is Finns mother who meets regularly with support groups, Finns doctor, the classroom teacher and the
principal. Together an accurate ILP is planned to help cater and target Finns needs in and out of school. Sue is
continuously working at home to implement a structured routine that reflects positively in relation to Finns
classroom procedure. This provides consistency in and out of school to help Finn reach his full potential.
Patrick (Finn - Asperger)

Patrick Mardling is an adult who has Aspergers who provided key insight and knowledge into the direct life of a
person who suffers from Aspergers. He was able to share his experiences through strategies that worked with
him and learning difficulties that challenged him as a child. Our ILP is based on the information and insight
Patrick and his mother Sue have provided us with. We have portrayed Patrick as Finn throughout our LIP.
Christina Atley (Senior leader/Retired Teacher)
Christina was able to provide a detailed description on a child who suffers from asperger's through her many
years of teaching. She was able to supply us with a wealth of knowledge as she has experienced numerous
children who are on all different levels of the spectrum in her teaching career. This means Christina has been
exposed with a range of different ILPs from a foundation level to grade 6 as well as the severity of a child with
Aspergers ie. a child on the spectrum with Aspergers is very different to a child whom is fully diagnosed with