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A Go-Kart is a four wheeled vehicle designed and meant for racing only (though in some
countries it is used for fun personal transportation). It is a small four wheeler run by I.C
Engine. Go-Kart is powered by 125cc Bajaj Discover engine with single disc brake mounted
on rear shaft. The chassis are made of steel tube. There is no suspension therefore chassis
have to be flexible enough to work as a suspension and stiff enough not to break or give way
on a turn. This project deals with the design, fabrication and review of go-kart. Design and
fabrication of the Go-kart focuses on developing a simple, lightweight and easily operated
vehicle. Aspects of ergonomics, safety, ease of manufacture, and reliability are incorporated
into the design specifications. Analyses are conducted on all major components to optimize
strength and rigidity, improve vehicle performance, and to reduce complexity and
manufacturing costs. This report documents the process and methodology to produce a low
cost go-kart and finally review is also done to optimise it. We adopted iterative methodology
for designing, first we have done market research to know about various components and
materials available and their costs as well and then comparing with our requirement we have
selected them. And for final review we prepared common guidelines for conducting FMEA
analysis. With findings from FMEA we implemented required changes in our go-kart to
improve its efficiency.