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Date: May 13, 2016 10:11 PM
Subject: Regarding your letter
To: <>
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Mr. Colomb,
I received your letter today in the mail on the behalf of the school committee.
In your letter you wrote "thank you for respecting the process detailed by Attorney Tate" well
I'm not sure how you wanted it to be handled considering that your law office through Regina
Tate placed a gag order. I made several attempts to contact Attorney Tate because as her letter to
me stated I was to give her the information that I want the school committee to have. I never got
a responses back and I was ignored. There for my information never reached the school
committee and the school committee conveniently only got to hear Ms. Geryk's side of
I asked for my information on why the stay away order was placed and what the process was and
I was not given that even after the fact that the school committee could not even find what the
policy was.
You wrote about the privacy laws. Do those privacy laws allow the superintendent to deny me
my information but say that she will put it out there if I sign a release. How exactly does that
work? Should I not be given the information that I have asked for numerous of times before she
is allowed to just put it out there.
On to Ms. Geryk's administration stating that they have tried. If someone told you that there was
a stay away order but you were allowed to pick up and drop off your kid at the door but not
allowed to communicate with anyone and also were allowed to go to certain events but still were
not allowed to communicate with school officials how is that OK? There is still a stay away
order in place does that make any sense? Ms. Geryk felt so strongly that I was a danger but then
all of a sudden those things are okay? What exactly makes those things ok but I am still a danger
enough for a stay away order a question that I asked Ms.gerk and her administration.
As for the restorative process once again Ms. Geryk's administration did offer that and I stated
that the only way I would do it was if the stay away order was lifted first because I will not enter
a process that takes some kind of trust when a stay away order is still in place. I would be more
then happy to give the correspondence that took place about the matter to the school committee
along with everything else that was supposed to be given to the school committee if it is actually
given to them by your office.
I would like to let you know that I intend on filing another complaint but also I will be
continuing this fight using other avenues. My rights have been violated and continue to beby
Ms. Geryk and the members of her administration (Faye Brady and Marta Guevara) who have
been "dealing"with me on Ms. Geryk's behalf. There has been harm towards my family, harm
towards my child who this is about because of her being bullied and still being bullied by her

bullier. I am not going to be silenced and neither are others who have been silenced. There are
serious problems in the Amherst school system that are being ignored and it all starts with Maria
Aisha M. Hiza

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