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Anatomi and fysiologi

This powerpoint is about stables and the pigs anatomi

and fysiologi
History .

The pig we use in production is made out of minimum two wild pig. In Asia from the
race called ”sus scrofa vittatus” and in Europe from the race called ”sus
scrofaferus”. In Asia it happens 9000 years ago an d in Denmark the first found of the
number two type was found about 5800 years ago.


In DK we have 4 breeds in production :

1.Danish Landrace.
Inside the pig .

The brain is parted in six parts, bigbrain, middlebrain, smallbrain, the bridge between
right and left brain part. And the extended marrow from the back. The brain is the
most important part and is protect by the kranium.The brain is controlling
everything from balance to the hormonproduction.
The heart
The heart in a pig loke a lot like the human heart. That is the
reason why we are trying to use pig parts for the human body. The
heart of the pig is parted in four ventricels, because each site
of the heart have a frontventricel and a heart ventricel. The
heart is protected of a sack made of two walls and between the
walls there is a little water, that makes the friction smaller
between the heart and other parts of the body.
The lung .
The inside respitory organ. The function is to absorb oxygen (O2) from
the air and deliver carbon dioxide from the lung.