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I am providing this pamphlet to

I am very excited to be working with
you and your child this school year!

answer questions you may have

concerning grades, homework and

First grade is full of fun and exciting

adventures for children to explore. It
is the children's beginning to
becoming an independent learner. It
is the time for children to learn to be
responsible for their own materials as
well as developing good working habits
and behaviors that promote learning.
I hope we can work together to help
your child develop socially,
emotionally, and academically in the
world of learning. My instructions will
be aligned with the entire first grade
program as well as the Core
Curriculum Standards.


Classroom Rules
Be responsible
Be Safe
Be Respectful

Contact Information
School Phone: 212-330-0200
You can also write me a note! :)

Things to Know

One of the most EXCITEING parts of
first grade is the progress we make in
reading. Your child will be bringing home
a book baggie every day with books that
are appropriate to their reading level.
Please make sure your child reads their
independent books ever day for at least
15-20 minutes. There will be a log for
you to record the reading time. Have
Fun reading!!!
Additional Home Activity: Calling All
Mystery Readers

Phonics is our other big focus this year.
Children will be introduced to five new
words each week in class through
specific sequential lessons on encoding
and decoding. Your child will bring home
a practice activity so you can help them
review the words by creating sentences,
other words(rhyming words), and even
poems or stories.
NOTE: There will be a spelling test
everyday Monday.

Our math curriculum is aligned to all the
Common Core Learning Standards. The
structure of the curriculum is very
deliberate and includes routines on fluency
practice, application problems, concept
development, problem sets and student
The children will bring home math
homework every day that are related to
what we have taught on that day. Please
make sure you use this as a tool to help
your child review the new concepts.
Additional Home Activity: Fill It Up

Social Studies
We will continue to learn about families and
how they live and work, in the United
States and elsewhere through books, art
projects, theater, and music. Children will
also expand their understanding of the
rights and responsibilities as citizens by
practicing democratic processes such as
making rules and decisions.

In science, we will focus on a hands-on,
inquiry-based approach. Children will
actively engaged in the discovery
process and are given the opportunity
to explore their own predictions and
ideas on a wide variety of topics.
Children will not only gain knowledge
about scientific concepts but also build
their skills as scientists and
Additional Home Activity: Wizard

Learning Behaviors

Listen attentively

Follow oral and written


Complete class and home

assignments on time

Work independently

Field Trips

Seek help immediately

We will have many fieldtrip this year. We

would love you to join us by chaperoning.
Notices will be sent home shortly.

Accept suggestions

Organize self materials

Manage transitions

Contribute constructively to
group activities

Demonstrate self-control

Let's work as partners to create a more

positive place for our children to learn and