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Question: Please discuss how energy cultivation and Qigong are additional methods to help remove candida from the body. Truth: I would say that Qigong arts do not remove candida from the body. The more successful a practitioner is over time cultivating their Qi, which builds their Defensive Qi, or Wei Qi, it gets stronger. This builds a stronger immune system and it makes it much more difficult to get candida after the fact. If you start doing Qigong and you’re already healthy, and you build up your immune system, even though you’re living in the modern world where candida does exist for people with weak immune systems, you’re going to find it is much harder for you to get candida. But, if you’ve gone through a period of time in your life where your immune system has been run down. If it has gotten weak, and you’ve lost immunity, you’ve then contracted candida levels and yeast levels that have gone higher than normal; if you then start to want to change your life and build your immune system and try to bring the balance back, you’re going to find that just the approach through the Qigong practitioner arts alone is going to very difficult. If you’re good at it, over time it will help, and it should help reduce the symptoms. But, if you’ve had systemic candida, this is not going to remove it. I think you need to approach other aspects of a program that you can do adjunctively with the Qigong work. Question: Would a 92-day, green juice fast, without sweet fruits, rid the body of candida? If so, should I still add some needed herbs like mushrooms, and say, superfoods? If so, which ones are most important to take? Truth: I would have to say no, juice fasting would not reduce the candida. I would say if your immune system has been down, you’ve acquired candida, and you start doing healthy things to try to bring yourself into balance, but you’ve never done extreme juicing before, I would say the first one to three months on green juice fasting you will have a lot of improvements in your health.

In those first three months, you will probably experience a lot of reduction of systems of the candida. But then probably the longer you do the juice fast, if you don’t have an overall program with it, you’re probably going to start finding that your health is getting worse again, and the benefits you were getting are diminishing and the symptoms are coming back. There are still all these core underlying problems with your health that are related to the candida imbalance that the juice fasting is not correcting. That’s why I think it’s better to have a multifaceted approach from the get go. You can say, okay, I’m going to do juicing because it’s great for detoxification, inertia in my cells, but I am also going to have an approach towards bacteria and opportunistics and overall immunity, and on and on and on. So, what herbs? What herbs would I take with the juice fast? To answer the second part of that question, I would take d-Lenolate, d-Linoleic acid from olive leaf; I would take Reishi mushroom three twice per day; I would probably make my own little immune shot with a Nano Silver or small particle silver and Kyolic aged garlic extract and oregano oil. I would take pretty substantial doses of probiotics, something very strong like the CP-1 in coconut water kefir. I would be off the sugar. I would do colonics; I would look for the best therapist I could to try to do a long series of colonics that started to get not just the yeast out of the colon, which will happen in the beginning and that is important, but to also get into the lymph. This gets the acids out of the body because the yeast wants to live on acid in any form, and there is usually years of acid that has been built up into the system; it also wants to live on the sugar in any form. The d-Lenolate made by East Park, is not just olive leaf. East Park is a great company and according to their research that I have studied and read on dLenolate, there were pharmaceutical companies trying to make an antibiotic from olive leaf for quite a period of time. They were taking out the linoleic acid, the known active compound in the olive lead. The linoleic acid they were taking was l-Lenolate, which is left turning. So, in the petri dish it worked like a wonderful antibiotic by starving the oxygen and food supply from opportunistic organisms and they would start to die; it then boosted immunity.

But, when they put it in the blood stream of humans, within minutes of being in the blood stream because it is left turning, it started to get bound up with left-turning amino acids like L-arginine, L-cysteine, L-lysine and proline, etc. So, it stopped working and they basically gave up on the research. Another health company bought the research and kept working on the product. They found that d-Linoleic acid could be broken down into two, a brother-sister molecule and the other molecule that was identical to the l-Lenolate. But it spun in the opposite direction so they named it d-Lenolate. It did the same thing in the petri dish, but put in the human blood stream it turned the opposite direction and didn’t get caught up in proteins. So, it worked like a free, natural antibiotic in the immune system. So, regular olive leaf like Gaia makes a good, strong, super critical olive leaf. But, from my experience, to really affect immunity and to try to make an effect on candida, which is difficult, you could take almost a bottle per day, and you may detox a bit in the beginning, but it’s still not strong enough. You could use the d-Lenolate three capsules twice per day, or four capsules twice per day; you could even work up to four capsules three times per day. There is a little die off in the beginning, but you get used to it pretty quick, and overall immunity gets stronger pretty quickly. It really does make a difference. But, this is only one product. The probiotics are very important. You can find some of the best probiotics you can in health food stores, but they are still just commercial probiotics. They are not that strong, so you could feel free to take the entire bottle of the commercial products, or half a bottle at a time stirred up in coconut water Kefir and drink it every three days. You should get some benefits in the beginning, but then at some point you’re going to need more. There is a professional product that we use called CP-1 Adult Formula by Custom Probiotics. They have a website you can go to. They do six live human strains, which at the time of manufacture is 330 billion organisms in 1/3 of a teaspoon.

You need 500 billion to at least get anywhere in the ballgame when dealing with candida. For example, one Bio-K+ is 50 billion, which is just not enough. So, with the CP1, you can take a couple of heaping teaspoons and hit 2.5 trillion organisms. The organisms are asleep because they are in the powder; they lie dormant. If you stir it up in coconut water kefir, the living beneficial yeasts are friendly with the bacteria and it will help them multiply and take action in the body really quickly. So, we love to do high doses of CP-1 along with the kefir every three days or so in the beginning, sometimes more. The Kyolic, you can take an entire bottle per day and work your way up if you wanted to for a period of time. The colonics are important. The overall immunity is important; the rebounding. It really becomes about a lifestyle, about a long-term approach. You can’t stress out and think, “Oh, I’ve got something, and I have to just get rid of it, and my life is on hold, and I have to stress out and do a million things that are anti-candida, and then when it’s done. I won’t have candida anymore, so I have the label of being candida free, and now I can go on and live my life!” It doesn’t work that way. We all have candida, it’s just when the levels get too high that there is a problem. We all have an immune system that we are born with and we will have until the day we die. We need to live and enjoy our lives and have fun and feel good, because if we are making ourselves do things that we don’t like doing because we’re told we have to do it, it creates a duality. It’s a contrast. You’re going against yourself. The resistance of that is counterproductive. It’s weakening your immune system. So, you have to enjoy your life, and you have to say to yourself, “How can I incorporate things on a long-term basis that I am comfortable living with, one step at a time, but still have enough freedom in my life that I’m having fun and I like what I eat, and I enjoy what I’m doing.”

You have to have the knowledge to then make a choice based on wisdom to take a few certain supplements that you can afford, and that are easy to comply with, and to avoid foods that feed the candida to whatever degree you can. If that limits the joy in your food, then get creative and learn to make foods that you can put things in with Stevia and other herbs that taste good and make things that are fun. That’s what we do at the bar, we make smoothies that taste amazing that don’t feed candida, but taste like ice cream, but also improve your Qi and your Jing. Question: What can I take instead of sugar to keep me awake and give me not so much of a foggy head, especially things that won’t feed my candida but taste delicious? Truth: Well, first off, sugar does not give you energy. Sugar is the worst calorie source for energy for the body. Carbohydrates and sugar only give you 2-42 ATPs per cycle. ATP is the name of the game, and the average 150-180 pound adult needs to generate 85 pounds of ATP per day. You can only store 5 ounces. We need to make adenosine triphosphate. That is how we convert energy from food in the cell. So, most people think that sugar gives them energy and they are used to all the proceeded food in our modern life where sugar is the mainstay basically in everything that is produced. So, since we are kids, we get used to sugar foods that make us kind of wild and kind of high-strung and kind of crazy, and we feel like partying. But then, we get a crash, and then we are all down and kind of moody. Then, there is a little bit of yeast and a little bit of inflammation , and a little bit of water retention, and a little bit of toxins left over from that short amount of ATP. The blood sugar goes up and it goes down, and it starts to kind of affect the endocrine system and the hormone balance, because of the adrenals and the blood sugar and the pancreas and the enzyme function because of the work involved. So, most of us are used to going up and down like a yo-yo. So, you think that sugar gives you energy, but it doesn’t. If you really want to get in the best pace with living on a diet that gives you energy that doesn’t feed candida, you have to stop eating all the sugar cold turkey at once, and hopefully do that along with a detox program and the right supplements.

You’re going to have to accept the facts and have the information to understand the changes that will be happening at the first stage of this change. In the first four to six weeks, you may have extremely low energy at times. This may be so low that it actually scares you compared to what you’re used to. This is the same thing that someone goes through who learns to fast for a long period of time. The Ego gets scared because I do not have energy and food in my body and I’m used to having it at all times, and then it starts to freak out. You have to understand that you have to let that go. You have to just start making the meals that according to the Body Ecology Diet are balanced and do not have sugar in them. Start to include more ATP from the fats, meaning more calories from healthy oils in your diet. All the calories times two that you would normally consume from carbohydrates and sugars should be replaced with healthy fats. Now, when the candida level dies off a bit, and after you go through that energy lull for a few weeks, your energy is going to start coming back up. Now, your Krebs cycle is switching to make ATP off the fats. Once it does that, and it gets used to it, it basically just gives in and says, “Okay, this person is not going to eat sugar or carbs ever again, so I have to pick the secondary food to burn.” The body normally likes to burn sugar first if it has it. But, if it knows you aren’t going to give it sugar because you’re basically on a sugar fast and carbohydrate fast, it is going to take the next fuel, which is fats. If you are giving it plenty of good fats, it’s going to happily switch over and burn the fats. Now you’re on the slow burn, like an Olympic runner. You have this economy of energy, where you’re producing 140 ATPs per cycle. You are not involving insulin, you’re not blocking growth hormone, you’re not recreating inflammation, you’re not feeding yeast and fungus and viruses and parasites. You are losing water weight and yeast and retention. You are losing body weight, period. You are losing body fat if you’re overweight. Once you warm up when you start to exercise, you have incredible stamina. You can go forever and you never have to stop and drink Gatorade or eat carbohydrates to pick your sugar up. You are burning on the low burn, like runners who use the heart meter and train themselves to run at a certain heart rate so that they intentionally don’t let the body burn carbohydrates or sugar. You are doing that automatically by not putting it in

your body and only eating the fats and proteins and fiber and vegetables that are non-starchy. Once you do that, you are going to have incredible energy. The truth is that real energy comes from the will and having a vivacious spirit. It’s not about sugar. People are just spoiled with food in our society, in my opinion. Question: Truth, would you recommend using a Zapper continuously for some time to remove candida from our system. If so, can I go back to eating fruit again without symptoms after using it for a long enough period? Truth: A Zapper is an electronic device that emits a frequency that promotes healthy cells and inhibits opportunistic organisms in the body. There are different kinds that I have used; there are ones that you can put on your body, there are more industrial models with brass rods that you hold, and there are different frequencies for different types of organisms that are coded in the machine sometimes that you can switch through. Sometimes, you can actually feel the electricity tingling in your body. Some people that have a lot of candida in their extremities can feel it moving away and start to come out in a different part of the body because it is definitely affecting the bacteria. In my opinion, I would say no, the Zapper is not strong enough. You can’t just use a Zapper a lot. Candida is a very elusive thing. People find it hard to define, that’s why a lot of doctors have said it does not exist, and that it’s just some fad disease. There are really just a lot of symptoms that you would go through a checklist regarding your overall health. After you’ve answered enough of them, they would give you an indication as to the overall health of your body that would indicate to you that there is obviously some high opportunistic level of something that is higher than what it should be; that it has been present, weakening your system, weakening your immune system, confusing it, and lowering your energy levels. The questionnaire in the front of the Body Ecology Diet is a pretty good one for that. There is an awareness about this now, because there is more information out there in young people today than I think than there has ever been. The awareness is getting more and more out there that this stuff does exist and that it does affect your health. It can be so chronic lowering your overall health when it

is really bad, lowering your overall health so that you have to do something drastic about it to get well because people feel really, really sick and are almost bedridden at times for long periods of time. Regular doctors just don’t quite know what to do with these people. If you are anywhere in that moderate-to-high level of systemic candida that you have had it for a period of time, I would not say that a Zapper is ever going to be strong enough to allow you to go back to eating fruit. You have to have a multifaceted program that incorporates other things that you do in addition to Zapping. You might want to get the best, strongest Zapper you can possibly get and have a program of using it over time, and be off the sugar, and do the right kind of diet and supplements and health lifestyle. It is holistic. You have to look at the emotional side of the person and their life: Are they happy in other ways? What’s running their immune system down? Are they not feeling good about themselves in any other way? Are they not enjoying their work? Are they not enjoying their relationships? You have to get happy. You have to feel good. You have to make the program fun. You have to be excited about the change and the improvement of these things. You have to have a dream that you fall in love with; a vision for your health and your life, and that’s what makes you enjoy the process of working towards all of these things, because the candida is very spiritual, physical and emotional and multifaceted once it becomes strong. From my experience, most people who have maybe been on a zero sugar candida program for even years and feel amazing from doing it, think that they can go back on fruit. So, they start adding fruit back in. If they have done it for a long time, their system is so balanced, and the yeast has become innocuous and must have died off, they can successfully go back on fruit for a period of time I would say. Because they are so joyful to be able to eat fruit or honey or sugar, or sweet enjoyable things again without really any symptoms initially, they often times allow themselves to keep eating it and then start eating more. It usually takes about one year or so, but all the symptoms start coming back slowly, one by one. Because of the rest period and being off the sugar previously,

it helps the blood sugar balance so well, that they also feel like a very young person endocrine wise then they eat the sugar and carbs. They burn it, they react to it, and they store glycogen very, very well. They handle it much better than an older person would who is getting sort of pre-diabetic. I wouldn’t say that you could ever add back fruit back in. It is very rare in my experience that I have found someone who has had systemic levels of candida who has gotten well enough that they can freely eat considerable amounts of fruit. Some people add back just very small amounts occasionally or very low glycemic amounts. This is the biggest mistake that most people make with candida: They have done some approach to it and they start adding foods back in. They think, “Oh, I’ve done this cleanse and now I’m ready.” They go right back to foods that they enjoyed eating in the past that they still have a memory for, which is carbohydrates and fruit, breads, pizza, pasta and bagels, and stuff like that. They think they’ve done their once in a lifetime cleanse and they are ready. The truth is, they’ve made some improvements, but they’re not ready. Sometimes though, they don’t want to hear that. It really depends on what your standard for health is. For some people, the joy of eating those foods socially in our culture means more to them than having longevity and health, and so be it. That is their choice. Question: Do all the noble mushrooms help with fighting candida, or is Reishi the best? Truth: I’m not sure how to define the word noble necessarily, I think David uses that word a lot and it’s a nice word, but all the immune modulating mushrooms that are double directional, were started by the Chinese in tonic herbalism: Reishi mushroom and Maitake mushroom, and a few others like Wu Ling mushroom and Coriolus. From other parts of the world more recently some studies came along of people having very good health from a mushroom, like in San Palo, Brazil, where they discovered agaricus and you know, that is another immune modulating, double direction, very powerful tonic mushroom. So, now we have a handful of medicinal

mushrooms that are available in supplements, with water extracted, and contain all the beta-glucans and polysaccharides. They all have a little bit of a natural antibiotic property. They all help with cardiovascular health, liver health and inflammation; they are sort of natural blood thinners and they help detoxify a bit. Once you get to a kind of advanced level with the program, you might be dealing with supplements and foods with the diet, they are pretty gentle. Meaning you can take five capsules of seven different mushrooms, three times per day if you wanted to. You will be getting used to them and they do improve your health and immune system, but they are not strong enough for someone who has had systemic levels of candida for long period of time. There is no trying to get out of that, they just aren’t strong enough alone. I have very rarely heard of anyone using the mushrooms where they have been strong enough to completely bring the balance back and feel like their candida is completely gone. I would use it as an adjunctive tool. I think Reishi is probably one of the strongest, and if it’s a really good agaricus, and maybe Coriolus too. When I break up supplements for candida, I have categories. I like to put ones in the natural antibiotic realm, which are things that actually kill germs and bad bacteria and viruses and yeast; silver, garlic, oregano oil and d-Lenolate kind of falls in that range partly. Then, we have a spectrum of just immune building tonics that improve the host mediated response of your body; immune mushrooms, because they just feed the white cells and help the body adapt, but they don’t really go after high levels of candida and take it out. Then, there is a section that is just on pH therapy that is really about minerals and getting alkaline and in that change, some of the minerals themselves actually start to kill parasites. Which, by the way, they are all working together: The parasites, the yeast and all the opportunistics, because they are the recyclers. Then, I have a section on probiotics, all the good bacteria that we are trying to repopulate for life. Then, there is a cleansing section, and then there are also foods; how we really nourish the body. Because, you have to eat, and candida is a long-term thing with

people, which they often times have to live with. So, we are really going for the proteins, the fats, the fibers and the vegetables. We are keeping the carbohydrates and the starches and the sugars out. The rest is lifestyle. There are various levels of candida that people are going to have. Everyone has a little bit. Some people are quite lucky and that little bit of candida is growing to a level where they are starting to notice just some minor impairment to their digestive system or little cravings or they are a little low on energy, or low on their elimination. This is minor. They haven’t had it that long, they are just becoming aware of it. They are relatively young. Their overall health and immune system through their whole life since being children has been very good, and they get aware of this really quickly in the game. At this point, I would say they don’t have systemic candida, it is just in the colon. Six weeks on the Body Ecology Diet or some sort of low sugar, colon cleansing, candida program with a few anti-candida herbs, a little knowledge and a good attitude, and the candida will be gone in six weeks. It’s easy and they feel amazing and they are very grateful for it. They learn a bit from this, and there may be a couple of things from what they learned that they keep in their lifestyle sort of semi-permanently, and that’s great! But, there are a lot of people that have weakened their immune system more severely, have started out with candida at younger ages, or nowadays, have even been born with it, and they just aren’t aware of it. They were just so busy enjoying their life and working towards their goals, but slowly over years they noticed their energy drop, or their immune system change over time. They started to get flus easier and quicker. They started to develop more allergies or sinus problems or urinary tract infections or sugar cravings or skin rashes or hormone imbalance stuff like PMS, brain fog things, lack of desire to exercise, loss of weight or gain of weight, insomnia or various other things. The list of symptoms goes on and on and one around candida. They are very subjective. They could be anything. It could just be aging. We are so busy just trying to do other things with our life that we don’t really pay attention and we sort of accept the symptoms because they sneak up on us slowly.

You may try to address these symptoms with different things. You may just try to take a vitamin or try to rest more, try to eat a little better or do something else. Sometimes you may eat more fruit because you think fruit is really healthy, but you don’t really understand the balance. Often times people have lived with stuff like this for half their life, or 20 years, or 10 years, or 5 years, or have been born with it. When they start to get educated and realize that yes, candida is one of the major contributing factors to all of these imbalances, and they now need to take some action. But, when they go to try to do this, they realize that, “Wow! This is harder than expected!” There is a lot involved. This is completely turning their whole life upside-down trying to approach this. It is affecting every aspect of their being; their thoughts, their selfesteem and their attitude. It’s hard. This is systemic candida where the colon has gotten more and more out of shape. Candida starts in the gut and the digestion gets worse. Maybe we took some antibiotics and things that lowered off the good bacterias and the yeast grew quicker there in the gut; then, the food couldn’t break down properly and we started to get inflammation happening in the gut. It started stretching out the gut lining and it weakened the wall. We started to get intestinal gut permeability or leaky gut syndrome, and pieces of food got through the gut. The immune system made an antigen to that piece of food and next time you ate that piece of food, you now had a food allergy. And, you thought, “Ah, food allergies, that’s just a part of life. I’ll just stop eating that piece of food or I’ll go to an allergist.” But, pretty soon, after years, you’ve rotated almost everything out of your diet and there is nothing left to eat. Once you get the holes in the gut, and that much inflammation, the bacteria starts seeping through the colon wall and into the bloodstream. Once they get into the bloodstream, they usually have a heyday. They move quickly. They go all through the body and if there is sugar in your blood, like most people, because you eat more sugar and carbs than you should, and if there is acid in your blood, like most people, because your diet is very acid forming, then the yeast has a party in your blood. It moves fast and it populates fast, and it starts to colonize in different parts

of the body. You never know where it is going to set up home. It is going to look for weak points. It can go anywhere; it could go in the bones, it could be in the adrenals, it could be in the organs, it could be in the head, it could be in the sinuses, it could be in your feet and your hands and your genitals, or other organs. It’s pretty crazy how it just spreads and it starts to work with other opportunistic organisms so that the parasites tend to go up too, and then the viruses go up too. Your immune system goes on full alert as soon as the candida enters the bloodstream; it sees it and it wants to try to fight, but there are just billions of opportunistic organisms. It is just too much. If you are someone who has consumed alcohol for a long period of time, alcohol is the strongest sugar there is. You have fed billions of yeast critters for long periods of time, for as long as you have been drinking alcohol. Then, when you try to stop drinking, you have to understand you need more than AA. You need the Body Ecology Diet or a candida awareness program. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to do it. You’re just still going to be an alcoholic. You’re just going to become a carboholic. You are going to switch from the alcohol to carbohydrates and sugar, and you’re going to gain a lot of weight, and you’re going to be feeding just as many yeasts. The overwhelming collective intention, desire, and need for those living organisms in your body is very strong and powerful and it affects you psychologically and psychosomatically. They send it through your cravings. When you are very empowered and your will is strong, and you’re happy and focused on your life, they seem to quiet down. When people are less driven and clear or don’t know as much what they want, candida seems to affect them more then. This is when the messages get stronger. The candida seems to thrive on feelings of low self-esteem and self-pity and weakness and loneliness. It seems to get you to embellish on a daydream of negativity or loneliness or despair. You sort of wallow in those chemicals and the candida feeds on it and it gets stronger; it loves it. Then it sends you a message, “Oh, just go eat something that will make you feel better.” People then tend to binge on junk food and look for something to fill that void. It’s usually a food or substance that is contributing to the growth of this

opportunistic army that is building up in your body that you are not even really aware of because you just can’t see it on the outside. You may have been dealing with it and its symptoms for years on and off throughout your life, and when you become aware of it, you now realize this is probably the biggest hardest thing you will ever have to face in your entire life. It really is monumental. I have a lot of respect for people who have been through that kind of challenge, have become aware of the candida, and now value themselves and their future. These people don’t want to decay and rot and die so quickly in this lifetime, they want to take power and heal their bodies and get their levels of opportunistic organisms low and build up their overall immunity so that they can thrive and be happy and create the way they are suppose to. It is hard and you want to learn everything you can and you need to have a positive attitude. Time goes by and you learn this stuff and you do that stuff, and you overcome it eventually. It is a slow work in progress; it’s an art form that you get better and better at. Then, at some point, you can say, “I have my health back. I feel like I did when I was vital or even more vital than I ever did when I was young.” It’s amazing. Question: What are the types of probiotics that you recommend being that there are so many on the market right now? Truth: Like I said earlier, the Custom Probiotics is the strongest product. But, it’s not in that many health food stores, you have to order it online or straight from Harry from his company in Glendale. But, you can go into Whole Foods or any good health food store and you should be able to find Bio-K+ and little Go-Gurts, cultured dairy, because there is no cane juice or favoring added. But if you do want to go dairy-free you can get the soy, they are fine too. It’s two strains with a strong human acidophilus, and they are live. Because they are in the yogurt they are cultured so they really do take, and you can shake these and you can pop these back. You can try two or three. After the second or third time, you can try six at a time. Then, take a break and try another product.

New Chapter has a product called All-Flora. You can get it in powder or you can get it in capsules. There are about nine strains and it is vegetarian. It is a good product. I love to take probiotic powders and stir them up into coconut water kefir that has already been fermented with the probiotic active culture starters, with the beneficial yeast in there. So, you can pour out six ounces of fresh made coconut water kefir or maybe something off the shelf like Tonix if you down in the LA area. You can put in half the bottle of All-Flora, or if you want to start off and be more conservative, you can just take a couple heaping teaspoons, or open up 20 capsules or 12 capsules, whatever you want to try. Stir up the All-Flora powder in the kefir. It will foam up a bit because the microflora are asleep and they are starting to multiple in the beneficial yeast because they are friendly with each other. Then, you drink it, and you’ll feel it immediately. You’ll feel your digestion. You should feel a lift in your mood because the beneficial bacteria create all kinds of nutrients and B-vitamins. The beneficial bacteria have a consciousness, they actually speak a language that is getting quite studied by scientists called quorum sensing. There are some amazing clips on You Tube about this, or things on the internet. All bacteria speaks this collective language that they use yo communicate with each other. Just like there are birds that fly in flocks around the world that use this language to connect through magnetic resonance to know where the North or South Pole is and where they are going, the bacteria in your gut speak this. A beneficial bacteria alive in your body at therapeutic doses does speak to you. You feel it affect your consciousness and your brain. You feel a love of self and a sense of well-being boost, and a happiness inside of you. They are going against the opportunistic bacteria. They are bringing balance and they are eating up toxins and cleansing the liver and improving the gut. Other products like MegaFlora has 14 strains, 20 billion. You could take the whole body, swallow the capsules with kefir, or just take 2, 3, 5, 10 capsules at a time, whatever you want to try. You can rotate around all of these products. Do a

different one every other day. they only live at a high level in the body for one to three days. Question: If you take a probiotic in its sleeping state, does it have a lessened effect inside your body. For instance, if you eat it as a pill. Truth: No, for the most part I think it still pretty much works. You don’t feel it immediately though because it’s not active. It’s not blooming. It’s not totally alive so you don’t feel it take hold. I think it gets into your gastric juices and it starts to warm up and the capsule opens. But, you could mix the powder in water first. So, that would be a little better because the powder is going to be absorbed faster than a capsule. But then if you stir the powder in a living kefir, it is even better. If you don’t have kefir, just take the powder and stir it in water, and take a lot of it. If you don’t have the powder, then just take the capsules and swallow a bunch on a more empty stomach or if you are taking it with raw foods it works fine. If you put more chlorophyll into your body, that helps. Mix the probiotics in water with sodium proper chlorophyll from alfalfa or even green juice because the chlorophyll provides oxygen that feeds the beneficial bacteria and helps it multiple in the body. Question: Dear Truth, I was wondering how much of an impact candida has on acne? And, if you have acne, does that mean you have candida? Truth: From my experience, they are quite closely interrelated. Usually people I meet, often times it’s people in their 20s, that still have some hormone imbalance stuff going on, and they have been living more of the fast-paced, slightly stressful life of a young person. They are eating kind of random processed food in general. Their organs are getting a bit toxic. The colon is already getting a bit toxic, but they aren’t really aware of that because they are so young and they are still pretty strong and healthy, so their energy is good. But, there is still yeast building up in the colon and in the body, also acids are building in the body. This starts to show on their face, and they breakout.

Usually, people at this point in their life are very result oriented. They are looking just for an immediate quick fix. “I just want my acne to go away!” They may treat with things on their skin, they may try lotions. When that doesn’t work and they look for more truth, someone is eventually going to point them in the direction of their diet and internal toxicity. Then, they are going to start cleansing. Now, if they combine a cleanse at that point to try to improve acne, or any lifestyle changes to their diet to try to reduce acne, if you piggyback that with some candida awareness and try to lower the sugar and carbohydrates, and try to improve the good oils, try to improve the cultured foods and the good bacteria, try to take any sort of natural antiseptic herbs, try to take minerals, try to take any immune modulators or immune boosters like the mushrooms, they are going to get benefits across the board, even if it is not candida. But, it’s probably pretty safe to say there is some candida or some other opportunistic that is part of the problem; it is definitely in that person. They have to be patient and understand that it may take one year. They may do a couple one week juice fasts, they may do a few colonics, they may get on these herbs, and for someone in their 20s who is used to processed food, to make all these changes in a few months, it feels like a lot. They feel like, “I expect this to be gone by now! When is this going to be over with?” You can’t have that attitude. You have to be patient. You have to just say, “Everything I’m doing is good for me. I’m going to exercise and I’m going to enjoy this stuff. I’m doing this as if I do this forever, because I love to do it, because I want to look good and I want to feel good.” Don’t go to the extreme. Go to a level that you can comply with that doesn’t get resistant for you. If you are consistent, it usually takes six months to one year, and I have seen really bad acne problems with people at the store that I’ve worked with, like young cashiers that were new to the store. They have acne and they are an actor and they want to get it fixed now, and they’ve tried everything else and nothing is working.

We tell them how to do smooth juice fasting and we tell them how to change their diet and clean it up a bit. We give them a few different herbs, some schisandra and lycium, some pearl, some Bupleurum and Peony because it kind of balances the hormones and cleanses the liver. Schisandra is great for the skin. Pearl is great for the skin, it can heal the blemishes. I would give them some omega-3s, some salmon head oil, krill oil, and get them lower on the carbs and sugars. I would also explain to them why. You have to educate them and explain why, because they are going to boo hoo some of the things at first and say, “Do I really have to do that? Do I really have to do this?” But, if they really want their skin to get better, they are just going to start doing it. When the do it, they are going to feel great. They are going to love it! They are going to exercise better, have more energy, sleep better and eventually the body gets clean. Their skin will be permanently clean and easy to maintain. Question: Speaking of some skin protocols, is dandruff caused by candida or is it a symptom of candida? What can be done to get rid of dandruff once and for all? Truth: That’s a good question. I would say it is. I think when I was younger, I had a lot of dandruff. I had no idea why. All of the stuff on the skin, psoriasis, eczema, flaky skin, itchy skin, jock itch, athlete’s foot, it’s all indicative of higher than normal levels of some kind of opportunistic virus, yeast, candida-type thing in the body. If you really want to stop having to just try and put things on it externally, you want to go internal. You want to change the environment in the body. You want to detox the acids. You want to get the good bacteria back in. You want to clean the colon and the liver and you want to build up the immunity and start eating more live, fresh food without sugar. Eat the essential fatty acids. If you’re really doing this and getting good nutrition, maybe you get some LypoSpheric vitamins, some ionic angstrom minerals, it depends how far you go. You can get into some tonic herbs. None of these are exactly staples that they teach you about in health class in high school, or that are on the shelf at Vons.

I understand that it costs a little money and you have to buy them and start taking them, and you’re like, “Can’t I just buy a dandruff shampoo?” But, the truth is, you are just putting more chemicals on your hair. You already have an imbalance, and if you like having nice skin, if you like having a thick full head of hair, stop doing that! Just learn about what really makes the body grow youthful, young and beautiful internally. It is all about the good versus bad bacteria ratio, and the Jing, and nutrition, and enzymes and live food, basically it’s about internal hygiene. This requires some education, some knowledge, and probably some changes. But, if you do that, you’re going to get benefits beyond just fixing your dandruff. In my opinion, I’ve never even had to think about dandruff or anything about that for the last eight or ten years. That was probably the first thing that started going away, just from drinking apple cider vinegar and water; the cheapest anti-candida supplement I ever bought for $2.00 per bottle. I put a couple of tablespoons in half a glass of water and drank it four times per day. The gum problems and the cavities and the teeth stuff, those were the next things to immediately go away. Instead of getting a cavity every month, and putting fluoride gels on my teeth per my dentist, and still having bad breath and wondering why. This was one of the other first things to go away when I started cleaning up my diet and putting in some lactic acid cultured foods in my body. I can tell you, I remember sitting in eighth grade with my head leaning over, very bored in social studies, and scratching my head with my pencil like in that movie, The Breakfast Club, and just watching the snow fall. I think everyone has done that. I had so much dandruff, it was crazy. My skin was so oily. My hair was always flat, thin and matted down because of the grease and the oil coming out from the less than ideal food, and the bad hygiene and the candida in my body. That just goes away when you do this stuff. You never have to think about it again. Question: Truth, speaking of bad breath, what are some protocols for eliminating bad breath other than using Scope or some kind of ridiculous mouthwash. Truth: This is a funny one for me, because I have been through some contrast with this. When the candida was getting strong for me, for a number of years, I would sneeze really hard and a piece would come out on my hand as I put my hand in

front of my face when I sneeze. It would usually look like a buckwheat grout, that kind of shape and that kind of size; a pretty large piece, and I would just think, “That is weird!” This was about when I was 27-years-old, when the candida was at its absolute worst for me. So, I would think, “That’s funny. That must be like a piece of food that was just stuck in my gums. I must not have brushed my teeth properly.” That was my first instinct. Now, this kept repeating itself about three or four times per week. So, one day, I crushed it with my finger before I wiped it off my hand and it mashed really easily and then it smelled really bad, really rank. I was like, “Wow, that’s kind of scary.” Now, mind you I had Strep throat infections recurring since I was a late teenager, that’s why I took antibiotics all through my 20s. So, I went to an ears, nose specialist when I was about 28-years-old, because I was like, “Yes, I’ve had a weak immune system and all these health problems, but it seems like my throat is the real problem; my real Achilles heel. I heard you can get your tonsils taken out, and I want you to just cut my tonsils out, because I think that is the problem.” He told me we don’t do that, we need to try you on antibiotics. So, I said okay, and he gave me another antibiotic and I took it. But, it didn’t get rid of the tonsillitis. When he looked at my throat, he asked, “How do you feel right now?” I replied “Oh, I feel fine, I’m not sick. I usually get the flu every other month, or every month. I’m usually sick for two weeks and then I’m healthy for two weeks, then I’m sick for two weeks, etc. This has been my normal for the last few years. But, right now, I feel good. I’m okay.” He said, “Really? Because I’m looking at your throat and it’s completely red and completely inflamed and there is white stuff like cottage cheese all over it. In fact, I’m going to stick this wooden spoon back there and I’m going to show you.” He scraped all this cottage cheese-like white stuff off.

So, I then told him about the buckwheat thing that would fall in my hand, he said that’s what it is. It’s in the back of your throat, it’s like cauliflower; it has lots of little porous holes and pockets. I had a permanent infection because the ears, nose and throat area is a place where a lot of the candida and infection starts to grow. The tonsils are like the lint trap of the immune system. It is the top of the immune system. That is the first gland that tends to get over infected and overworked. It gives you a sign and when it swells up and becomes semi-permanently infected there is a problem, a fight going on in the whole body, and that is what was happening with me. So, the inflammation and the infection in the back of the throat was creating pus that was oozing into the little pockets and forming a pearl. Then, when I would sneeze, the pearl would pop out onto my hand. My breath was really, really bad in those years. I was actually an actor then, ironically enough. And, you know what? No one even told me how bad my breath was, except when I took a backpacking trip with my Dad for five days up in the Sierras and we were alone in nature. I think it was the fourth day, he finally kind of went, “Ummm… know son… your breath…has anyone told you about your breath?” And then he told me how bad it really was, like from a distance how incredibly strong and vile. I had absolutely no idea. I brushed my teeth, I flossed. I had no idea. Now, I know that my bad bacteria were really high throughout my whole body: My esophagus, mouth, gut, liver, colon, etc. The good bacteria were really low. I had been taking erythromycin frequently. I had a dentist who used to practically give it to me. I didn’t have to bother with the prescription, and I took a ton of it. So, this created the whole imbalance and created the breath. It took maybe six years to get really good clean breath on the program for me, but the pus and the infections went down. I did the tonsillectomy, by the way, and my immune system was so weak in those days, coming out of the anesthetic it almost felt like I didn’t quite make it back. It was really, really brutal on me and my

system. It was a very scary time for me. Healing with a weak immune system after a major operation like was very difficult. I actually hemorrhaged five days later; the scabs broke and I was bleeding in the middle of the night. The blood was just pouring down my throat and you can’t really put a tourniquet around your neck. So, I just drove to the hospital at 90 miles per hour at 4 a.m. It was pretty scary. Now, I think my hygiene in my throat is so clean, even if I don’t brush my teeth for two days in a row or don’t floss them, it doesn’t even matter they are so clean. I brush my teeth with TerraMin clay, which is amazing. It makes your teeth so white and it kills the germs and makes them very healthy. I squirt ionic magnesium afterwards a couple of times per week on there just because the animals that have the strongest teeth actually have the highest level of magnesium, which holds the calcium that makes the enamel so strong. These are like the tigers that have really gnarly tusks. I know my teeth have gotten stronger because I had worn my enamel down in the past from citrus fruits like lemons and apple cider vinegar and Kombucha. Because they are acid, they start to wear down the enamel and then the teeth get sensitive. I used to have a bad habit of eating enzymes, chewing them in my mouth. An enzyme like a Wobenzym is so strong that it will actually start eating the enamel as it sits there on your tooth and then you will get this supersensitive spot on your tooth. I have repaired that with the TerraMin clay. Well, first I brushed with xylitol and then I switched to the TerraMin, which was even better. Now, my breath is so clean and my sensitivity to hygiene is so high because my health is so good and so clean that it is really ironic because I actually smell everyone’s breath now. When people come to talk to me, I can tell from about three or four feet away the people who have a dysbiosis imbalance that are slightly unhealthy, and it’s nothing against them. They are nice people, they just aren’t quite fully aware. I know something is wrong with their diet. I know something is wrong in their gut. I know that the bacteria balance is off and it’s affecting the germs at night when they sleep, going up through their esophagus, in their mouth, on their teeth, in their gums, and their breath does not smell right. And, this is how you fix it.

Question: Truth, does colon hydrotherapy help with candida and help rid it as well? Truth: You know, colon hydrotherapists vary quite a lot. The machine they use, the training they’ve had, the techniques they were taught, and the techniques they have learned through their own experience in clinical practice. They vary a lot. Now, good ones are really hard to find. Any kind of colon hydrotherapy though is going to help, even enemas. Any kind of colon cleansing is very important, in fact, it’s one of the first things you really have to do. Candida can create an eating disorder and a tug of war, a push and pull like a yo-yo effect for people, so much that when they only do a few things to try to change the candida and they don’t really jump in full hearted and fully educated with a multifaceted approach, they realize how hard it is. The candida reacts and goes back and they usually give up and slingshot back to a binge, and the candida comes right back. The best way to do it is to arm yourself and educate yourself; have a cleansing procedure, have a diet change, have the supplements, get the will, the motivation, the enthusiasm, the desire and the excitement. Have a motivating factor: Why do you even want to beat candida and have amazing health? Do you have a reason? Do you have a person in your life that you care about? Do you have a dream? Think about that, because this matters when you are starting to change. Then, on your mark, get set, and go! Do it all at once! Make colon cleansing the very first thing you do. Make colonics the very first type of colon cleansing that you do. Find the best colon hydrotherapist you can. If you can find someone with a Clearwater machine, that’s amazing. We know an incredible one in LA who is so good I’ve actually been sending people to him and three people including Donna Gates herself, and two other clients of mine; one who works privately at home and one that works out of another clinic in Venice have bought the machine already and they are doing the training down in Florida. Now, they are taking private classes with this personal colon hydrotherapist that I go to here in Los Angeles so that they can learn his techniques because he has developed his own techniques

that are beyond the actual training techniques of the clinic where the machine is made. Just ask around whatever town you live in for the best therapist who has the most skill and experience and then make a commitment to do as many as you can. The first handful are just going to clean the colon, if you keep going and the colon hydrotherapy is good, you should start feeling high levels of hydration, like being able to drink 3 L of water in 20 minutes in your lymph. You feel that hydration in your brain and it makes you calm, it makes you high, it makes you feel like you are meditating; it makes you feel very spiritual. It makes you feel extremely athletic. It really beautifies the skin. When you get hydrated systemically, it allows the pH to go up because all the acids in your lymph get diluted with water and water has a neutral pH. That pH change is important because you can’t fully get rid of the candida until you change the pH in your system. If you still have acids metabolically from food and from toxins from when you ate bad and were out of balance for 20 years in the past, and you just do the colon cleanse in the first six weeks of a candida program, but you haven’t really eliminated much of the systemic acid, you are going to be living the rest of your life trying to keep up with the candida program handicapped because there is so much acid in the body that it makes the candida want to grow back so fast, and it feeds it so easily. If you get that acid out, it changes your body amazingly. It makes your skin beautiful. It makes you so hydrated it is amazing. Colonics are very important. Question: Does candida play a role in the inability to lose weight? Truth: Absolutely. Every eating disorder, every diabetic, every person that craves sugars and carbs that can’t quite get off it, every person that has tried to diet and found it difficult to stick with it, and gets weak again and just gives up and craves comfort food, every alcoholic has candida. Candida is such an overwhelming factor for making you crave the wrong kind of foods. It makes you want to eat the sugar and the carbs that make you hold water and puff up, it makes you hold yeast, and get bloated and it gives you brain fog. It makes you very lackadaisical and

very weak and unmotivated. It makes it hard to exercise and focus and stick with a program, and stay committed. Candida makes it hard to meditate for very long. These are all very candida related. It is also blood sugar related, hormonally related, and Krebs cycle related. When you get off carbohydrates and sugar and you switch it for fats and proteins, if you’re a blood type A or AB, you should still eat small quantities of carbohydrates that are gluten-free. Ideally, eat like a little quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat or like a roasted barley rye powder that tastes like coffee. For example, dandelion like in the Dandy Blend; you can find this drink in health foods stores. It is cooked barley rye based; it looks like black coffee, fine grain. It tastes like coffee and it tastes wonderful with cacao. It is wonderful with superfoods and it has just about 3 gm of carbs/tablespoon. So, it has just a little bit of carbohydrates which is what you need, but it is gluten-free because of the way it has been cooked. It has a little charcoal and a wonderful taste. We use the Dandy Blend a lot at Erewhon and we put that in a lot of the drinks, especially for A and AB blood types, because it gives them a little bit of carbs without the gluten. You want low carbs and you want whole complex grains. You want the white flour out, the white carbs out, and the refined carbohydrates out. You want the sugar out, the white sugar out totally, and the alcohol out totally. You want the fruit as low as possible. You could maybe eat a little bit of low glycemic fruit, a little bit of kiwi, a little bit of grapefruit, a little bit of cranberry, a little bit of blueberry, or lemons and limes are totally fine. In fact, they are very beneficial. The other fruits are pretty much out because they are still sugar, or they are only for special occasions. Just use your common sense because they are not going to help you. Now, you will get used to eating just regular vegetables, proteins, and fibers like chia seeds or flaxseeds, whether you get them in powders or blend them yourself to add to smoothies. Then have lots of healthy oils like flax oil and coconut oil; if you can find a high quality fish oil like New Chapter Wholemega or krill oil, Udo’s DHA, hemp oil, pumpkin seed oil, like Styrian pumpkin seed oil. You should start using lots of the oils generously. The oils drive the amino acids in the cell to create much more ATP, they don’t involve insulin, you can exercise way longer, and you can lose a lot of weight and

change the way your body looks without even exercising just by cutting out the carbs and sugars. If you’re blood type O, you can cut out the carbs, the sugar, fruit and honey and sweeteners pretty much completely. Just use Stevia. Don’t even use Xylitol. It still has calories and the sugar alcohols can still block growth hormone and affect insulin a little bit. Then, you can just eat proteins and fats and vegetables, and enough fiber and water so that you still have good stools and good elimination so the colon stay hydrated. The pounds will just come off every week without even exercising, and your body shape will look so youthful because there is no bloating and puffiness. The shape of your face changes and becomes more youthful. Question: Can you discuss a bit why candida causes bloating? Truth: Well, even if we talk about bloating and we don’t even go to candida yet, if we just talk about food, the person on a high carbohydrate diet and a high sugar diet, (and it doesn’t matter where the sugar comes from, fruit, honey, agave, molasses, bread, wherever,) when they are young, if their metabolism is really high and they are very highly active, bloating is not going to show up so much yet. But, as time passes, if they are less active, and as their metabolism slows down, with the wearing effects of glycation and sugar and the short ATP cycle, will start some candida growing; this all starts to add up over the years. Now, this person on this diet, is holding water, holding yeast, the candida is growing in them, they are puffing up, they have more inflammation everywhere chronically, they have less energy, they don’t make as much energy from the food they eat, and then they crash quicker and then need to eat again sooner. They have more calories than they need, they are storing fat, and it’s a perpetual cycle that they just can’t break. They may have an image of wanting to get healthy, they may want to diet, they may want to exercise, but the amount of energy that it takes to deal with daily life, stress, a job or whatever, is too great and so they will probably get weaker and weaker as they live with this condition because they don’t see any evidence of a change.

They may have tried a little bit of dieting, they may have tried some supplements that are not necessarily cheap, and they notice very minor changes because they are still on the high carb, high sugar diet, and it does not work. It just does not work. The body is not designed for sugar. It goes into shock and the pancreas makes lots of insulin, it makes too much. The insulin gobbles up the sugar too much, and the insulin brings it back down. While the sugar is high, it feeds candida and bacteria and parasites, which start to grow, maybe only at a small level so you don’t notice it first, but eventually it becomes more and more. Then, when it grows, the inflammation happens. Then there are toxins that are produced in the body that are now stored there and metabolically they only have a short amount of ATP, and they created more waste from that fuel. Every kind of fuel you put in your car produces a different kind of toxin. Every kind of fuel you put in your body produces a different kind of toxin. The fuel from carbs and the fuel from sugar is a short-lived fuel, doesn’t yield you much energy, it leaves a lot of toxins and it helps feed infection. It inflames your body and puffs you up and it makes you gain weight. That’s just the way it is. If you want to live healthy and live long, the easiest first thing you can do is learn how to lower the carbohydrates and the sugars. Get the alcohol out, and start replacing all those calories with healthy fats. It will change. You will not hold water. The yeast levels will go down so you won’t puff up. You can literally see a lot of candida, as I’ve heard Donna mention before, you can slice a person open on the operating table, and actually see them all puffy and inflamed inside. When you open the person up, you can just see all the white stuff, all the yeast, you could just scoop it out, (just like on the back of my throat,) and scoop it out and then sew the person back up. But, unfortunately, the candida would just come right back. You have to stop putting the foods that make it proliferate in your body. This is to your benefit anyway because on an endocrine level, you are going to thrive on the slow burn diet, where you are getting way more ATP from the slow burn of the Krebs cycle from fats. It is just amazing when you go through that experience. Also, spiritually, I have to say there is a change. Because on the sugar I find I’m hyperactive, which is fun like a drug for a few minutes after you eat it, because you

get a high and you go up and you get kind of squirrely and playful and childlike and really kind of creative. But then you start getting spacey and then you can’t concentrate and hold focus. You kind of wander and get wavy. You go here and there, here and there, kind of all over the place. Then, you start to crash. You get kind of sleepy, go into slow motion, get kind of tired, kind of lethargic. Your posture changes, you feel like you’re bloated. You’re kind of daydreaming and you’re feeling like you’re not really here and you’re not really present. You’re not really feeling that great in your body. You’re kind of out of it. Then, you crash and get really weak. Then, you start getting a major craving and a headache. You feel like you have to eat! You feel like your sugar is so low, so you can’t wait to get to the store! Then you pig out! You just eat carbs and sugar! You get this rush, you go up and then you feel like you can do anything. You are flying and the candida is so happy. You just fed it and it’s growing and it’s pooping and it’s feeding. Then, the same thing happens. That high lasts for only so long and then you start crashing. Then you get in that midway zone, then you get really low, then your starving. Most people spend their whole life going up and down, up and down, up and down. You can deal with it when you’re a teenager because you’re a metabolic biomachine and you can burn anything. But, when you become an adult, you can’t sustain it. It’s so amazing that if you want to keep a young body your whole life, this is the way to eat. Question: Truth, would you mind going through the top ten protocols really quickly, down and dirty, what people have to do and remember and actually write down on an index card so they can look at it every day and know, “This is what I have to do in order to get rid of candida over the course of the next six months to one year.” Truth: Number one: CP-1, Custom Probiotics, one teaspoon in a little kefir every day Number two: Just lower the candida feeding foods in your diet. Learn how to make it a staple way of living for you. Understand that candida is not the only reason

why you are doing it. Because, if you do that, metabolically and hormonally and endocrine-wise, you are definitely going to improve your Jing by not being on the sugar cycle for ATP. Number three: I love the immune shot that we make a lot at the bar. One tablespoon of Nano-Silver (small particle silver, not colloidal); two teaspoons of Kyolic aged garlic extract; ten drops of wild mountain Mediterranean oregano (high quality oregano oil). Just shoot that back. It tastes like pizza with a kick. It burns afterwards. I love that shot. It’s great for your breath too, by the way. It’s just a good wakeup shot. It really energizes you. Cantron shot, as a course, is a really powerful antioxidant detoxifier immune supplement. There is a lot of people with different experiences on their immune health that have some nice testimonials on You Tube if you do a search, or if you google and do a search for “Cantron.” We put a half teaspoon of the preshaken liquid into an ounce of water, swish in your mouth for 30 seconds with the tongue to get it in the mucosa so it gets in the bloodstream quickly. Then swallow it. Even doing this once a day or twice a day, up to four times per day is an amazing shot. Number four: The d-Linoleic acid, starter dose, three twice per day. You can work your way up to four, three times per day. Number five: Reishi Gano 161 by Mushroom Science, the most strong immune antiviral Reishi mushroom. Number six: Coconut water kefir, either from Tonix in the LA area, or handmade from culture started packets from the Body Ecology from fresh, young, Thai coconut water, or the Body Ecology Diet has a website and they sell the probiotic drinks premade, stable, and with the same beneficial yeast in them. Number seven: Minerals: You could just buy a cheap trace mineral supplement, put it in water, and swish it a few times per day. The SuperIonics with folic acid from Omica is my favorite. Then, if you go further into minerals, whether you put it in a green juice or a glass of chlorophyll and water, start getting ionic angstrom copper, zinc and magnesium. Maybe you take 1000-2000 mg of magnesium per day, and you start taking 15 mg of copper to begin with. Then, you can slowly go up on the copper to 30 mg, then

work to 45 mg, then 60 mg. Eventually, you can get up to about 100 mg of copper per day because if it’s ionic angstrom form, it will metabolize well. When you take that much copper, you need to take vitamin C with it, between 2,000-3,000 mg/day is ideal. Any form such as camu camu or New Chapter whole food fermented vitamin C is great. I like the lipospheric vitamin C in the gel because the delivery mechanism is so great. But, I like to mix it up with some camu as well. Also, beta carotene helps the copper absorb. Zinc, 50 mg per day, from an ionic source such as has a wonderful price, wonderful value, and very potent minerals. So, six spurts of copper, two squirts of zinc, and twelve spurts of magnesium from Mineral Life at $15.00 per bottle done twice per day in a glass of green juice or chlorophyll and water, is an excellent mineral drink that starts to lower parasitic organisms and opportunistic organisms and boost the immune system and will improve the cell integrity and health and protein synthesis in the body. Number eight: Rebounding on the trampoline is the immune system draining the lymph. That helps with the candida. If you are doing colonics and rebounding together, especially extended colonics that are getting to systemic because they are getting the lymph, then the rebounding and the colonics work really well together because you are shaking off the acids and breaking it up and moving it into the lymph better, and then you are pulling it out with the colonics. You have to get all that acid out to really help eliminate the candida. So, the colonics are really important. Number Nine: Oxygen in the body is really important. Sodium, copper and chlorophyll in water increases oxygen uptake. You can take a lot, 2,000-3,000 mg/day. If you sleep on a north pole magnet bed, like the ones they sell at, you are putting oxygen in your body. You are sleeping in an antioxidant field. You are increasing cell health, reducing inflammation, and detoxifying. It improves your overall immunity. Anything else you do, whether it’s stem cell therapy, qigong promoting, reduction of stress, or going to sleep early, get the best sleep you can. Number ten: Amino acids, this is the one thing I really want to mention.

Dr. Louis Ignarro wrote a book called “NO more heart disease” with the capital “NO” being for nitrous oxide. He won the Nobel Prize in 1998, and his book came out in 2005, I think. But, since 1986 for 14 hours per day, this doctor worked on nitrous oxide. A lot of doctors and scientists thought he was wasting valuable research money and time on this, because he was crazy. But, his research came from nitroglycerin. The first person to start the Nobel Prize invented this out of 1 of the 350 patents he did, which turned out to be dynamite. People use to make nitroglycerin, and they also made dynamite in the same factories during their work days, but they had no angina in the book as I was reading because they were breathing in the nitrogen that we are missing in our atmosphere and it dilated their arteries. He studied this and found a natural way to get the body to produce nitrous oxide. We produce it a little bit when we exercise. We produce it through the endothelial lining in the cells. We keep it when we keep the fats in the right ratio and our cholesterol and blood pressure health is good. But, there are two amino acids, L’arginine and L’citrulline. Five grams of pharmaceutical grade L’arginine twice per day with only 500 mg of L’citrulline. Mix them up together in half a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach. This produces a large amount of nitric oxide in the endothelial lining. According to Louis Ignarro, in a couple of weeks, a lot of the people I read about with hypertension saw their systolic blood pressure go down about 40 points and diastolic go down about 15 points. It improves your cardiovascular health! This really prevents people having to worry about heart disease and stroke type things. The nitrous oxide detoxes mutated protein cells, toxins, candida, yeast, parasites, all kinds of things. When I started doing this and getting some of the people I’m working with on nitric oxide therapy by doing the arginine and citrulline after reading this book, the colonics became five to ten times stronger. The die off was brutal, barely manageable actually, because the candida was coming out so rapidly it was insane. This is one of the newest and most potent things in my whole candida program that I have just learned over the last couple of months. It’s life changing.

It improves your health, your exercise, your energy level. This discovery through his Nobel Prize winning research is what led to Viagra because of the blood flow change. It makes a major difference to your Jing because of the blood flow. Anyone who does the nitric oxide therapy sees an improvement in exercise level and everyone sleeps way better, which is really important. I am using nitric oxide therapy to help people with candida because I find that their fungal die off in the colonics is huge. Some of them can’t take it, they have to do half that dose I mentioned. I have had some clients that have so much candida in the beginning when they are doing the systemic colonics that they can only do the nitric oxide therapy on the day before the colonic once per week because the die off is so brutal that they can’t even handle it, which is a good sign, it just means that it is coming out. It is coming out so quick they can hardly deal with it. You can see it in the tube; it’s like pure cottage cheese. It’s just yeast leaving the body, rapidly, rapidly. Check that book out if you have a chance. It’s a bestseller, it’s about $15.00 paperback. “NO more heart disease” by Louis Ignarro. Those would be my top ten recommendations.