Isa Elwell
HELA Block 3
15 February 2016
Women’s Rights to Abortion
By the age of 45, nearly one third of women in America will have an abortion (Operation
Rescue). The right to abort children is a constant war throughout the United States. Having the
option to remove an unplanned fetus can saves many families and individuals from possible
hardships. Women should have the right to abortion because of cases such as rape, unplanned
and teen pregnancies, and the unimaginable harm executed on women themselves.
Every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted, 9 out of 10 being female
(Terri H). Among the high number of rape and incest cases, how many of those victims do
people believe conceded? The victims of these cases should not have to carry the baby as a result
of a crime. Keeping the child will remind them throughout the entirety of their lifetime of the
violation against them and the wrongdoing that occurred at that point of their life. Not many rape
cases result in pregnancy, but women still shouldn’t be obligated to carry the fetus to viability
and raise it through childhood because it is not their responsibility, and they could not control the
felony. Therefore, abortion should be constitutional.
In America, about one half of all pregnancies are either unplanned for, are teen
pregnancies, or can not be afforded. Being too young, without a significant other, and having
financial problems can all be acceptable reasons as to allowing abortions. In fact, they are the top
three main reasons. 21% of abortions are due to unplanned pregnancies, 21% are due to financial
issues, and 11% are due to young age (Operation Rescue). These statistics explain why abortion


is considerable in many cases. 69% of the U.S. is economically disadvantaged (Wisniewski) and
with the average care cost of a child until the age of 18 being $245,340 (Thomas), many cannot
attend the needs of a child. It is more affordable for many to abort. Some may argue that the
simplicity of only being unplanned is not a significant reason for an abortion. In the Roe v Wade
1973 Supreme Court Case, Wade fought for the illegalization of abortion due to its immoral
actions of the killing of a human being (McBride). Many agree that abortion is akin to murder as
it is the act of taking a life but many times abortion is the best option considering later
complications and the health of the baby and mother (TFP Student Action). Abortions are also
plausible because of religious situations. Multiple religions believe in no sex before marriage and
if that is the case, abortion may be a solution for accidents happened by sin.
Women will have abortions whether they are legal or not. If they are chosen to become
illegal, women may resort to harming their own bodies in order to not be pregnant. Women will
be forced to go to illegal clinics and untrained practitioners that lack the knowledge of
professional medical care, in which is dangerous for the woman. Possible stabbings of the
stomach and own remedies will arise due to the lack of doctors able to help. This action is now
harming two people, a baby and a grown woman, as opposed to solely an embryo. Abuse of
drugs or alcohol may as well be misused in order to damage the fetus into dying without the use
of proper medical care being an option.
The ongoing bloodshed of the legal rights of abortion have caused a major
uprising in the past years for Americans. Any women who has been a victim of rape has the
possibilities of becoming pregnant and should not have to keep the child resulted from a crime.
Many pregnancies are unplanned for and can not be afforded due to low income, which many
young aged mothers have the issue of. Without these rights, women might vandalize their own


figures as well. Abortion should be juridical because of illegal crime issues, conceiving without a
background knowledge on pregnancies, and impairment of the human body. In the words of
Margaret Sanger, “No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.”

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