This form can be completed online and downloaded, or printed and completed by hand.

Learning Objectives
What, specifically, should the student be able to do; what skills should they be able to perform, what knowledge should
they be able to demonstrate as a result of the teaching? Are the learning objectives appropriately aligned with long range
plans for students to master content and skills (InTASC Indicator 7f)

At the end of the lesson, students will be familiarized this is not a measurable term. Think about an action, task or skill the
students could show you that would demonstrate they are familiar with your topic. with police brutality and the fourth
amendment and will be able to demonstrate their knowledge in completing a 3-2-1 in pairs.

What state standard(s) (such as Arizona College and Career Ready Standards [AZCCRS] is your learning objective based
on? (InTASC Indicator 7a)

Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from
the text. (6.RL.1)
Analyze in detail how a key individual, event, or idea is introduced, illustrated, and elaborated in a text
(e.g., through examples or anecdotes) . (6.RI.3)
Setmeaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative, connotative,
Determine the
To grab the students’ attention, relate students’ prior knowledge, interests, and needs to the objective(s), put students in a receptive
and technical meanings. (6.RI.4)
frame of mind, and focus student attention on the upcoming lesson. (InTASC Indicator 4d)
The teacher will introduce the lesson by pointing out news coverage about police brutality. The teacher will ask for volunteers to provide a
synopsis of what they have heard from the media. The teacher will then provide statistics of the presence of police brutality by writing them
on the board.

Teaching: Input
How will you sequence instruction to support learners toward success? (InTASC Indicator 4a)
The teacher will coordinate and organize the lesson into three main parts: predictions, active instruction and synthesis. The lesson will be
scaffolded and differentiated for all learners.

Teaching: Modeling
Once the material has been presented, the teacher uses it to show students examples of what is expected in terms of how to solve the
problem, answer the question, complete the activity etc. (InTASC Indicator 6f)
The teacher will demonstrate how to do a 3-2-1 in front of the class. The teacher will explain that the 3 stands for three things students
have learned from the reading, the 2 stands for two questions the students still have, and the 1 stands for their favorite part. The teacher
will demonstrate this in front of the class.

Teaching: Check for Understanding
How will you know if learning is occurring throughout the lesson? (InTASC Indicator 1d)
Students will be placed within different groups and will be asked to share their 3-2-1's in order to demonstrate their understand of the

Teaching: Guided Practice
Provide plans for opportunities for each student to practice skills in a meaningful context (InTASC Indicator 4c)
Students will be placed in groups in accordance to the specific article that was given to them. They will learn to work together in order to
complete a 3-2-1 to show they have synthesized their work.

What actions or statements will the teacher initiate that are designed to bring a lesson presentation to an appropriate conclusion. Used
to help students bring things together in their own minds, to make sense out of what has just been taught.
The teacher will then advise the students that despite the sensitive nature of the topic, it is important to learn about citizens' rights. Integrate
ideas of lessons to predictions of what will be covered the next day.

Independent Practice
What will you provide as support or enrichment to learners? (InTASC 8b) What will you do to create opportunities for learners that
advance their learning? (InTASC 1b) What will you do to assist learners to synthesize new knowledge and demonstrate their
understanding? (InTASC Indicator 2c)
They will work together as a group in order to present their findings to the class.

What will you use to assess ongoing learning and achievement of learning goals? (InTASC Indicator 6b) How will you align
assessment with instructional goals? (InTASC Indicator 6e)
Their presentation will be a type of formative assessment.

How will you structure your lesson plan to meet each learners’ level of development? (InTASC Indicator 1e)
The students will be participating in reading and writing, as well as utilizing their oral skills to demonstrate their knowledge.

List of materials and resources needed to conduct this lesson
Copies of four different articles about police brutality
3-2-1 worksheets
Promethean board

The amount of time anticipated to complete this lesson
1 hour