Crew Life Policy

The Crew Life Policy applies to all staff, content, and partners affiliated with Crew Life. The
Terms and guidelines of this policy are effective as of 1 January 2016.

1. Content
a. All of the content created, revised, and posted by Crew Life must follow the
guidelines outlined in the Crew Life content section of the Crew Life Policy.
Content includes tweets, messages, videos, text, information, images, and
b. Profanity
i. Content of Crew Life shall only contain no more than mild profanity.
c. Hate Speech
i. Content of Crew Life shall contain no hate speech or propaganda. This
includes but is not limited to racial, religious, gender, country of origin,
social class, sexual preference, mental state, educational
discrimination or profiling.
d. Slander
i. Content of Crew Life shall not contain any form of political or personal
slander. Slander is limited to anonymous complaints or stories of past
or current theater team members, actors, audience members, or
e. Political
i. Content of Crew Life shall not contain any political advertising or
support of any political candidate, party, form of government, etc.
f. Submissions
i. Post submitted to Crew Life may be used in a Crew Life post without
recognition of the individual who submitted the post. By submitting
content to Crew Life, you agree to have personal credit possibly
waived. Submissions are any form of email, direct message, photo tag,
or user tweet directed to Crew Life.
2. Spam
a. Means of communication include but are not limited to Direct Messages,
@tweets, emails, comments, or forms submissions.
b. Automation
i. The use of automated systems such as bots to communicate with Crew
Life is strictly prohibited.
c. Solicitation
i. Soliciting Crew Life with follow request, mentions, links, profiles, or any
other undesired data is strictly prohibited.
3. Business
a. Business defined by Crew Life as shout outs, shares, purchases, ad spots, retweets, mentions, trades, or any other means of gain with another entity.
b. Principals
i. Crew Life prohibits any form of business with Twitterpreneurs, social
media influencers, online entrepreneurs, or any other form of online
media business individuals.

ii. EXCEPTIONS: Crew Life will ONLY do business exchanges (Shared retweets and shout-outs) with similarly sized THEATRE themed Twitter
iii. NOTICE: The Crew Life account and all of its assets ARE NOT for sale
and never will be. This is NOT a trader account. It is 100% Organic
4. Editors
a. Please review the editor policy provided to you during your hire.
5. Accounts
a. Plagiarism
b. Any individual or account that plagiarizes Crew Life material as their own will
be subject to review by Crew Life management. Outcomes of review will vary
on a case by case basis.