(443)-955-8660 / cuthrellaaliyah@gmail.

Dedicated and diligent millennial providing exceptional public relations narratives and oral support, campaign
support, account support, strategic digital marketing and graphic design support for companies and clients.

Experience in planning, organizing and executing private/public event campaigns for corporate and
individual client promotion.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite including: Excel, PowerPoint and Word applications.
Proficient in multiple Adobe Creative Cloud Soft wares including: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator
CC, Adobe InDesign CC.
Proficient in using Digital Marketing soft wares such as WordPress and MailChimp for company and
product promotion.
Knowledgeable of using and interpreting digital analytics from soft wares such as MailChimp E-Commerce
and Google Analytics.
Knowledgeable of corporate finance management techniques and practices.
Energetic, self-motivated individual possessing an ability to effectively communicate with all levels of
management and work independently or in a team environment.

Chesapeake Fine Food Group
Digital Marketing Intern


Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation
 Manages and generates online posts for all internal digital media platforms. This includes Facebook,
Pinterest and Twitter.
 Responsible for organizing and executing company digital brand re-launch.
 Monitors and critically analyzes weekly social media platform readings.
 Developed a new internal company social media strategy.
Design Work
 Responsible for drafting and creating all social media post graphics.
 Responsible for drafting and maintaining blog theme.
 Drafts future landing page ideas for company website.
Marketing Support
 Responsible for constructing and launching new company blog platform for product and company
 Responsible for conducting catalog square inch analysis for product promotion.
Isom Global Strategies (IGS), LLC, Washington, D.C.
Internal Communications and Account Support Intern (Summer Position)


Account Support
 Documents and submits all company expense reports (Expense reports constructed using Excel 97- 2003
 Monitors and documents CEO’s corporate and private MasterCard expense records.
 Files and tracks company inventory and client service orders.
 Works in unison with entry level associates to track and manage client and company transportation invoice
Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation
 Manages and generates online posts for all internal digital media platforms. This includes: Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
 Responsible for creating and implementing a new company internal social media calendar strategy.
 Monitors, analyzes and reports all business and client connections made through social media outlets.

Marketing and Public Relations Support
 Responsible for constructing and implementing a past client case analysis format for documenting previous
contract work with the Air National Guard (ANG), United States Marine Corps (USMC), Army National
Guard (ARNG), and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
 Responsible for constructing and submitting visual Creative Brief materials for possible contract with the
2015 Joint Base Andrews Air Show.
 Routinely constructs and drafts press releases and informative blog posts for internal company and client
promotional use.
Internal and Client Campaign Development and Execution
 Worked in unison with entry level associates and executive staff members to organize a company event to
promote IGS and reiterate the company’s mission.
 Provided on-site campaign support for the D.C. Procurement Technical Assistance Center (DCPTAC) 2015
Small Business Summit and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) 2015 Conference.
The Stride Rite Corporation, Columbia, MD
Mid-Level Sales Associate (Key Holder)
 Responsible for counting and documenting daily register funds for corporate accounting and Loss
Prevention initiatives.
 Responsible for recording hourly Units per Transaction (UPT) and Average Transaction Value (ATV)
 Assists with managing and delivering store bank deposits.
 Ensures that all store promotions are properly explained and acknowledged by diverse customer base.
Sales Associate
 Responsible for managing the daily task schedules of all part-time employees in the store.
 Responsible for managing all weekend training sessions with “new-hire” employees.
Pursuing, Bachelor of Science, Mass Communications, Concentration: Advertising, Marketing Minor, Towson
University, Towson, MD
Expected Completion: December 2016