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Hour 3
Ms. David HELA
The Catcher in the Rye Test
1. What color is the patch in Holden’s hair
a. Gray
b. Brown
c. Blonde
d. Red because Sally had accidently poured paint in his head earlier.
2. When Holden says “I’d probably be somewhere way the h*** off” while talking to Sally
Hayes where does he want to go?
a. Texas
b. The woods
c. The beach
d. Europe
3. What does Holden really mean by “A horse is at least human”?
a. Horses are easy animals to be around
b. People could learn from horses
c. He would rather own a horse than a car because it is unique, probably more so
than the people who obsess over their cars.
d. He likes horses
4. How does Holden’s tone toward calling Jane imply his true feeling about doing so?
a. His excitement portrays his ongoing love for Jane
b. His anger portrays his hatred for her
c. His indirect reluctance portrays his fear of seeing that things had changed between
d. His indifference portrays that he doesn’t care for her anymore
5. The quote “That guy Marrow was about as sensitive as a godd*** toilet seat” is an
example of a ________?
a. Simile
b. Metaphor
c. Hyperbole
d. Allusion
6. What is an example of someone who had a grippe?
a. Mr. Spencer
b. Sally Hayes
c. O’Brian
d. Jane

7. What would result if Stradlater had not told Holden about his date with Jane?

a. Holden and Stradlater never fight because nothing starts it, and Holden stays at
Pencey for his last few days
b. Holden becomes Jane’s new boyfriend
c. Holden never fails his classes at Pencey
d. Holden moves to the woods with Sally Hayes
8. What would Holden’s gray hair best symbolize?
a. Holden’s real age
b. Holden seeming older than he really is both physically and mentally
c. Holden’s stress over flunking school
d. Holden’s tendency to smoke
9. What does Holden mean by “Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do you start
missing everybody”.
a. He wants to be more secretive
b. He doesn’t trust the people at the institution he is at
c. Looking back on his story he liked the people he talked to, even the phonies in his
d. He wishes he hadn’t told the story about Sunny because he doesn’t want to get
10. While at O’Brian’s Holden says “people always clap for the wrong reasons” what was
his tone?
a. Angry at the audience for not paying attention to him instead
b. Almost condescending toward the “phonies” in the crowd for clapping at the same
thing, he feels disgusted by them.
c. Irony because he knows he is guilty of clapping for something mediocre before
d. Indifference only making an observation
11. What tone does Holden convey when saying “every time someone gives me a present, it
ends up making me sad”?
a. Happiness
b. Sadness
c. Elation
d. Anger
12. What part of rhetoric best describes Holden’s feelings while saying “Ask her if she keeps
her kings in the back row”?
a. Ethos
b. Pathos
c. Logos

13. When Holden says “Old Jesus probably would’ve puked if he could see it” what was he

a. Ackley’s face
b. Stradlater’s razor
c. The current Catholics and earlier followers of Jesus
d. The Christmas pageant at his theater
14. “Glad to’ve met you to somebody I’m not at all glad to have met”. Judging by the end of
the book would Holden still stand by this view when he is released?
a. Yes
b. No
15. What part of rhetoric best describes the general tone when Holden says “Really ugly
girls have it tough. I fell so sorry for them sometimes”?
a. Ethos
b. Pathos
c. Logos
16. At the very beginning of The Catcher in the Rye Holden says “If you really want to hear”
before beginning his story. The word really in the quote makes the tone seem______.
a. Sad
b. Happy
c. Indifferent
d. Excited
17. When Carl Luce talks about a flit what is he referring to?
a. A gay man
b. A slang term for cigarettes used to discreetly ask Holden for one in public
c. A type of coat
d. A type of drink
18. Why hadn’t Holden ever told Jane his true feelings for her while he knew her?
a. His parents would be angry
b. He valued their friendship too much to risk it
c. He really loved Sally Hayes
d. All of the above

19. At O’Brian’s Holden says “If I were a piano player I would play in the godd*** closet”.
Is this actually reflective of Holden’s character or his views of others? Why or why not?

20. Does the quote “The more expensive a school is, the more crooks it has” reflective of
Holden’s views about his own wealth?

Answer Key
1. A- The hair is obviously gray Holden mentions it many times.
2. B- Holden says it himself that he would like to live in the woods somewhere isolated with
Sally Hayes.

3. C- Holden says this quote while ranting about how people all care about the same thing,
especially cars.
4. C- Holden has had many opportunities to call Jane, every time he would dismiss the
thought saying he wasn’t in the mood to do so. In reality he was afraid of disillusionment
that their old friendship still existed.
5. C- It has a “like” comparison to an object.
6. A- Very early it is stated that Holden’s old teacher at Pencey, Mr. Spencer, had a grippe or
the flu.
7. A- Holden learning that Stradlater dated Jane made him extremely angry and jealous.
This anger is what eventually prompted a fight between the two, a fight that lead to
Holden leaving Pencey.
8. B- Holden looks older than he is, this is obvious as Holden uses it multiple times
throughout the story to his advantage. He also is incredibly immature for his age.
9. C- We discussed this in class after reading it.
10. B- As usual Holden finds the “phonies” disgusting even for applauding a musician just
because Holden doesn’t totally approve of his style.
11. B- If you looked at the quote and words like happy, elated, or angry seemed like the right
answer that is a problem. He bluntly states his tone and feeling in the quote.
12. B- Pathos. While not a conventional question about rhetoric Ethos fits Holden’s tone
perfectly, he is sad, and almost nostalgic about his times with Jane. He was feeling a lot
of heavy emotions when saying that to Stradlater.
13. D- While modern Catholics fit the description well from Holden’s point of view he says
this in mockery of another phony Christmas performance.
14. A- I think he would change his mind, saying that he missed everyone means that at some
level he liked them all he would be glad to meet them a second time, and this time he
would mean it.
15. A- Ethos. In this quote he shows sympathy for less attractive women, he even points out
that it is unfair that they marry the boring men, this was a subtle comment on his views
on modern social ethics.
16. C- Indifferent. By adding a really Holden makes it seem like he never wanted to tell the
story he was probably being questioned which he never wanted to take part in. In that
moment he didn’t really care about the story much less telling it.
17. A- Another vocab word should be known by now.
18. B- Holden had no real reason to avoid asking Jane out on a date other than his value of
their friendship

19. I think this quote was only reflective of Holden’s outward views. He wants attention but
only from a select few he wouldn’t play in the closet but he would only play for those he
20. It absolutely is. I feel like the quote may be more of a self-reflection Holden’s money
depresses him, makes him feel guilty and he knows he has done bad things with it,

namely the prostitute. Holden is probably feeling guilty about his wealth and using
Pencey or any other school he’s been to as an analogy or a scapegoat for his own feelings.

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