Project 117
Respectfully Submitted By: Alfonso Gomez
Date: 1/20/2016
● To creatively capture photos and display them in my community
● To raise awareness about bullying in my community
● Create questionnaires, gather data, and report my findings
● Research programs, non-profit organizations, websites, and other
outlets to uniform myself, my art, and others’
I would like to go classes around my school and ask students, including staff, to
take a questionnaire on bullying, write on a note card a word, phrase, or story of a
random act of kindness and cruelty and collect them and portray them creatively
on a word board. I would also like to take photos of people in black and white,
holding a white sheet of paper with a word or phrase someone has said to them
that was kind and also one that was rude with a red X on the rude word/phrase. I
would like to present this on presentation day along with my word board. On the
day of presentation, I would like to do an activity with the audience and I would
like to research and contact non-profit organizations/programs on bullying and get
advice on further instructions on what I should do.
I have contacted Mrs. Dillon and she has agreed to be my mentor. I will need to
contact anti-bullying organizations; I will need note cards and time to come in to
other classes. I need to use my digital camera to take AP photos and then use
photo paper to print out the photos.
I will start to research by looking at YouTube videos, specifically on TedTalk and
John Oliver. The month of February I will work my way around work to make time
for this. Once I feel like I’ve researched enough, I will look up documentaries and
organizations on bullying. I want to complete this research by early March. I would
also like to have a short meeting with Mrs. Dillon and Mr. Munch on bullying so I
can take notes and get their input. After the meeting, I would like to make the
survey with Mrs. Dillon. In the month of March, I have started to take note cards
from students and teachers. I am also starting to take photos for my photo essay.
My personal deadline for this project is by April 23. I must create and finish my
Word Board and photo essay and survey by then.
SEE IT/BELIEVE IT: The problem I see in the world and in my community is
bullying of all types (racism, sexuality identification, foreign immigrants, etc.) in all
ages (from starting in early developmental life to adulthood). I would like to use
photography as my art to raise awareness of bullying in my community because

photography is my specialty and I believe it will accentuate this social justice issue.
This is very important to me because this is something that has affected my life and
many others and is a problem today; on average, there are 117 suicides per day,
white males accounted 7 of 10 suicides in 2013, and suicide is the highest in
middle age. With photography and my requirements, my photos will raise
awareness on bullying because the photos will be real, from real people, real
experiences, real words, real pain, and even real kindness. Stories will be told
using these words and photos by people in our own community. I hope that people
will become more aware in their lives and consider their actions and words in their
everyday lives and the consequences of what can become of it.
RESEARCH IT: I will research bullying programs and what they do today to
stop bullying. I will research film documentaries and books on bullying. I will
research if there are any organizations in my community. I will talk to my mentor
and other teachers for help and class time to talk to students. Are there any “antibully” programs in my community? Why do people bully? From a psychologist's
perspective, how can one explain how and why people bully? What are the causes
and effects?
BUILD IT/DO IT: I will start to make my questionnaire with Mrs. Dillon, go
to individual classes upon approval and let them know what I am doing for my
senior project. I will collect my note cards, surveys, and photos. Then I will print
my photos and creatively portray them. I will do the same with my note cards. I will
start to research by looking at YouTube videos, specifically on TedTalk and John
Oliver. The month of February I will work my way around work to make time for
this. I want to complete this research by early March.
REFLECT ON IT: Throughout this process, I will write deadlines and
assignments for myself in my planner and schedule daily assignments to work
around my other classes and work. Honestly, I do not think I will reflect much
during this process. I will take photographic evidence of my work with students,
faculty, and other community members and the process of people writing on note
cards, taking surveys, and making my word board and photo essay. If
circumstances occur, I will adjust by rescheduling, take more photos, ask more
people for permission, go to CVS to print my photos, edit my photos to perfection,
buy as many note cards as I need, etc etc!! I won't let anything stop me from
completing this project!
PRESENT IT: “Without my experience as an Arts Academy student, my
personal societal mission would most likely still be the same concept, but in a very
different direction or aspect. I would not have even thought of taking a creative
route to portray and raise awareness of my personal societal mission. My senior
project has helped me in which I am forced to step out of my comfort zone and
showcase a passionate cause of mine through art, specifically photography”. I will
organize and talk about the stages of my project during those 3-5 minutes
including documentation of the project. The other portion of the presentation will
consist of my journey as an Arts Academy student and my experience.

● Costs may vary..
● $20-$30
● I am not planning on fundraising as of now. Might change.
● List may include note cards
● butcher paper
● photo paper
● photo ink
● paper to make copies.
DESIRED OUTCOME: My desired outcome is to raise awareness so people may
be more knowledgeable of bullying and make a difference in their everyday lives
and in their community. I would also like to inform them of organizations and
programs that deal with bullying so they know that they are not alone and can ask
for help. People need to talk about this; I want this to be a conversation-starter; I
want people to be considerate of their actions and words.
Using proper diction and wording, I will stress the importance of this project when
asking for people's stories and permission to take photos of them. I will tell people
why this is so important to me and my personal life. On presentation day, I will use
my art as an example of how bullying is a problem in our community. I do not
expect everyone to change their lives forever or in a drastic way, but I do estimate
that people will learn to be more considerate of the lives of others and what they
go through in their personal lives. I would like feedback from them on how they felt
about this project and the issue at hand. I want their opinions and experiences.
Time will be a complication but planning ahead will overcome that. People might
not want to participate or take the surveys/note cards seriously, but if I stress the
importance and ask more people, then I will overcome it.
important that I capture the emotion and expressions and meaning through my
photographs. Posing my subjects and editing them to black and white enhances
this meaning. People who consent on having their photo taken will be given
knowledge that they must write a word or phrase on a paper that has affected
them in their lives. Having my subjects portray a facial expression that represents
who they are enhances the meaning of being true to yourself, being unique, being
beautiful, being confident, and being real to themselves without feeling judged. By
editing my photos in black and white, the words/phrases and faces will be in focus
due to the lack of hues and colors in these photos. There will be a stronger unity in
my photos.
activist, I think this project is more important. The topic of bullying is personal to
me and who I am as a person today (I will strongly consider including myself in my
photos due to my personal ties to this topic). It is something that has affected me

and my life, mostly unconsciously. My goal is to tell and show the importance of
this topic in the lives of others in this country and world.