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Final Teaching Philosophy:

Alexandra Blake
My teaching philosophy is based on my belief that learning should be a
student centred experience and children should therefore be treated as
equal partners in all learning experiences alongside their educators. My aim
as an educator is to positively contribute to and help educate the future
generations of our society in a safe, equal and supportive environment in
hope to motivate children to grow and learn the best that they can.
I understand the importance of recognising children as global and active
citizens. Children have the right to actively participate in their communities
and should therefore be capable to take on responsibilities towards nature as
well as humanity. Children should be exposed to what is happening in the
world. Exposing children to authentic issues that are occurring outside of the
classroom can help encourage them to make a positive impact on what they
personally believe in and value. I wish to incorporate the combination of
indoor and outdoor learning so that children can experience what both
learning environments have to offer through interactions with the world
around them. I trust that all children have unique qualities and strengths
from the moment that they come into the world and should thus be
recognised and valued now rather than solely preparing for their future.
I have a goal to ensure that all children are treated with respect and are
exposed to equal opportunities throughout their childhood. I understand that
many diverse factors such as but not limited to culture, gender, ability,
family structure, religion and economic status can impact many childrens
involvement or understanding in the classroom. However, I aim to recognise
these differences and take advantage of them whilst planning learning
experiences to assure that all lessons are relevant and relatable for all the
children in my classroom in hope to fulfil student engagement. In addition to
this, I intend to make sure that all children are not discriminated against on
the basis of their differences. Alternatively, I will encourage these differences

in order to create a safe and happy environment for the children to grow and
learn in. I wish to support learning through interactive and collaborative
experiences adopting theorists Vygotskys notion of the social constructivist
theory, thus promoting problem solving and critical thinking skills in
collaboration with their peers as well as myself.
I acknowledge that I must continually develop my understanding as an
educator and a member of the community too. I ensure that I will critically
reflect on all of my own and other professional works to help inform new
understandings about teaching and education. I aim to incorporate modern
technology into learning experiences to help assist student learning. I pledge
to always research theory and studies conducted to help inform new
understandings of education whilst developing my own theories. Personal
development is an essential part to teaching and I assure that I will
constantly reflect and modernise my own teaching ideology. I ensure that I
will gather and collect evidence from teaching experiences so that I can
improve my teaching practices throughout my professional career.
I recognise the responsibility I have as an educator to build many strong and
meaningful relationships with my colleagues, my mentors, the children and
their families as well as with the wider community. By building these
relationships I know that I will be creating endless opportunities for children
to reach their full potential as a member of their community. I know that by
having these partnerships, we can communicate effectively as a team with
the goal of supporting and acting in the best interest of the children.
I know that if all of the children in my classroom leave school at the end of
the day having felt included, involved and excited to learn, I will go home
with a smile on my face knowing that I could make a positive impact on
those childrens lives.