Country: Dylan

Committee:UNHCR 2
Delegate: Dylan Zamani
School: High Tech High Chula Vista
The current Refugee Crisis in the Middle East is a Major Concern to Hungary and the
EU, not only is it a Danger to Public Safety with the Recent Paris Attacks and Brussels bombings
but the Christian name of the European Union is in Danger with the recent influx of Muslim
Refugees from Syria and from Iraq, but it is a lie created by the United States of America plainly
to convert the Glorious Country of Hungary to a Democracy. The world needs to recognize the
fact that there are no Refugees but instead there are Radical American Democrats that demand a
different government to run Hungary and we need to as one whole stop America from being
imperialist and return to Syria to its original form, being run by Assad’s government under
sanctions or by selecting a new government and have the world combat the Islamic State or
Daesh until we defeat them
We need the Refugees that are along Hungary’s borders to return to their origins as we
have spent countless Forints on the fence and guards that are erected along Hungary’s southern
border, and the Prisons we have are being filled by these “Refugees” that attempt to cross our
border illegally. This is a major problem that must be solved. We have created one of the most
strict documentation systems on the planet yet they keep coming not for us but to invade the
European Union with their religion and threats to public safety we have seen what can be done
using the Refugee Processing System from the Paris attacks and the recent Brussels attacks.
These only confirm how much of a safety hazard refugees are.
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The only solution Hungary can possibly provide is sending all Syrian refugees back to
Syria and have Assad’s Regime or a selected government have control of Syria and the world
enters War against Daesh to remove the threat and restore peace. Hungary would like the
Security Council to decide on official Sanctions to be put on Assad’s Regime if it is chosen to
keep Assad’s regime in power. Hungary would also like to support the new government of Syria
and would encourage other countries to do the same, Finally Hungary would like to require
troops be put in Syria to combat Daesh These troops should be from fellow countries but will not
stop Un Peacekeepers from assisting.This will help by creating a safe environment for the Real
Syrian People and by combating Daesh we will make the worries of the world that much less

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