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Information and Memorandum of Law
Good Day My Fellow Americans: In the Spirit of Isaiah Chapter 61, I am sharing the following information. It is past time
for us to wake up and walk in the truth regarding our God given rights to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. In the
early 90's, I created some historical charts tracing the "Black" heritage in the Bible. This information is what led me to
find out about the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY and the fraud of the Corporate Courts which are
private franchises of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY. This is not a black or white matter but it is an
American concern that is affecting ALL Americans directly or indirectly. The study of my heritage just happened to be the
connection that bought me into this knowledge. I have posted several links for you to do your own study and research and
make your conclusions accordingly. However, because CORPORATIONS have been masquerading as GOVERNMENTS,
for over 100 years, numerous RACKETEERING INFLUENCED CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS (R.I.C.O.) crimes
Americans. Agents of these private-for profit CORPORATIONS have committed fraud by misrepresentation and nondisclosure of their private-for profit status and are running a Global Human Trafficking Slave Market. Through their
private owned court and prison systems they are trading men, women and children under armed threat duress and
coercion, and making billions of dollars in profit. This is in violation of the Organic Constitutions for the united states for
America as well as the Organic Constitutions of each and every Sovereign State of the Union. Also, this private for profit
global shave trade is a violation of the private copyright codes and statutes of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION
COMPANY as well.
Due to these violations, every judgment placed against any American must be reversed and Americans must be
compensated for the damages of these crimes. Various articles on the fraud of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION by
Judge Anna Von Reitz:

1. Definition(s) of “United States” and “UNITED STATES” and “United States of America” and “UNITED STATES
OF AMERICA (Note the date and by what entity--- an “acting” Congress during the Civil War---this was done):


1864-- the “acting Congress” passed an Act changing the meaning of "state, States and United States" to
mean "the territories and District of Columbia". (13 Stat. 223, 306, ch. 173, sec. 182, June 30,
1864. [“US Territories”---- portions of the United States that are not within the limits of any state and
have not been admitted as states. Includes all federal installations—military bases, docks, courthouses,
This was never changed, amended or appealed, so, all references to “state, States, and United States” in
Federal Code that are not otherwise specifically defined, must be construed as “the territories and District
of Columbia”.
One must also make a distinction between the meaning of the words used prior to and then after the
passage of this 1864 corporate law.

as well as Coleman v. given that the actual District of Columbia was set up in 1790 and fully chartered by 1801.. ch.that is.. and United States” meant what we commonly still believe them to mean--after 1864 in “Federal Code”—they generally meant something entirely different and opposed to the popular meaning. Chapter 62. 1873–’74 (in force as of December 1. June 11. 59 S. 6 th Edition.. 11 South Carolina Law Quarterly 484. Few Americans realize that there are all these definitions for the "United States. the territories and District of Columbia) extends. as provided in the Act of March 2.. Tulane Law Review.thus the birth of the infamous District of Columbia Municipal Corporation: 4.S. 1935. 102. 1. sec. Revised Statutes of the United States Relating to the District of Columbia .“An Act Providing a Permanent Form of Government for the District of Columbia. 180." Most have been misled to believe that the term "United States" has a single meaning and is a generic term referring to the country as a whole -.S. or (3) it may be the collective name of the states which are united by and under the Constitution. in Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) (C). as amended by the Act of June 28. as just demonstrated from the public records. 3.was repealed in 1874 and then passed piecemeal via these actions---. February 21. 2). D. sec. District of Columbia Code (1940)) . Plus a Fourth in Commerce: o “The term "United States" may be used in any one of several senses. 1878. 1871 --.” ch. 22. (1968) 439 P2d 266. 332. 1873). (1975) 540 P 2d 936.Hooven and Allison Company v. 1871.] o Please note: that The Act of 1871 ---“An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia. State v Phillips. Evatt. Dyett v Turner. 2.However. Miller. it stated unequivocally that the UNITED STATES is also the name of a corporation.o Prior to this. 972. . (1) It may be merely the name of a sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations." a "Commercial Agency" originally designated as "Washington.. . 1878. When looking at the intent of all this.” --." a/k/a "US Inc. Forty-first Congress. (2) It may designate the territory over which the sovereignty of the United States (that is. 28.S." in accordance with the 14th Amendment [which the record indicates was never ratified--. Three Crucial Definitions.. amended and approved March 9. 448.. 324 US 652 (1945) (This is also the verbatim definition of “United States” given in Black’s Law Dictionary. 419.C.. 307 U.. 267. The only “government” created by the Act of 1871 was that of any private corporation which determines its own administrative rules and structures. the U. Session III.see Utah Supreme Court Cases. 20 Stat. the aim of the Act of 1871 is. we have definition (4) The Legislative Act of February 21. created into a government by the name of the “District of Columbia”. Congress chartered a Federal Company entitled "United is the name of a private corporation (District of Columbia Municipal Corporation) that was created by the “acting Congress” via the Act of 1877 and as amended ever since. merely to set up “U. and the same is hereby. page 419. 62. States. to remain and continue as a municipal corporation (brought forward from the Act of 1871.. 1 (Title 1. 1877. Ct. “state. by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes … and exercise all other powers of a municipal corporation. 49 Stat. 430. .. 16 Stat. Section 102.” ch. as it must be.) o Additionally. 2. Corp dba “UNITED STATES” is not merely the name of an incorporated municipality (District of Columbia) --. p. sec. Corp”--o “That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia be.” – Act of 1871 verbiage--- o So the Act of 1871 was to create a private corporation owned by the actual government of the District of Columbia--.

Ohio. to convey and receive property. Vermont. New York. Louisiana. Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States.sunbiz. South Carolina.Org (cut and paste links below): o http://search. New Hampshire. 1967. Wisconsin.] The United States. in that the former is a special class of citizen created by Congress.” o (Fifth meaning): (5)—The United States of America are a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued. the private constructive. pp. under the 14th Amendment. Tennessee. The UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY’s dba (Doing Business As) listing. Iowa. June 13. now thirty-one in number. inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=UNITEDSTATES %201000090&aggregateId=domp-100009-5f172c55-c788-4f81-aa28-1a68b778486b&searchTerm=UNITED %20STATES&listNameOrder=UNITEDSTATES%201000090 UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY’s (Florida Profit Corporation) Registered Agents are THE PRENTICE-HALL CORPORATION SYSTEM. Rhode Island. o 1953 . The same duplicitous word smithing was done with the words “United States of America”— From A Law Dictionary. Missouri. 542) who are generally referred to as United States citizens. 92 U. Indiana. Arkansas. Dec. By John Bouvier. Maine. Anthony 24 Fed. Virginia. but it is proper to observe that no suit can be brought against the United States without authority of law. Illinois." (That is a “citizen of the United States” is a “statutory citizen”—created by legislative action.Also Congressional Record. and Annual Reports can be found at Sunbiz. which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. INC (Foreign Profit Corporation): . Kentucky. Delaware. Pennsylvania. Articles of Incorporation. Michigan. Cruikshank. and California. (First meaning given): (1) The name of this country. published 1856: o UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.Kitchens v. 181. the actual land mass. are Alabama.S.5. Massachusetts. 112 F. cestui que trust of US Inc. Supp 383 "A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the federal government…” o 1967 . Mississippi. v. [This neatly explains once and for all what a “citizen of the United States” is in federal parlance. North Carolina. New Jersey. 829 (1873) "The term resident and citizen of the United States (”United States” meaning “territories and District of Columbia”) is distinguished from a Citizen of one of the several states. 6. Florida. Connecticut.S. Steele.This definition of "United States" as a Corporation has its own citizens (see United States v. 15641-15646): A "citizen of the United States" is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT.) o 1875 . Texas. Does the UNITED STATES – the private corporation operating the government of “the Territories and District of Columbia” have “citizens”? o 1873: U. Georgia. as opposed to popular speech]. Maryland. 1 Marsh. 177. in Section 4. [That is.

Member District Courts share proportionately in CRIS earnings.S. SF-28. Jr. Pages 65 and 66 give the CRIS investment pool summary for 2006. Suite 400. Optional Form (OF) 90. Standard Form (SF) 1166. Massih III. Basically they invest the money.sunbiz. The pooled funds never actually leave the US Treasury account in the Texas Commerce Bank of Houston because the Bank invests them in US Treasury Bills through CRIS investment managers at JP Morgan which trades them on the international stock market and Forex (foreign exchange) presumably on petition from the payor. Form AO 274. OF-91. and Treasurer John Fortunado. etc.TALLAHASSEE. FL 32301. 10. Wilmington.Term Fund http://www. and with permission of the U.wordpress.Term Fund 1990-45 Order for Assessment of a Management Fee on Funds Placed in the Court Registry 1990-48 Amended Order Establishing the Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) . fines. at 2711 Centerville Road. SF-25. Treasury and Federal Reserve Board of Governors.uscourts. SF-1418.o http://search. SF-1402. SF-274. Procedures begin on page 36. Secretary George A. And it charges a registry fee of upwards of 10% for managing the investment (rather than taking the fees out of earnings).org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail? inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=PRENTICEHALLSYSTEM %208070890&aggregateId=forp-807089-05466d63-5ddc-4d95-a8d3-9344092bd775&searchTerm=THE %20PRENTICE-HALL%20CORPORATION%20SYSTEM%2C %20INC&listNameOrder=PRENTICEHALLSYSTEM%208070890 and CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY (Foreign Profit Corporation). . and other private commercial paper (cut and paste link)[also attached hereto]: o https://anticorruptionsociety. Pages 44 through 59 provide flow charts showing how CRIS administers the money through JP Morgan (which gets a nice fee for the service). SF-25A. CRIS Debit Vouchers. SF-275. SF-1414. Form AO 283.files. Page 64 contains the excerpt from the Federal Register. SF-273. SF-24. on the recommendation of financial analyst (now Clerk) Mike Milby. all of them registered as doing business out of 1201 HAYS STREET. SF-1416. Back in 1990. Thus all 25 member US Court Districts always have funds available to disburse for their various purposes (cut and paste links)[also attached hereto]: o o o o o 1990-46 Order Establishing the Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) . The above-linked document shows how federal courts earn interest on the money they receive in fees.Term Fund 1990-48 Amended Order Establishing the Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) . through the South Texas USDC CRIS. District Court Master Clearing Account inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=SERVICE%20P265050&aggregateId=forpp26505-f13e5e1f-6a3e-48f8-8da0-c75a76b35a4d&searchTerm=CORPORATION%20SERVICE %20COMPANY&listNameOrder=SERVICE%201400790 COURT REGISTRY INVESTMENT SYSTEM (CRIS) 8. Federal judges and clerks down in South Texas cooked up the Court Registry Investment System (CRIS). Delaware 19808: o http://search.pdf 11. Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) monetizes all court orders and case information by way of General Services Administration (GSA) Form AO 290. Not only does the court have several billion dollars in the pool and over a billion dollars invested at any one time. and with the same President / Director Rodman Ward III. CUSIP Numbers. but also it earns upwards of a million dollars a month in interest alone.txs.sunbiz.

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18. like any private corporation. or "The Clearfield Doctrine" is saying that when private commercial paper is used by corporate government (Court Registry Investment System –CRIS). your D-U-N-S Number can be used to help get a clear view of your business. successors.S. 16." "For the purpose of suit. Because of their “demand for and use of private commercial paper” through CRIS. Australia.S. and confers numerous benefits on businesses that participate.. D-U-N-S. the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY and its officers..) and securities (checks) are concerned. bankruptcy). must be the holder-in-duecourse of a contract or other commercial agreement between it and the one upon who demands for specific performance are made. United States. including the U. 318 U. through the use of CRIS. which stands for Data Universal Number System. United States.” In reality. 363 . then the government. is still in use today and it along with other private commercial paper is involved in the subject matter of ALL court cases in the U. This Clearfield Doctrine case is important because it is a 1942 case that was decided after the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY filed its "CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION" in the State of Florida (Tallahassee) on July 15. which can help you negotiate for improved terms and conditions or a favorable line of credit. It provides "Governments descend to the level of a mere private corporation. 318 U. etc. and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen. and European Union. or when private commercial paper is demanded for any payment by government (CRIS). employees.371 (1942) 14.S. The business credit file associated with your business’ D-U-N-S Number can help potential partners and lenders learn about your business and make informed decisions about whether or not to work with you as a client.S. agents. 1925 (see link and attached UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY Certificate of Incorporation and Annual Reports). it’s even more pervasive than Social The subject matter of the EVERY court case in the U. the government must be willing to enter the valid and verifiable contract or commercial agreement into evidence before trying to get the court to enforce its demands called statutes which are private copyright rules of the private corporation. where private commercial paper (Federal Reserve Notes.371 (1942) is a Supreme Court case that is Res Judicata and Stare Decisis. which is often referenced by lenders and potential business partners to help predict the reliability and/or financial stability of the company in question. the private for profit corporation (government) then becomes bound by the rules and laws that govern private corporations which means that if it intends to compel an individual to some specific performance based upon its corporate statutes or corporation rules. It is used to establish a business credit file. criminal. Even after you’ve signed a contract or accepted a loan. even state cases involve the use of private commercial paper and demand for payment in private commercial paper through the use of Court Registry Investment System – CRIS.dnb. the FEDERAL RESERVE. supplier or partner. 17. Also. GSA bonds. and assigns in active participation or acting . such corporations and individuals are regarded as entities entirely separate from government." 15. it was decided after the "corporate government" agreed to use the currency of the private corporation. United States. As such. The D-U-N-S Number has been referred to as the “Social Security number for businesses. the Federal Reserve Note. is used to maintain accurate and timely information on +250M global businesses. 363 . then government loses its sovereignty status and becomes no different than a mere private (for profit) corporation. The system is used in dozens of countries around the world. THE CLEARFIELD DOCTRINE Clearfield Trust Company v.html) – The D&B DU-N-S Number is a unique nine digit identifier for businesses.371 (1942).o D-U-N-S (Data Universal Number System) NUMBER (http://www. 318 U. Clearfield Trust Company v. And further..S. Clearfield Trust Company v.S (civil. The private currency. 363 .

18 U.C. 15 363 . 28 U. The Law of Contracts requires signed written agreements and complete transparency.C.S. successors. no one has never signed a contract with the UNITED STATES UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY agreeing to be sued for violating their corporate regulations. No one has never agreed to be tried under any of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY'S corporate statutes. 18 U.---------------- -NEW!!! Taj Tarik Bey Round Table "The Original Clearfield Doctrine Revealed" -----------------------------------------https://www.513. and ordinances to conceal their true nature (fraud by misrepresentation and non-disclosure). and these officers can be held personally liable for their actions of infringement upon The People's constitutionally secured and protected rights and civil liberties (see Bond v." which are duty bound to comply with the Law of Contracts.http://www. employees. 15 U.scribd.C. and. § concert with them lose the status of public constitutional authority and are mere private for-profit corporations. §2.S. § 3571. and assigns in active participation or acting in concert with them have no standing to promulgate or enforce "criminal - .com/watch?v=cOeCC8MA_9U -THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY ----------------------------------------------https://www.S. 15 U. 529 U. 363 . 19.C.C §§ 501 . 318 U.pdf -The Clearfield Doctrine: Clearfield Trust Company v.371 (1942) ----------------------------https://www.pdf .youtube.KONSCIOUS VIBES W / Rahme'el El Bey : The Clearfield Doctrine and How To Use It https://www. This UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY and its officers.C. state. United States. 318 -The Clearfield Doctrine: Clearfield Trust Company v. 18 U.371 (1942) . and federal corporate policy enforcement officers are unlawful actions being committed against The People.S. § 1498. statutes.files. The laws created by government corporations are private corporate regulations called public law.rocklarochelle.S.S. § 1125. Enforcement of corporate statutes by local. § 1114. United States. codes." They can only create and enforce "civil laws. 15 U.C.----. 334 (2000)) (see 17 U. United States. . § 1342. § 242).C. 18 U.S. § 1341.wordpress.C. agents. 363 .S.S.C. United States.371 (1942) ---------------------------- -The Clearfield Doctrine: Clearfield Trust Company v.S. 318 U.S. § 18 U. 18 U. § 1001.