Kirsten Kauth

Ms. David
HELA 10, Hour 4
13 May 2016

1984 Synthesis Essay- Revision
A person that is blind to the wrong doings of authoritative figures
is easily manipulated and controlled. As time ticks by people become
more and more brainwashed, and therefore become more subject to
fear. In the novel 1984, George Orwell provides readers with a warning
of impending doom that if citizens of a nation become naïve to the
oppression of freedom and conform to the rules of manipulative
figureheads, they will slowly be stripped of their individual self. Orwell
uses a combination of character actions and character punishments to
convey his message to readers.
Orwell’s opinion on the loss of freedom is portrayed in a different
light when V says, “And where once you had the freedom to object, to
think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of
surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission,”
(Source A). This excerpt helps to convey Orwell’s idea because it shows
the direct effect that the loss of freedom has on a person. The people
of V’s society lost the right to contradict, and were forced to conform to
the rest of the people.

The use of force to contain violence is evident in 1984, such as
when people are “vaporized”. Vaporization is necessary to maintain
“peace” in the society because if one person knows too much then he
or she could start a violent revolution. In order to maintain the peace,
force must be used to suppress violence. Geoffery Nunberg, author of
The Way We Talk Now, explains force vs. violence as “...Force is the
prerogative of official power; violence is the desperate expedient of the
powerless,” (Source B). The use of “force” to contain “violence” is one
way that authoritative figures control societies. Orwell used this in his
novel to help convey his opinions of society.
The main character of Orwell’s novel is Winston Smith. Smith is
used as a device to draw a parallel to the society in which he lives.
Winston is the one who is the face of everything Orwell agrees with.
Essentially, Orwell uses Winston’s actions to convey his message about
conformity and authoritative figures. One example of this in the book is
Winston’s affair with Julia. Orwell included this into his story because it
is just one simple action but at the same time it conveys a message
that contradicts all of the authoritative figures’ messages in the novel.
In a song by the Rolling Stones, the verse that says “I’ll shout and
scream, I’ll kill the king, I’ll fall at all his servants. Well what can a poor
boy do…”(Source D), explains everything that a revolutionist is.
Winston can be compared to the unknown person talked about in the

song because he is Orwell’s device used to show revolutionary side to
the society.
Overall, Orwell’s purpose of writing 1984 is to warn us all that as
long as person continues to conform to society, he or she is
manipulated and used as a tool. Essentially, the power of manipulation
is the ultimate weapon for creating power.

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