Self- Evaluation

Edgard Alvarado
Mr. Gango P.6
1. Describe what you did for your physical project in at least 25 words.
For my physical project I made a survey about my topic which was on obesity. Not only that
I made an informative website to help others learn more about obesity. I had to research a lot
about my topic to fully understand what obesity was and how others can protect themselves
from it. I had a total of 23 hours and 30 min.
2. Explain how your physical product relates to, supports and/or builds upon the content of
your research paper. Be specific and give examples.
My physical project relates to the content in my research paper because my paper informs
other of how obesity hurts humans. My website gives more information and a better
understanding of how much people know about obesity and its harms. I made a survey which
is included in the website that shows how much 50 SVHS know about obesity.
3. What is the most important skill you have acquired during the project phase, or the most
important thing you learned about yourself?
The most important skill I have learned while doing my project was researching my topic. I
have learned that it is not as easy as it sounds like. When I was researching my topic I found
a lot of irreverent information that was useless to me. I found out that it is important to find
the best parts that are actual credible. That is a skill that will help me on the future.

4. On an emotional, intellectual. and/or physical level, what did you learn about yourself
during the process of the entire Senior Project here at Sierra Vista High School?
I have learned that I hate doing research and that it is very tiring. I also learned that I am able
to discipline myself enough to get through and finish what I started. There were many times
when I wanted to procrastinate but did not. I also learned that I am easily distracted and that I
had to find a way to keep focused. I learned a lot about myself and I am grateful for this
project that helped me grow as a person.
5. Describe problems your encountered during the completion of your project hours and
explain how you handled/solved these problems.
Keeping focused during my research was the biggest challenge. I had to discipline myself to
not go on apps that would distract me from my task. My electronic devices kept tempting me
to get distracted. To solve this problem, I hid my phone and had given myself a punishment
each time I got distracted. My punishment was to do push-ups which I hate to do. This was
basically my challenge throughout the whole project.
6. If given the opportunity to redo the physical product/project, what would you do
If I had the opportunity to redo the physical project, I would instead of randomly choosing
SVHS students to take my survey I would have gotten 50 males and 50 females. I think that
would have given me better data for my website.
7. Did your project turn out the way you envisioned it in the beginning or did you have to
modify your plan/vision? How did you adjust?

My project did turn out the way I envisioned it with some minor changes. I did want to have
an interview with a doctor to discuss the harms of obesity but sadly I could not for certain
reasons. I went without the interview and decide to just put useful information that could help
others better understand obesity and its harms.
8. How did this project relate to your future goals? How will this area of interest continue to
be a part of your life? If not at all why?
It does not relate to my future goals. I don’t see myself trying to give information about dangers
to the human body. This project was a real pain for me. I did not really have fun as I worked on
it, it felt more of a burden to me than anything else.
9. What grade would you give yourself for your project? Justify the evaluation of your
grade in at least 25 words, giving specific support.
I would give myself at least a B. It was hard work finding information that was actually
credible and not false. There were many people with their own opinions which caused me a
lot of confusion. This project also took a lot of time and I had to have good communications
skills to be able to get SVHS students to take my survey. I think I did a good job and overall
deserve a B.