SCIENCE:Q1. Make a scrapbook on 10 different types of leaves, paste them and write
their names.
Q2. Collect information on scrapbook about –
1.Importance of vitamins in diet.
2.Fruits & Vegetables should we eat regularly to get vitamin.
Q3. Make a collage of different kinds of autotrophs and heterotrophs. Collect
their pictures and paste them on colourful chart.
Q4. Practical Work – Experiment number 14, 15, 16, 17
Q5. Make a chart on labeled diagram of digestive system of humans ‘or’
nutrition in amoeba.
Q6. Make a project on different types of teeth, their shape and function and
importance of flossing and braces.
Q7. Collect pictures of some animals from which we get wool and paste them
in your scrapbook.

SOCIAL SCIENCE:Q1. Prepare a project report on the Rajput’s covering following points –

Region where they ruled.


Administrative system.




Art and architecture.

Q2. Draw a framework of the state Government on A-3 size coloured sheet
given at pg – 11.
Q3. Prepare a scrap book activity by pasting pictures of –

Natural Environment.


Human made Environment.







Q4. Make a project by collecting pictures of various kind of rocks and write
few lines about each.

MATHS:Q1. Do mental maths questions of chapter 1 - Integers and chapter 2 Fractions
Q2. Do maths lab activity given on page number 16 and page number 32
Q3. Collect information about any mathematician.Make a project on his
contributions in the field of mathematics
Q4. Measure the maximum and minimum temperature for 10 days
(continuously) and represent the temperature on the number line
[Separate number line for each day]

ENGLISH :Q1. Prepare a drama in the group of 5 to 6 on an education value.
Q2. Read novel ‘The stories of Shakespeare‘and write the summary of lesson
(1 to 5).
Q3. Read news paper daily and collect at least ten headlines (clippings) and
past it in A-4 size sheet. Underline determiners and circle main verbs
Q4. Do Reading section from your grammar book
(Reading section 1 to 10).
Q5. Do Writing section given in pg. F-55, F-57, F-59, F-60 in your grammar
Q6. Write stories (worksheet 20) in your grammar book and prepare it for the
class presentation.
Q7. Go to your near bank and find out the different bank terms like current
deposit, saving deposit and fixed deposit. Write the different terms in A-4
size sheet and prepare a project.
Note:- Put all your project work in my clear bag Try to converse with your
parents, neighbors and friends and improve your speaking skill.


Q1. Paste diff types of operating system screen like (MS WINDOWS, LINUX,
MAC OS) in computer copy.
Q2. Type a detailed note on Binary Number System and Paste its Print out in
Computer Copy.
Q3. Do Practice Of Typing.

DRAWING :Do following artwork as par your roll no :Roll no 1 to 5

pg. 81 photo frame.

Roll no 6 to 10

pg. 83 bottle garden.

Roll no 11 to 15

pg. 82 papermache (face).

Roll no 16 to 20

pg. 72 warli painting.

Roll no 21 to 25

pg. 48 Any portrait on A-3 sheet.

Roll no 26 to 30

Any composition on A-3 sheet.(ganga ghat).

Roll no 31 to 35

Any composition on A-3 sheet.(ganga ghat).

Roll no 36 to end

composition with human figure.

ç01- ipkl fgUnh ‘kCnksa ls ‘kCn dks”k cukrs gq, ,d lqanj pkVZ cukb,A
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ç03- baVjusV }kjk fofHkUu varfj{k ;kuksa ds uke tkfu, o dkWih esa muds ckjs esa fp=
lfgr fyf[k,A
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ç05- vkSipkfjd i=ks dks vyx&vyx fo”k;ksa ij fy[kus dk vH;kl djsaA
ç06- çfrfnu fgUnh lekpkj i= i<+dj mlesa ls ik¡p dfBu ‘kCnksa dks vFkZ lfgr le>us
o fy[kus dk vH;kl djsaA

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ç01- if{k;ksa ds dksykt viuh laLÑr dkWih ij cukb,A
ç02- ik¡p ‘yksd o HkkokFkZ ;kn dfj,
ç03- djk;k x;k lHkh iqLrd dk;Z çfrfnu ;kn dfj,A
ç04- dkWih ij fp= fpidkdj vFkok cukdj ik¡p&ik¡p okD; fyf[k,A
ç05- /kkrq :Ik vkSj ‘kCn :Ik Hkh dkWih ij fyf[k, de ls de nksckjA