Connecting Sentences

Just that

Connectors What and which are these?
These are words to connect ideas or statements. The most used are the next:
AND: indicates that two similar ideas are in the same sentence.
BUT: indicates that there two different ideas in the same sentence.
OR: indicates possibilities.


How do we use them?

I like to dance, but I love to sing.
I play football and videogames with my friends.
I want to work in a factory or in a church.
The work in an office is more monotonous than the work in a theatre, and easier.
A teacher is more professional than any other job, but that depends on the kind of

Your turn now!
The bus stopped _______ the man get off
Is that a new house______ an old house
We can go by taxi ______we can walk
She is rich ______ she is not happy
You like milk_____ coffee, _____ you do not like both together.
Marta _____Paula can watch movies _____ talk about their lives.

Let’s work
From the work you have already done

Join 2 sentences, using the connectors mentioned

Perfect job
With a partner
Think in the best job you would like to have
Write 8 sentences describing it, and then join the sentences.