Key Media terms

Synergy: The simultaneous release of
different products to boost both.
Technological Convergence: is the
tendency that as technology changes,
different technological systems sometimes
evolve toward performing similar tasks.
Cross-Media Convergence: The
combining of two or more mediums of
Tie-Ins: are products released which have
been produced by other companies and are
related to the film. E.g. Tom Ford clothing
gets promoted off the film, but the clothes
don’t promote the film in the same way.
Symbiosis: When different companies work
together to promote a range of related
products. This is important to
Merchandising: Licensed merchandise -including toys, T-shirts and lunchboxes -can bring as much attention to a film as a
commercial or poster. Studios will license
the characters to manufacturers in

exchange for up-front fees and a percentage
of sales to retailers.
Key difference between synergy and crossmedia convergence. C-M-C involves media
products whereas synergy can involve nonmedia products.