Ben Delaney & Reagan McCarthy

BTEC Media Studies
Treatment Sheet
Name of
Song and
of your artist

Calvin Harris– How Deep Is Your Love

Music video
and synopsis

I associate ‘Calvin Harris’ with a hip-hop/pop DJ,
using several different techniques within his music to
attract listeners. He is a solo artist, however, like
most solo artists, has joined up with other artists to
produce music/songs.
He is a Scottish born DJ who has taken up residence
in Los Angeles, California.
Calvin Harris has his own personal logo which is
associated with him as a person and as an artist, this
is a good branding/marketing technique because
people will see the logo and realize that its his song
straight away, the quicker they realize its his song
the quicker they can download it.


Our production/video will appeal to ages between 1130 and other people of all ages who like this genre of
music. The video will hopefully attract both genres,
both male and female. Our target audience are
people who like this genre of music (Rap/Hip-Hop).
Generally speaking people who like this genre of
music wear the same sort of clothes as the artists or
would love to live their lifestyle.
C1 – Upper Middle Class
C2 – Lower Middle Class
D1 – Upper Lower Class
Above are the social class we feel our video will
appeal to.
The beat and the dancing will suit the classes above,

Adam Richard Wiles, known professionally as ‘Calvin
Harris’ is a Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter, record
producer, recording artist and remixer. He was born
on 17th January 1984, Dumfries, Scotland. He
currently lives in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Calvin
Harris is most famous for his role as a DJ, the genres
he works on include EDM, electro house, electropop
and dance-pop. He is able to play a variety of
different instruments including piano, guitar, bass,
synthesizer, sampler and a sequencer.

Ben Delaney & Reagan McCarthy
the beat and dancing will be included in our video.
We want our music video to be entertaining for the
viewer, this is the most important thing for a music
video to achieve, to be entertaining for the viewer.

There are several different locations required to make
our music video, these include a house and a car. We
will be filming outside with the car in full view, we
also will be filming inside the house and inside the


Reagan McCarthy – 17 years old.
George Smith – 18 years old.
Joe Yeadon – 18 years old.
Cameraman – Ben Delaney – 17 years old.
We all have some previous experience in this section
within media which will put us in a good position
when we start to film our music video.

Filming style

We aim to film our music video using several
different camera shots and styles, they include close
ups, long shots, wide shots, we also aim to include an
establishing shot to make sure the viewer can see
straight away what sort of music video it will be and
what genre it links in with.

Any other