Guidelines & Procedures for Plant visit

1. The plant visit undertaking form needs to be signed by the personnel representing the
college students, which should be duly signed before plant visit.
2. During plant visit the students/guests must wear the appropriate Personal Protective
Equipments (PPE’s) and take necessary safety precautions while visiting the shop floor
with the support of BMMIL representative.
3. The students/ guests should adhere to company discipline and protocol during carrying
out plant visit at company premises.
4. The students/ guests should come with Safety shoes before Plant visit.
5. No Transportation/Food facilities will be provided during the plant visit.
6. Photography is prohibited within plant premises.
7. During emergency plant visit students should assemble at emergency assembly point at
respective area.
8. The safety orientation will be briefed before the plant visit.
9. Duration of plant visit can constitute to maximum 2 hours.

Date :
Place :
Signature of the visiting institution representative