director Mr. Esa Räty
mob. +358407788286
Post address: Virsutie 2, 80710 Lehmo,

Course: New learning environments - What kind of schools we should
build in a future?
Session 2/2016: 23-27.8 2016

Programme of the training activities (day by day):
Arriving day
Welcome to Joensuu Short ice breaker at hotel 21.00 pm.
1st DAY (starting 10.00 AM)
Programme of the week, getting to know each other, Finnish education system, education
systems of participants. What kind of people Europe needs. Future curricula.
2nd DAY
What kind of schools are we building now? Is learning changing, should schools change too?
What do we really need inside schools?
3rd DAY
Modern ICT based learning environments. Apps for primary and secondary education and
new ideas how to use modern technology.
4th DAY
School visits to modern schools in Joensuu. Trip to KOLI national park. Barbecue evening
together with lake Saimaa and Sauna.
5th DAY
School, but should it be something else? What kind of furniture do we need inside? What
about outside the school? What kind of action pupils/students need during the breaks?
What about teachers, head teacher and staff? Feedback conversation, certificates and last
night. Officially training is over 13.00 o´clock.

Departure day
Departure of participants

Europe is changing fast. What kind of schools should we build? How do we support learning
and motivate our kids better with school buildings and new learning environments? Role of ICT
in modern classrooms. What should be inside the buildings? What kind of software we should
use with children? This course is for those who are planning new schools, buying modern
technology or furniture or are going to teach and work modern technology in a future.
Place: Joensuu, Finland (education takes place in brand new school building, finished in
beginning of July 2015)
course fee 2016-2017: 450 €, 2018 480 €. Course fee must fully paid no later than 4
weeks before the start of the cource or with later instructions. You do not have to pay
anything before having positive Erasmus+ funding.
Accomodation in year 2016: We have group reservation net room rates with Sokos hotel
Kimmel. In June 2016: Single room 68 euros/night, double room 83 euros/night, room for
three 108 €/night. In August 2016: Single room 81€/night, Double room 96€/night
and room for three is 121€/night. All room rates include breakfast, sauna and
swimming pool. You are also free to use other hotels. Hotel Kimmel website. Room rates
for year 2017 we get in November 2016.
It may be possible to obtain a European Union Erasmus+ (formerly Comenius) grant (K1,
learning mobillity of individuals) to cover course fee, travelling and accomodation
costs! The next closing date for Erasmus+ applications is 2nd February 2016
(education starting earliest June 2016), and teachers will need the application of
their Headteacher in doing this. More information is available from your national
agency. So, you can reserve your places before making application to Erasmus+ office and
when you get decision let us now if you are really coming.
Thematic field of the training:
* school buildings
* Modern technology (ICT)
* curricula
* future schools
* learning environments
* furniture inside school
Education sector of the training participants:
- preprimary, primary, general secondary, upper secondary, vocational

Target audience: teachers, headteachers/principles, teacher-trainers, Councilors/elected
members, architects, ensigneers
Languages used for the training: English
Place: Joensuu, Finland (can be reached from Helsinki by airplane, train or by buss)