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Kelly Goodman wrote this article about Seattle’s public art. She writes
for Travellious, which is a website based on travel tips and experiences.
The article describes several public art sculptures located around
different areas of Seattle.

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This article describes the details of Seattle’s cycling culture. It gives
insight in to popular bike routes, shops, and cycling events.

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The video gives viewers a look in to Seattle’s maritime industry. It
addresses how important Puget Sound is to the city, and the issues
Seattle faces to recruit more men and women in to maritime work.


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This YouTube video is an interview conducted with one of Seattle’s
homeless. Her name is Sabrina, and at the time of the interview she
was sleeping under a bridge in the city. She speaks about how she
came to Seattle, and why she’s homeless.

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The demographic information shown here is distributed by Seattle’s
Office of Planning and Community Development.

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This article gives details on some of Seattle’s most popular art
galleries. It was written for The Culture Trip, a travel website focused
on food, art, and culture. A little bit of history and background is given
about each art gallery.


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This website analyzes demographic data in order to create poverty
maps of different areas in the US. It provides a visual map of Seattle’s
most gentrified areas, and gives some demographic information for
each area.

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This website provides an interactive poverty map of Seattle, that gives
demographic data for each area.

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This YouTube video addresses the problems of homelessness that
Seattle has faced over the last several years.


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This article, written by Sara Bernard, follows the day-to-day life of a
homeless man in Seattle named Yoe. It describes the tent city,
Nickelsville, where Yoe lives, and how Seattle’s homeless population
has created this small community.

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This YouTube video shows protestors in Seattle asking for higher
wages. Most of them work for fast food restaurants, and many claim
that they cannot afford basic necessities.