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Black Parent Initiative (BPI)

Parent University Class

Spring 2016
Wednesdays | 6:00p 8:00p
Nichole Watson, M.Ed. | 503-422-7977 |
Course Description:
Parent University classes focus on building the fundamental and expanded capacities of parents and adults
of Black children. Classes focus on critical issues ranging from financial health to physical and educational
navigation and support. Parent Universitys vision remains to provide parents with a nourishing and
rigorous learning environment that provides for both a practical and inspirational learning that sparks
family and community transformation. Our resources and services reflect a model and approach that
values, acknowledges, respects, and utilizes cultural values and experiences. We treat parents as the
primary protective agent for their children, and we actively connect them to school and community
support through relationship building, advocacy, training and the problem-solving processes. Classes range
from 1-8 weeks and are taught by various content experts and or Parent Fairs that occur at the beginning
of each quarter. Parent University classes will lead to the stabilization of families and increase in the
practical application of skills learned. Classes are selected by a group of BPI Parent Leaders semi-annually
through reviewing proposed class syllabi. Parent University is launched annually by a Parent Symposium,
which provides an opportunity to showcase upcoming classes.
Learning Objectives:
Enhance oral communication skills through interaction with your childs teachers, support staff,
fellow parents, administration and the greater community.
Develop a new understanding of the problems and successes within the classroom and the need for
communication between parent, teacher and student
Achieve a greater understanding of the challenges of K-12 education in schools with the ethnic,
social and economic diversity of the school served by our community partner
Expand their role from that of the typical parent, by developing a greater sense of social
responsibility and engagement with teachers, staff and administration.
Gain theoretical insight and background information on school climate, structure and how to move
within the structure to get results
Required Texts: Articles, excerpts and texts to be provided by instructor
Proposed Class Topics and Schedule:



April 6

Course Overview / Syllabus

April 13


April 20

Truancy & Attendance

April 27

School-to-Prison Pipeline

May 4

Black Women & Empowerment

May 11

Group Reflection: Now What

Certificates of Course Completion

Materials, Articles, Readings, Clips

Syllabus & Course Outline

Parent Questionnaire
Love Languages Test
PPS Statistical Data
Boise Eliot/Humboldt Data
Waiting for Superman Clip
Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 Referrals
State of Black Oregon Report
Black Womanhood: Essence & its
treatment of Stereotypical
Course Evaluations