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May 16, 2016

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LAS VEGAS, NV I understand and share the frustration that many progressives in Nevada feel,
but there were actions over the weekend and at the Democratic convention that very clearly
crossed the line. Progressives need to speak out against those: making threats against someones
life, defacing private property, and hurling vulgar language at our female leaders. Regardless of
whether you agree with the leadership of our Chairwoman Roberta Lange, under NO
CIRCUMSTANCES do her actions warrant being harassed, insulted with misogynistic vulgarities
and or threatened in any way.
It is my hope and desire that all Democrats keep the bigger goal in mind achieving a progressive
agenda that puts working families first. The only way we will achieve this is by getting involved
and putting progressive Democrats in office and in leadership. The other part of this is holding
those leaders accountable to a progressive agenda once they are elected. Ultimately, we the
people can take back our democracy but we have to stay committed and focused.
Lucy Flores grew up in a challenging community in North Las Vegas. Through her own hard work
and the investment of people who believed in her, she earned a GED, and went on to earn a law
degree from the UNLV Boyd School of Law. Ensuring that every Nevadan has the opportunity to
succeed is what continues to inspire her into public service and why she decided to run for