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for Women

Condential help for abused women in Prince Edward County

May 2016

Expect Respect

What is a healthy relationship?

Expect respect from your partner. What we
feel, what we need and what we want are
important. Mutual respect is essential in
maintaining healthy relationships.

Alternatives for Women welcomed Minister of Community and Social

Services Helena Jaczek on Thursday, April 28, 2016. Minister Jaczek
dropped by to meet with Board members and staff. Tweeted the Minister
shortly after her visit, Thank you Alternatives for Women in #Prince
EdwardCounty for meeting to discuss our shared vision to #endVAW.

Compromise, but within reason.

Disagreements are a natural part of healthy
relationships but when things are important
to us, our partners should recognize that. Try
to solve conflicts in a fair and rational way.

Be supportive and expect support. We should

encourage each other in our relationships.
Healthy relationships are about building each
other up, not putting each other down.

Left to right, Minister of Community and Social Services Helena Jaczek,

Executive Director of Alternatives for Women Rahno Boutilier, Alternatives
for Women Board Chair Caroline Granger and Board Member Penny

Respect for privacy. Being in a relationship

doesnt mean having to share everything
and constantly being together. Within any
relationship, we are still individuals and need
space. Create healthy boundaries. Stay in
touch with friends and family.

Alternatives for women is dedicated to providing safe and confidential services while working to end violence
against women. Free counselling services are offered, as well as crisis intervention,
emergency transportation to shelter, referrals, advocacy and support.
24 Hour Crisis Line 613.476.2787 Toll Free 1.877.499.6636 Business Line 613.476.4435