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Ordinance ordinance No. 9-B OF THE Date. 05-18-2016 CIty OF ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Date to Mayor. -- roproved aa to form and Legatity on Basho of Tacks Set Forth pactuat conbents COTES SeSERE City WeTiieee 757 Seniaata Kens piSeebeTe7 Sale Vineh, Licensing © Taapecttons: ecepared by the city Soldciter's Office Council Member__SHABAZZ___ Presents the following Ordinance: AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE ATLANTIC COTE CODE CHAPTER 79 REGULATING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SALES wnersas, the Atlantic City Boardwalk has jong been a hub for entertainment in the City and there are © number of food and beverage esteblishments along the Boardwalk for the public to enjoy? and wumeas, at least for the trial period of the summer 2016 season and to facilitate and encourage pedestrian traffic between end among those food and beverage @stablishments, the City has artermined, subject to the conditions Delows to authorize patrons oer those establishments between Metropolitan and Albany Avenues who Cre at least 21 years of age to remove a single alconolic beverage Ore oa ecpen (eameaincr car | consume while walking on the Boardwalk; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the council of the City of Atlantic City that: SECTION 1: city Code Chapter 79 shall be amended as follows § 19-20 Prohibited Acts A. No person shall consune, carry in a) opt) container or carry in Bs Opened or closed container exposed te public view any alcoholic beverage! Foe aay oicewali | Doarduall, i cetegU i uuaat, highway, park, public parking facility of beach uples® permitted by permit/license Pubiga in accordance with New Jersey Ley ape special events permit seenet by the mayor or lease authorized 6Y Council, which lease SS r————sSE"-s==——_— otherwise permitted undex this Chapter 72. a ordinance No. 9-A Page 2 (2) on the Boardwalk except that between. Albany and Metropolitan ee a person who is at least 21 years of age TS ‘consume an see Tclic beverage that was purchased froma Licensed beverage a eplishment adjacsnt to the Boardwalk _as long =~ that beverage is coteblopan, plastic container whieh bears the rate and/or logo of tho séller. No such open container of an Bicoholic beverage may be ene eed fiom the Boardwalk or cazried on she Boardwalk west of Ribany Avenue or Bast of Metropolitan Avente, (3) Ip any motor vehicle not on private property: § 19-10 Plenary Retail Consumption License privileges c. ‘the holder of a plenary retail consumption license, casino hotel Ce relie beverage permit, Special Concessions+t Permit or other Ficte permit holder authorized to sell micoholic beverages with a essed premises that is adjacent tothe Boardwalk and between Metropolitan and Albany Avenues. Tneluding licensed beach bar Ggerators, May, subject _to the conditions pelow, permit a patron Reet least 21 years of age to_xenove © Single alcoholic beverage in an open container for Gonsumption on the Boardwalk by that patron. As loag 2s the alcoholic Peverin® Ts removed from a ooo ted premises in an open contains: under_the conditions of this scenes Ea consampeion begins on those Licensed premises, the sale bE such alcoholic beverage shall be considered a sale for on SFemise consumption for all purposes_undse this Chapter. In order Pe permit the removal of open containers ‘of alcoholic beverages ror the Licensed premises, the licensee ot permite shall: have provided the City with evidence of insusant® coverage, naming hove iy as Rdditionally Insured, with genera Liability and liquor ine Tiny coverage in an amount no less than tie million dollars ($2,000, 000,00) and satisfying such other requirements as the Risk Manager shail require; fave agreea to indennify and defend the Sty for claims by third parties against the City to the extent tos5°* from those claims aze eet con result of the iicensee’s alcoholic beversde service: _ HiSfre that any alcoholic beverage removed fron the Licensed premises be gerved in or be transferred to 2 plastic container that Pears the Licensee's name and/or logo: beeSenmlt any patron to remove more than one alcoholic beverage upon that patron's exit of the licensed premises: ordinance No. 9A page 3 5, have _conspicuously_P goat the exits of the licensed prenises from which patrons ae permitted to fem 3 Piet eeoe providing notice that “The Cot Sf Atlantic City permits, oowetbe Boardwalk between Alban sna Netropolitan Avenues, the on iption of elcoholic beverages Exes ‘open, plastic containers seen he name and/or loge__of and purchased from qualified pear Ey peverage establishments.—OPe2 containers of alcoholic dceeiged are noe permitted on ths City streets off of the Beveyualk or on the beaches (other Than in licensed beach bar ine vrenovea fron the Boardwati.”” areas) and may no! SECTION 2: Al) Ordinances of parts of ordinenche inconsistent with the provisions of thia Ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent secessary to remedy the inconsistency. SECTION 3: ‘is Ordinance shall become effective upon final passage and publication as provided by 1aw- sH May 13, 2016 3:11 PM o-B ‘DO NOT USE SPACE BELOW THIS LINE, ECORD OF COUNCD. VOTE ON FINAL PASSAGE. Soncn aaa [ave [wax [wv Lap. | or ste a OLMEVEER | AE | wav Tuy. | as | Mort Ste. (CHENG MARSH DELGADO. RANDOLFIL cLUAM, SHABAZZ, uRTe “rst ‘SMALL, PRESIDENT ndioaies Vere _NV-Not Voting _ AB-Absent ‘MOT Motion 4 Hops on Ht reading aa weeting ofthe Counc of he City of Atlantic City, NJ. 8 ‘Adopted on second and final reading after hearing on . os Reconsidered. “Approved BY.JS!eui--or Date. By Council oe Mayor Ny sis is a Cetiied True coy ofthe Origina Ordinance on ie the City Clerk's Office. JA. ‘Rhonda Wiliams, City Chet

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