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82% final The activities performed for network clients by a Windows Server 2008 are known as __________.

services roles---domains functions What role service of the Print Services role installs the Print Management snapin for MMC, which provides centralized printer management for an entire enterpri se network? LPD Service Internet Printing Print Server---Print Management What role enables an application server to provide digital audio and video conte nt to network clients in real time by using HTTP or the Real Time Streaming Prot ocol (RTSP)? Directory Services Application Server Streaming Media Services---Print Services A __________ is a complete installation of an operating system that runs in a so ftware environment emulating a physical computer. virtual machine---virtual server terminal machine terminal server The Windows Server 2008 installation DVD includes a boot image file, located in the \sources folder, that loads Windows PE 2.1 on the client computer. What is t he name of this image file? boot.wim---image.wim boot.miw image.miw What enables Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista computers to activate themsel ves using a host on the local network? Key Management Services---Key Distribution Services Multiple Activation Center Primary Key Center What is the maximum basic volume size in Windows Server 2008? 100 GB 1 TB 2 TB---5 TB The paging file on a Windows Server 2008 computer is how times the amount of mem ory installed in the computer by default? 1.5---2 2.5 3

What is the name of a group of servers that all perform the same function, divid ing the client load among them? group organizational unit failover cluster---What n on disk file file disk is the underlying disk drive structure that enables you to store informatio your computer? structure structure system---system

What is a mechanism that individual users can employ to maintain access to their server files, even in the event of a network service failure? Backup Tape Shadow Copies Shadow Files Offline Files---What is the name of the combination of Allow permissions and Deny permissions th at a security principal receives for a given system element, whether explicitly assigned, inherited, or received through a group membership? effective permissions---special permissions extended permissions NTFS permissions What mechanism enables administrators to store elements of user profiles on a se rver share instead of the local drives on individual workstations? Offline Files offline folders folder redirection---file redirection What is the primary interface you use to initialize, partition, and format disks ? Disk Configuration DiskPart DiskKeeper Disk Management---Windows Server 2008 supports two hard disk partition types: MBR and __________. NTFS FBC GPT---TPG DFS can distribute access requests by using what feature, thus preventing any on e server from shouldering the entire traffic load? data distribution load balancing---data collection server clustering Replication groups use which topology to limit the replication traffic to specif ic pairs of members? full mesh topology

limited mesh topology hub/spoke topology---both a and b Which role service selection allows you to install the Share and Storage Managem ent console for Microsoft Management Console (MMC)? DFS Namespaces File Server Resource Manager---File Server Windows Search Service What protocol conserves network bandwidth by detecting changes in files and tran smitting only the modified data to the destination? Remote Desktop Protocol Remote Differential Compressions---Load Balancing Protocol Server Message Block Which UNIX operating system protocol is used for file sharing? Network File System (NFS) Server Message Blocks (SMB)---Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) None of the above Which console includes several predefined quota templates that can be used to cr eate your own quota template? Quota Server Resource Manager File Server Resource Manager---Server Template Resource Manager Template Wizard What works in tandem with DFS Namespaces to provide unified services such as dat a distribution, load balancing, and data collection? DFS Load Balancing DFS Replication---DFS Mirroring DFS Looping What lookup service maintains a list of UNIX accounts by using their UID and GID values as well as their equivalent Windows or Active Directory accounts? Name User Map User Mapping Function User Name Mapping---None of the above What is the actual hardware that produces hard copy documents on paper or other print media? printer print server print device---print hardware What tool do printing administrators on large enterprise networks use to keep tr ack of print devices? Server Manager console Internet Printing role printer pool Print Management console---To browse for print servers on the network, you must activate __________.

devices the Print Management Tool the Network Discovery Setting---Administrative Tools The device driver that converts the print jobs generated by applications into a string of commands for a specific print device is called a __________. printer print server print device none of the above---Windows Fax and Scan is packaged as part of a single feature called __________. Network Communications Media Pack Expansion Pack Desktop Experience---What role must be installed before or with the Fax Server role? Print Services----???? Desktop Experience File Management User Experience What version of IIS is included in Windows Server 2008? 4 5 6 7---Which box should you leave checked to make a site active as soon as it is create d? Directory Services---Start Web site immediately Network Services Application Services Which role service does not ship with Windows Server 2008, but is available as a free download? File Server Resources Manager FTP7---Windows Search Services Windows Server Manager Which service enables IIS to respond to a variety of incoming message types and not just HTTP? Terminal Services File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Windows Process Activation Service (WPAS)---Directory Services HTTP uses what well-known port number? 80---25 12 110 What type of interface that is integrated into most browser applications is used most often by FTP clients? touch pad interface

graphical interface---Windows Deployment interface Windows System Image interface What is the only authentication method integrated into IIS7 that IIS7 enables by default? Basic Authentication Anonymous Authentication Digest Authentication Windows Authentication---What is the weakest of the challenge/response authentication methods supported b y IIS7? Basic Authentication Anonymous Authentication Digest Authentication---Windows Authentication What security protocol allows you to encrypt data exchanged by clients and IIS s ervers? Basic Authentication Secure Sockets Layer---Secure IIS Layer Socket Authentication You are establishing an SSL connection with the server when you click a link or key a URL containing the __________ prefix in your browser. http:// https://---httpssl:// httpsec:// What tasks must you complete to install SSL on an IIS server? Obtain and install a server certificate. Create an SSL binding for your Website(s). Configure the Website or FTP7 site to use SSL. All of the above---Participants in what type of infrastructure are issued two keys, one public and one private? public key---private key secure key encrypted key NTFS permissions are realized as access control lists (ACLs), which consist of t wo basic types of access control entries named __________. Go and Stop Access and Deny Allow and Deny---Pass and Fail What is one of the earliest mechanisms designed to provide Web servers with appl ication-hosting capabilities? CGI---ISAPI UDDI SSI What extension to the CGI engine enables the Web server to maintain a pool of pr

ocesses that new clients can reuse? FastCGI---CGI+ CGI++ CGI# What server-side script processing engine is designed to provide dynamic Web con tent with better performance than CGI and simpler development than ISAPI? CGI ISAPI ASP---SSI What enables developers to create dynamic Web pages, Web applications, and XML ( Extensible Markup Language) Web services by using a wide variety of programming languages and development tools? ASP.NET---ISAPI ASP SSI Which listener enables IIS7 to receive client requests using protocols other tha n HTTP and ports other than port 80? NET.TCP NET.PIPE---NET.MSMQ All of the above What host for user-developed application code is responsible for processing requ ests it receives from the protocol listeners and returning results to the client ? application pool CGI worker process---UDDI What is responsible for managing application pools and worker processes? UDDI worker process isolation mode protected services mode Windows Process Activation Service---SMTP server is essentially the Windows counterpart to the __________ program use d by most UNIX Web servers. BIND sendmail exchange iMail----

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