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Mandeep Kaur
Professor Melton
English 5
April 18, 2016
Annotated Bibliography
Cheng, W., Ickles, W. and Kenworthy, J. The Phenomenon of Hate Crimes in the United
States. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43. 2013. 761-794.
This article, written by the many different authors examines the various types of hate
crimes in the United States. It was found that hate crimes are more prone to those of different
race and religion. Hate crimes are caused because of racism and prejudices people hold. It was
found that Muslims face the highest percentage of hate crimes in the United States as well as
people who are mistaken as Muslims.
The authors give a clear insight as to why the hate happens to people of different
backgrounds. It is informative because it gives a history of many laws that were passed to
prevent hate crimes, it gives data on the many different races and the percentage of hate crimes
they have faces in a span of ten years. Lastly, it specifies the anti-religion aspect of hate, which is
one of the main reasons hate crimes occur.
This article will greatly expand on my research because for my essay I will research hate
crimes on people of different races/religions and the factors that contribute to it. This article will
greatly help with the statistics and evidence for my research as well as give me facts and
knowledge on my topic.
Perry, B., Perry, J., Schweppe, J, and Walters, M. Introduction: Understanding Hate Crime:
Research, Policy, and Practice. Criminal Justice Policy Review. Aug. 2015. 1-6.
This article introduces to us the root causes of hate crimes. As well as solutions to how
governments should solve it. It is said that since the people on America and Western Europe
countries are so well mannered and share a lot of mutual characteristics, anything different from
them is looked down upon. This article also gives more insight as to why people, who commit
hate crimes, do what they do.
Not all people know why crimes are committed or why people want to hurt others. From
reading this article, a reader can easily gain the authors point of view and beliefs of why such
crimes take place. From seeing through the eyes of the suspect, we can gain access to what rises
the hate and what motivates the person to commit the crime.
This article will be useful in my research essay because it provides information on why
hate crimes occur and what motivates a person to commit them. It gives a variety of perspectives
and can greatly relate to my thesis is the sense that I can give different perspectives on why hate
crimes happen to those of different races and religions.


DeAngelis, Tori. "Understanding and Preventing Hate Crimes." American Psychological

Association. Nov. 2001. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.
DeAngelis addresses many aspects of hate crimes. She mainly discusses the many
reasons why we should try to understand a perpetrator. Next she discusses why people act the
way they do, such as racist and discriminatory acts. She analyses hate crimes and describes to us
what she believes people are mentally thinking when they are being racist. Lastly, she talks about
how we can get rid of racism and turn bias around.
This source is highly beneficial because it deeply evaluates the different aspects of hate
crimes. It is also beneficial to those who are interested in the psychology behind hate crimes. The
article matters because it really helps the reader understand hate crimes more and why people of
different religions and backgrounds are prone to being victims of it.
This source will greatly support my thesis because the information presented will help
back up some of my researched points in my essay. It will also give the reader of my essay a
better understanding of the reasons why hate crimes are committed.

What Is a Hate Crime?" Gender Equity Resource Center. UC Berkley, 2014. Web. 14 Apr.
This article, published by UC Berkley, defines what a hate crime is, gives differences
between a hate crime and a hate speech. Informs the reader about what the difference between a
hate motivated crime and a normal hate crime and lastly, it discusses how an individual can
help people affected by hate crimes and how they can prevent them.
Knowing that people from different races and religions tend to face crimes more, this
articles informs the audience greatly on what an individual can do to help those who have been
affected. This article matters because it does give suggestions on how this problem can be
stopped. This source is credible because it cites all sources and gives credit to the research
This source supports my thesis because it defines what a hate crime is. It also gives
examples of many forms of hate crimes that affect groups of people. This information will
provide evidence to my essay because not many people know what can be considered a hate
crime. By using the facts of this article I will use the facts to back up my main points.


Kaur, Lakhpreet. "Here's Why Hate Crimes Happen." The Huffington Post., 14 Sept. 2015. Web. 14 Apr. 2016.
Lakhpreet Kaur starts her article by sharing stories of the victims who have suffered hate
crimes. She discusses her own feeling as well because a lot of people from her community were
victims. She then discusses why people from the Middle East, Muslims, and Sikhs tend to be
victims, as well as what events lead people to have hate in them.
She does base her whole article on why people commit crimes against those of different
race and religion. It is a credible source because she is talking from a victims point of view. She
discusses the psychology behind why people commit hate crimes, by giving solid reasons. This
article matters because the other comes from a community that faces a lot of hate crimes. She
gives many solutions on how the problem can be fixed.
This article will be helpful from my essay because it focuses more on the hate crimes that
affect people of race and religion, which is what my essay is focusing on. This article will help
support one of my body paragraphs that will discuss different events that have taken place that
triggered these groups to be victims of hate crimes.

MidweekPolitics. "Hate Crime: Another Sikh Shot & Called Terrorist, Incorrectly
Identified as Muslim." YouTube. YouTube, 19 Dec. 2015. Web. 17 Apr. 2016.
This short video gives an example of a hate crime that was committed against a man of
the Sikh religion. A man was walking into the Sikh mans shop and he held a gun to his face
calling him a Terrorist and an Arab because of the way the Sikh man was dressed. He was
dressed with a turban and a long beard, which in modern society symbolizes Terrorist.
This video segment by Midweek Politics is greatly important because it addresses the
problem of mistaken identities. It talks about how Sikhs are mistaken as Muslims. Sikhs or
Muslims are not the bad guys and this video really does discuss how these religious groups are
targets for crimes committed by others. This source is credible because it is talked about in a
popular and unbiased radio show known as the David Parkman show.
This video will help my essay because one body paragraph of my essay will discuss how
ignorance is major part in hate crimes. Many people are quick to make assumptions instead of
educating themselves of the diversity around them.