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Before you begin

Getting around Luna Park

Getting Mr Moon in Line

Show me the money

Shape it up, time to shape it up

Round and round we go


Lets go for a ride


Be a Clown and create a problem


Time to reflect


Before you begin


Welcome to the trail of fun...

Luna Park opened on Friday the 13th of December
in 1912. Apart from being Melbournes exciting
amusement park, it is also full of many different
types of Mathematics.
We are going on an adventure inside Luna Park to
discover and see the use of mathematics in
everyday life. We will explore a different range of
problems that people may have when they are at
Luna Park. The purpose of this activity is for you to
use the maths you have learnt throughout to year
and apply this knowledge in a real life setting whilst
also having some fun.
Before we begin you will need:

A Pencil
A watch that can time in seconds
A clipboard to lean on
A Ruler
Some coloured pencils
A calculator (only to be used when the question

Getting around Luna Park


Have a look at the Map below.

We will begin our ride at point A

We will be meeting at point ______ at ____:_____
for a break.
We will be meeting at point ______ at ____:_____
even if you have not finished all the questions.

1. Getting Mr Moon in Line

Firstly before we enter the big mouth, stand in front of Luna Park
and look at Mr Moons face.Make sure you are standing far
enough back that you can see the whole face.
Using the photo below, identify the lines of symmetry that you can
see using your ruler.

As you get closer add in any other lines of symmetry you may see
now in a different colour.
What are the different types of symmetry that you found on Mr
Moons face?

2. Show me the money


Time to step inside to get this ride started. As you enter you will
see the booth full of tickets. Have a look at the prices of rides and
admission fees.
Calculate how much it would cost for you and your family to come
to Luna Park and each go on 2 rides?
Show your calculations and working out below.

Back to school:
You are going to Luna Park for the day but are not sure what the
cheapest way is. If you wanted to go on 5 rides, are you better off
buying an unlimited ride ticket or paying for your 5 rides
individually? Explain why.

3. Shape it up. time to shape it up


Take a wander through Luna Park to find a ride that catches your
eyes. Once you have chosen the ride you want to explore further
carry on to the prompts below.
What is the name of this ride?
What mathematics about this ride caught your eye? (eg. Shapes,
length, time, addition, etc.)

Draw a simple sketch of the ride focussing on the shapes that you
can see in it. Use coloured pencils to help you draw.

List the shapes you have found. Are they regular or irregular?
Name the properties of these shapes. Are the angles bigger or
smaller or the same as a right angle? Compare with a friend the
shapes you found.

Draw any shapes you can see but dont know the name of.

Back to school:
Describe the characteristics of each shape you labelled. Justify how
you know these names.
Now describe the characteristics of the shapes you were unable to
find a name for. Find a name for each of these shapes according to
the characteristics they have.

4. Round and round we go

Look at your map and find the ride Sky Rider. Its number 9 on the
map. It looks like this.

Have a look at the ride and calculate how many people can fit on
this ride at a time?

Using your watch, calculate how long one ride on the Sky Rider

If all the Grade 4s in your school were to each go on this ride

once, how much time would we need to allow?

5. Lets go for a ride

Choose another ride in Luna Park.


What is the name of the ride?

You need to find out how much time the teachers will need to allow
to make sure all grade 4s get a chance to go on this ride once.
What is some information that you may need to collect in order to
find this out? (Hint: question 4 may help you)

Use the information above to find out how much time is needed for
ALL grade 4 students to each go on this ride ONCE.

Would the method/strategy you used above always work? How do

you know? Explain in words.


Share your strategy with another student and record the strategy
they used if different. Record any suggestions they may have to
make your method more efficient.

Use your method to find out how long it would take for 1000 people
to go on this ride! You can use your calculator if necessary.


Let's make this more interesting, what about 1500? Give your
answer in hours rather than minutes this time. Record any
changes you made to your method of working.

6. Be a clown and create a problem


Choose a ride that you may or may not have looked at today and
pose a mathematical problem for your friend to solve.

If you have time, get your friend to solve the problem below


7. Time to reflect
Congratulations! You finished the Ride through Mathematics!
Here are a few questions for you to answer:
What question did you enjoy most? Why?

Which question did you find most challenging? Why?

What is a something you would like to explore more of back in your


What did you learn today about Luna Park that you did not know


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