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Sophie Fouts

Saika Brice

Kirkos Library Overview

Purpose of Building
To provide materials and services to the public, including literature, access to technology,
and a creative atmosphere for young and old alike. This is all in a peaceful setting to inspire
knowledge and productivity. Our motto is Everything comes full circle. The Kirkos library is
where knowledge is infinite and never ending.
The exterior is inspired by Greek architecture, primarily made from gray marble and
stone, with Doric columns in the front. There will also be wide windows located near the
front. Emphasis is achieved with a glass dome on the buildings roof. A green roof will also
be included with benefits such as stormwater management, energy savings by increasing
insulation, and noise and sound insulation that is crucial to the atmosphere of a library.
All interior furniture will be the inspiration of the librarys name, Kirkos meaning circle
in Greek, having circular desks and lounge chairs. The interior will be open concept and
have an abundance of lighting.

First Floor plan must include areas designated for:

Entry and Circulation Desk area

Childrens Help Desk
Open area for stacks (shelves of books and media) and computer terminals

Sophie Fouts
Saika Brice

Public restroom
Head Librarians office
Staff workroom/ kitchenette
Staff restroom
Two meeting rooms (we have included a childrens corner in place of one meeting

Mechanical room
Second Floor plan must include:
Open floor area for stacks
Public restroom
The setting of the Kirkos library is in Waxahachie, however, the local codes as followed
are taken from Noblesville, Indiana. According to the IBC, the library is considered an
A3( recreational).


IBC section 1004

50 square feet per person in reading room

City ordinance section 159.107

Minimum lot size of 20,000 square feet for

PB (planned business zone)

City ordinance section 159.181

If given permit, landscaping plan required

City ordinance section 159.120

Every building should be located with

frontage and access to a street

City ordinance section 159.181E

Landscaping for interior parking lot islands,






surrounding outdoor storage and waste

IBC section 1005.5

If 1 exit way blocked by fire, then 50% of

minimum egress width still has to be
available elsewhere

City Ordinance section 159

A building can be no more than 3 stories

Sophie Fouts
Saika Brice

Occupant load equation: floor area floor area per occupant
Note: All floors have the same area, 144 ft 90 ft=12,960 f t

Total square footage: 38, 880 f t

Occupant load for first floor:

Given: Minimum of 50 square feet per person in reading rooms is required
12,960 f t

50 = 259.2

Final answer: 259 max occupants

Occupant load for second floor:

Given: Minimum of 100 square feet per person in room with stacks is required
12,960 ft 100=129.6

Final answer: 129 max occupants

Occupant load for green roof: refer to calculations for first floor, as it is also the

Final answer: 259 max occupants

Sophie Fouts
Saika Brice

Minimum egress for stairs equation: .3 occupant load (use 2nd and 3rd floor max
occupant load)
Minimum egress for doors equation: .2 occupant load

(do not include floors below

the calculated floor)

2nd floor minimum egress width for stairs: .3 (129+259) = 116.4
Final answer: 117
1st floor minimum egress width for doors:

.2 (259 + 129 + 259) =129.4

Final answer: 130

2nd floor minimum egress width for doors: .2 ( 129 + 259) = 77.6

answer: 78