Wasilla High

Student Govt.

Phone down
Buckle up
2016 High School campaign

Juneau Douglas
Freshman Council

BioMedical Career

10 Alaska high schools raised teen driving safety awareness & earned $200
Teen high school groups were tasked with influencing their peers to
increase seat belt use and limit distractions. At the conclusion of the
campaign student drivers were observed at a 91.4% seat belt use rate
compared to the statewide general public average of 89.3%.

All groups are applauded for their effort and enthusiasm toward
increasing teen driver safety. Thank you and have a safe summer.
Bartlett JROTC

Plus additional $200 awards for:
Highest Overall
Seat Belt Use
South @ 94.4%

Most Improved
Seat Belt Rate
Chugiak up 8.7%

Voted Best
Created Jingle
East ~winner 3
years in a row

West Spanish Club

Thank you sponsors!
Dimond Student Govt.