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Justin Adie

17 May 2016
Best Piece Reflection Form
1. I chose this assignment as my best piece because I earned an excellent grade
on an essay completed in Mr. Hawkins class. I find the expectations for Mr. Hawkins
essays to be the highest of any class I have ever been in, and I found this essay to be
particularly challenging to complete.
2. The reader should expect to find the conclusions I drew from the evidence that
was provided to me in the given documents. The reader should also expect to find why I
support the abolishment of the Electoral College.
3. I hope that the reader learns that I am a passionate writer, and that I try to make
my essays as good as I can. I also hope the reader learns that I am relatively
knowledgeable on the topic of the Electoral College.
4. As a result of this assignment, I learned a lot more about the Electoral College,
and how it works. I also learned that even though a writing prompt may be especially
challenging, I can do very well regardless.
5. I will use this knowledge when it comes to national elections, and how to analyze
the results of future ones.