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In the name . . .

All: In thankful for the promise of your presence for where

two or three are gathered in your name you are in their
midst, we offer you this sincere prayer.

Cand: My God, enable me to trust in the productive outcome of

this oral defense/ I am about to face; help me to
contribute/ my own share of optimism,/ confidence/
and advancement of new knowledge/ in the field I wish
to excel.
Keep far from me at this moment/ any presumption/ that
it all depends exclusively on me.
I accept this oral defense/ because it is an important
contribution to my personal development and social
Heavenly Father, who never fails in generosity,/ I take
this opportunity to thank you/ for giving me an adviser,
the readers, and the faculty/ all of whom have prepared
me for this significant event in my life/ and for the
challenges of a bright future.
Shower them with your abundant blessings!

All: Lord our God, true source of light and wisdom, give us a
keen sense of understanding/ a retentive memory/ subtlety
in interpreting/ and elegance in speech.
Enlighten the beginning of this defense, guide its
progress/ and bring it to fruition.

Let this day be full of insights and inspiration as we

share in the great task of humanizing the world with
your Truth and Love.

Cand: St. Therese of the Child Jesus,

Patroness of Saint Theresa College.

All: Pray for us!

In the name . . .