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Appendix B- Forms test Pee” Refltion Porm ‘Tite of Assignment ~The C\ Ol College Date of Assignment Move |O#* Lor 5 Course in which assignment was completed: ees Gaeroment Briefly describe the assignment. What steps did you resources, software kills were required to compete OSS aNMe\ in order to complete this assignment? What ‘Complete this form with an esay response (1/2 to 1 page; MLA format) Answer te following questions: ‘Why di you choose this sample a your best pice? ‘What should the reader expect to fing? ‘What impressions do you hope the reader gins about you as learer afer viewing ti pecs? ‘What di you lar asa result of completing this assignment? How will you use this knowledgelexperience in the fuure? 7