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Praise His Holy Name! Moderato =100 Keith Hampton sam B = ‘© (SAM = Soprano, Alto and Men) fi ee wl ve Ww ( ee ee So : 7 SSS a | Sing il the pow - er of the Lord come _down.— Shout Hlal-le-Iu - jeht = : 7 SS vie 7S 2 SS 7 Praise His Ho-ly name! Ma & nas Ss =n: a 58 vil am ; = = = = z 2 2 ae maz~ ing grace, how sweat the sound that saved a wretch like me; Je sus bear the cross a-lone and all the world go free? T once was lost, but now T'm found, was No, there's a cross for ev'- ry one” and sus, Je-sus, == hhow [love Thee! Shout Hal-le-lu - jah! r be z Ww see ee CS vege CODA: First time: Men only; Second time: All Women sing the Alto part while the Men repeat, and the Third times, Sopranos sing the top, the Altos ‘Sing the middle and Men repeat; then go to the Srd ending. 2 eps oes Praise His Ho-ly name! First time instruments only and ‘the Choir should clap om beats 2 & 4. Each part then sings their part alr ‘then all parts together. \_) S= Praise His Name! &_& =f aS Eas Praise His Ho - ly Name,Praise His Name! wit ttt