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Career & College Research

Alec Propes



Major: Animal Science

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California Polytechnic State


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-Cal Poly is located in San Luis Obispo, SLO for short.

-SLO is only located about 3 and a half hours from Merced.
-SLO is also only about 10 miles from Pismo Beach and 7 miles
from Avila Beach.

Freshman Admission Requirements(by semester)

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English: 10, Algebra: 4, Geometry: 2, Advanced Math: 4,

Foreign Language: 8, Lab Science: 8, History/Social Science: 4,
Visual Performing Arts: 4, Electives: 2

Total Costs $$
Tuition: $9,789
Books & Supplies: $1,737
Room & Board: $10,677
Transportation: $1,134
Personal/Misc.: $2,289

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Clubs & Social Organizations

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-At Cal Poly there are many great clubs and fraternities. Here are
three good fraternities full of good warmhearted dudes:
1. Delta Sigma Phi
2. Phi Sigma Kappa
3. Gamma Zeta Alpha

Financial Aid

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-at Cal Poly, there are three main types of financial aid available
to students who meet the requirements
-work study

Classes Needed to Graduate With My Degree

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-I will need to take nearly 80 different courses over

my 4 to 5 year college career in order to obtain my
degree in Animal Sciences
-most of the courses are science related

What Interests Me Most About Cal Poly?

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-Cal Poly has a 165,000 sq. foot student rec. center. for student use
-It has a wide range of activities, some of which include; an indoor of a mile long
track, weights, free yoga, dance and cycling classes, a pool for working out and a pool
for relaxing along with a pool front beach volleyball court, ping pong tables, basketball
courts, racquetball courts, indoor soccer courts, indoor volleyball courts, and countless
activities on top of that.
-free wetsuit, kayak, bike, surfboard and many other things to rent out

Most Surprising/Exciting/Interesting Thing Ive Learned

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-Cal Poly has a fantastic student rec. center.

-The rec. center is one of the main things that excites me about Cal Poly, but it
is not the only thing.
-I am very athletic and I enjoy athletic type activities, so I look forward to an
opportunity to use all of that fantastic equipment for 4 or 5 years.


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