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Mw : Me ale Se, Pl + Sanda Ota Aviat eal * Gale Noion, Cousor * Ton Hen, Corinto of Senet Series To Whom tt May Concern: ‘tismy pleasure to write this eter of recommendation for Justin Adie. Ihave worked with Justin since the beginning of his senior year. Justin isa smart young man wi works hard and strives to do his best Inallstuations. He i very eazy going and works well with others. Justin had the opportunity to complete his service learning community outreach hours at his od elementary choot Alamo, They were very hppy to have Justin come volunteer his ime and work with the students and teachers. This was a great opportunity for Justin to demonstrate responsibilty and bull on new sis [Asa high school student Justin encounters challenges and deals with them as responsible young man. usin has the potential to reach his future goals with hard work and determination It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Justin Ade Respectfully, Gina Hayes Instrvtional Assistant Atenrr bag Buckingham Charter Magnet High School