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I. Welcome to the Band and Orchestra Program at FCI!

Introductions of our FCI band/orchestra teachers

II. How did my child find out about band/orchestra at FCI?

Visitations to fifth grade music classes
Try ons in May for band/orchestra with permission slip

III. Instrument Selection

Your childs instrument was determined by the following criterion:
Student interest
Tryout success
Balanced instrumentation

IV. Instrument Rental Process

Students must play on a director approved instrument.
The directors are very knowledgeable about the type of instrument on which
your child should play.
There is nothing more frustrating to a child than trying to learn to play on
an instrument that is of poor quality.
Internet sites can sometimes be a good place to purchase an instrument,
but be cautious! There are a lot of poor quality instruments out there!
Paiges Music
Instruments provided by Paiges Music have been approved by the music
instructors at FCI.
Instruments rented from Paiges come with an excellent repair program.
All instruments rented from Paiges are repaired free of charge.
A loaner instrument is supplied to the child by Paiges while his/hers is
being repaired.
Paiges Music supplies a representative road man weekly.
Paiges Music is local and is near by!
5282 East 65th Street, Indianapolis 46220

V. Schedule for FCI Band and Orchestra

Your child will have band and orchestra daily 2:05-2:45
Primary Instructors
Zak Tschiniak, Orchestra Director
Brandon Spidel, Band Director
Michelle Yoder, Band Director
Secondary Instructors
We have many skilled secondary instructors that help with our
band/orchestra at FCI. We rely heavily on their expertise and help
as we are blessed with such large numbers of students in our

VI. Requirements for Band/Orchestra Participation

All students will be expected to have a working instrument, required music,
appropriate instrument accessories, and a pencil for class daily.
Students who play especially large instruments may have an instrument for
home use as well as for school; however, no student will be required to rent
two instruments.
All students must adhere to the guidelines set forth by HSE schools to
participate in 6th grade band/orchestra.
All band/orchestra students will receive a weekly practice grade.
There are generally two concerts a year. These are required performances.
Dates are provided at the start of the school to ensure these are marked on
your calendars. Its the time to see all of the hard work they have put into
learning an instrument come to life!
Concert Dress
All FCI music students purchase and wear a FCI music shirt.
Black pants and dress shoes are also required and may be purchased from a
store of your choice.

VII. Private Lessons

Lessons are encouraged but not required.
List of lesson teachers is available upon request
There is no summer band program at HSE schools so if you want your child to get
a jumpstart, you will need to seek out a private instructor for your child.

VIII. Instrument Delivery

Instruments and equipment rented through Paiges Music will be delivered and
distributed the first week of band/orchestra instruction at FCI.
Early pickup for students taking private lessons is available through Paiges
Music but must be communicated to Paiges Music.

IX. Count My Child In! What now?

Simply complete and sign the commitment form by Thursday, May 26, and your
child is good to go! If you do not hand in the form at our parent meeting, you may
hand in your form to your childs home room teacher.
We will register your child for class based on you turning in the commitment

We are really looking forward to your child playing in band or orchestra!!!