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Malvern Primary School Individual Education Plan

Student Name: Twiggie

Date of Birth:

Date of Plan:

Review Date: End of

Term 4

Student Support Group Membership:

Teacher: Mrs. Cheryl

School Contact Person: Mrs. Cheryl

Program for Students with Disability: Yes / No PSD No:__________

Services/Agencies (Workers currently involved with the student):




BscOptom, M Spec

Pezzimenti Optometry


Length of involvement


Resources/programs (physical resources and programs currently offered to the student):



Funding source

Contact person & phone


Length of availability

Understanding the student

Students skills, strengths, preferences, abilities and motivations:
Twiggie is an outgoing and happy student. She loves coming to school and is an active participant in Grade 1D. Twiggie is very helpful
and enjoys having roles and responsibilities within the classroom.
Twiggie enjoys developmental play, in particular imaginative play, dressing up and dolls. A majority of the time Twiggie plays
cooperatively in the classroom setting with her peers. She has a very close friendship with Victorya which has continued from Prep last
Twiggie loves learning and is engaged during class, a majority of the time. She is a visual learner and benefits from activities such as
DIPL auditory activities which she watches on the Interactive Whiteboard- making letter shapes with her mouth e.g. letter O and tracing
around her mouth with her finger. Also Mathematics hands on activities such as oral counting games and songs.
When returning to her table, Twiggie has to be closely monitored to make sure that she stays on task. She will often start the task
correctly and then if not prompted or assisted can become distracted. It is important to only give Twiggie one instruction at a time and
then let her follow through with that before giving her the next instruction using a timer to break the activity down.

Academic progress general remarks re overall strengths and areas for development:
In whole group discussions, such as, DIPL introductory lessons, Twiggie has shown her ability to share information with her peers and
understand concepts being covered. Twiggie prefers to have activities modelled prior to commencing them. When on task, she finds it
difficult to remain focused and often looks to her peers and teachers for assistance.
Twiggie finds letter names and sounds difficult to remember and is working hard to develop her skills. With a modified Literacy program
tailored to Twiggies needs, her speed and automatic recall of letter/ sound recognition will improve over time. Twiggie needs to feel
confident and successful when working in the classroom to achieve success.

Social skills and relationships

As mentioned above, Twiggie has developed a close friendship with Victorya from her Prep class. She is a very friendly and considerate
student who I am sure will broaden her friendship group throughout the year. Twiggie loves to engage in conversations with her peers
and teachers and shows a genuine interest in them.

Attendance and Engagement: (level of attendance regular, irregular and non-attendance and level of engagement in school activities).
Twiggie is extremely engaged and focused on activities. She responds well to positive encouragement and feedback, as this allows her to
feel that she is on the right track and doing a good job.


Student Name: Twiggie

Barriers to Achieving
Staying on task
Twiggie can become
for five minutes
distracted by her peers
with minimal
and often leaves her
prompting and
table. At times she feels
that the task may be
too difficult for her to

Strengths Related to Goal

Twiggie tries really hard to do
her best work and responds
well to positive
She enjoys sharing her work
with her peers at the
conclusion of a lesson.

Clear and concise

instructions need to be
given and followed up
throughout each

Pictorial (picture)
naming activities.

Twiggie may be tired at

the end of a school day
and not feel up to
completing the activity.

Strategies to Achieve Goal

Twiggie will benefit from sitting in
front of her teachers to ensure that
she is listening. She will also be
seated directly in front of the
Interactive Whiteboard at her desk.
Her teachers will need to speak
slowly and give simple instructions.
Once Twiggie has started the task
she would benefit from having her
teachers revise the instructions that
were given on the floor.

Actions & Time-Line

Seat Twiggie to the front of the
Deliver clear and concise
instructions and check to see that
Twiggie is following these
throughout each activity.
Praise Twiggie for achieving this
goal using Grade 1Ds reward
system Bucket Prizes.

Use a timer so Twiggie can visualize

the time which has passed.
To further improve Twiggies
rapid naming skills will assist
her in easily identifying
objects, symbols and letters.
Automatic recognition of
objects, symbols and letters.

Twiggie will benefit from completing

these naming activities on a daily
basis at home (provided by Cheryl &
Maddie). These tasks will
progressively become more difficult.

Activities for improving RAN

(Rapid Automatised Naming) (provided by Cheryl & Maddie)

Bingo matching
Snap- Matching
Flashcard gamesEncourage Twiggie to
repeat words after you, at
speed or read each word if

Review Date: