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Inspired based on true story

The settings shown were only based on readings

The story is not related neither to those who passed away nor still
In the year 1915
Ontoros bin endoi
One of the freedom fighters and icon to Murut race.
In his youth days, he was able to lead a few places in Tenom.
As such, Selangit that was led by Ingkun at that time
Sigudu, from Telokosan
And Arus from Mening Ulu
He had led a series of rebellion
for claiming the rights of indigenous peoples
he has gathered all the Murut people from all districts to fight British
North Borneo Chartered Company
days after days, his territory kept on spreading.
A lot of Murut people obeyed to his leadership and respected him
His humility and leadership qualities made him to be feared and
respected until to these days.
He has been called anti colonization or Antanom!
Urgh urgh urgh urgh (scene kene tumbuk oleh dayak)
Can you stand to watch our people get beaten and oppressed like
this? Can you?!
I dont care.
Although I am dead, I am proud to fight for our freedom.
Because I cant stand to live like this. They took our land, they
tortured us, they enslaved us. Is this what you want?
Although you are trying to fight, you will not be able to challenge
their force and weapons.

I dont care what you said. I want to fight and make them pay for
what they did to us.
They want to disturb our ancestors peace that has been here since
a long time ago.
If you want revenge, this is not the way to do it. And this is not the
way to avenge them.
So, what choice do I have besides to avenge them for all the
sufferings they have done to us?
I had a dream and it told me to unite our people before we begin to
attack them.
So what is your plan?
We will meet all the people from all districts and we will plan an
attack strategy
Because this is our place and we deserve to keep our ancestors
And we will not stand down without doing anything! Because we
are.sons of Murut!
(8.48) Antanoms defense fortress
(9.02 9.20 ) ----aku xtau apa perempuan tu sebut.
(9.24) Antanom, you better surrender yourself.
We have this place surrounded. We promise that we will not harm
you. Come out Antanom.
So what are we going to do? We have been surrounded.
A lot of our people are injured and died in this battle.
Our food has been restricted for so many days and all of our people
are starving.
I am following your orders. If you want to stand and fight, we will
stand and fight!
Dont worry my friend. We are right behind you.

(11.52) You scumbag (ko tgk r sesuai ke tak sbb ayat dia, kau
sial. ) Let me go.
(12.27) I swear, although you may have killed me, my descendants
will come avenge my death.
Because you have violate our customs.
After Antanom has been killed mercilessly in front of his own people,
the Murut people were unsatisfied and continued his fight.
Antanoms wife and children fled the fortress and started a new life.
Now, the story of Antanom become a legend in the eyes of
Malaysians and it becomes history to this country.
I just want to defend this country. This is our country. This is where
we were born and die.
Let me die in battle, as long as I dont let hand do anything when I
see these conflicts in our country.

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