The Genealogical Journey of the Newsome-McNeal-Cunningham Clan

Compiled By Thomas Harold Cunningham
Son of Dorothy Jean McNeal and William Hudkins Cunningham Daughter of Leona Newsome and Colonel William McNeal Daughter of Stonewall Jackson Newsome and Martha Jane Sammons Son of Carter Newsom and Catherime Williams Son of Green Newsom and Nancy Attaway Son of Peter Newsom and Rhoda Wilhite Son of Benjamin Newsom and Mary Crafford Son of Thomas Newsom and Elizabeth Crawford Son of William Newsom and Anne Sheppard Son of William Newsom, the immigrant, and third wife Gertrude

The First Steps of the Journey William Newsom (the 1st), planter, of James City, later Surry
Co., Va was possibly the grandson of Robert Newsom of Newsom Hall, Lancashire, England. Family tradition is that he came to America from Dublin, Ireland. It is quite possible that he is the "William Neesum" who, at only 22 years of age, came to Virginia aboard the Sailing vessel "George" in 1635 (see attached passenger list). This was just 14 years after the Powhattan Indians massacred all but 16 settlers south of James City. In 1636 William was granted 550 acres of land in the "County of James City toward Sunken Marsh" for the transportion of 11 persons to Virginia. Headrights amounted to 50 acres for each person William brought to the colonies. The original plantation, called "Rich Neck" was sandwiched between College Run, just south of Sunken Marsh, and the Lower Chippokes Creek. This plantation was just 3 miles east of the plantation of John Rolfe, who married Pocahantas 22 years prior to William's arrival in colonial Virginia. Included among those 11 persons whom William transported to the New World were two of his wives, Penelope Ramsay and Sarah Fisher. Sometime after 1636 William took Gertrude as his third wife. It was their great great grandchildren who made their way from Virginia to Georgia. About 1789, four brothers, Peter, Carter, John, and Hollidy Newsom left their Virginia home and settled in Wilkes County, Georgia. The following pages are an attempt to trace the descendants of this clan… of which I am one, and with no little pride; a son of Georgia by blood, birth, and spirit. This is the heritage that I pass on to my own children, who compose the twelvth generation from the landing of our forefathers on Southern soil. God save the South. ~Harold Cunningham~

First Generation to America
William Newsom [My GGGGGGGGgrandfather] (the 1st) (1614-1657/1667) m.1) Penelope Ramsay and m.
2) Sarah Fisher m. 3) Elizabeth Wilson and possibly m. 4) Gertrude ? after 1636.

Second Generation
Children of William Newsom (the 1st) and probably Gertrude [My GGGGGGGGgrandparents] 1.William Newsom (the 2nd) [My GGGGGGGgrandfather] (1648-1691) m. Mrs. Anne Sheppard Hart
(ca1645-1710/11) (widow of Thomas Hart and d/o Maj. Robert Sheppard and his wife Elizabeth Spencer) 2. Alice Newsom (died 1670/75) m. Roger Rawlings

Third Generation
Children of William Newsom (the 2nd) and Anne Sheppard Hart (after Wm's death his widow, Anne, married George Foster) [My GGGGGGGgrandparents]
1. William Newsom (1672/3-1751) m. Phyllis unknown 2. John Newsom (1674/5-1724) m. Sarah Crawford (d/o Robert Crawford and Elizabeth Carter) 3. Robert Newsom (1681/2-1757) m. Elizabeth (ca 1685-1755) (moved to Isle of Wight Co., VA) 4. * Thomas Newsom [My GGGGGGgrandfather] (1685/6-1745/6, Isle of Wight Co, Va) m. Elizabeth Crawford (ca.1685) (sister of Sarah) 5. Elizabeth Newsom 6. Anne Newsom

Fourth Generation
Children of Thomas Newsom and Elizabeth Crawford [My GGGGGGgrandparents]
1.William Newsom (not proven, but probable) died without issue in 1736 2. Thomas Newsom (1705/10-1785, Sussex Co, VA) m. 1) Tahpenes Holt (d/o William and Elizabeth Holt), m.2) Alice Stagg 3. Moses Newsom (possibly moved to NC, served in Rev. War) 4. Sampson Newsom (ca1710/15-1779, VA) m. Mary 5. Solomon Newsom (b.1715-20 Va. / d. 1790, Wilkes Co, GA) m. Martha Matthews (d/o Hugh Matthews). Solomon was a Capt in the Revolutionary War 6. Amos Newsom (ca1715/20) m. Agnes (probably moved to NC) 7. Nathan Newsom (died 1752, Southampton Co) m. Priscilla 8. * Benjamin Newsom [My GGGGGgrandfather] (b.1762, Sussex Co., Va. / d. June 1799, Brunswick Co, Va. - His will was probated Feb. 2, 1800, Southhampton Co., Va.) m. Mary Crafford (also called Crawford;died 1766 or 1787, in Va.. Her father was Carter Crafford). Benjamin commanded a company in the 2nd Regiment South Carolina Troops. Revolutionary War records of Wilkes Co., Ga. states he was a Leut. In the 3rd S.C. Reg. When captured by British troops in Savannah on Dec. 29, 1778 and later exchanged for captured British soldiers. Benjamin was killed by Indians in Ga. 9. Ann Newsom m. unknown Holt 10. Sarah Newsom (1720/25) m. Thomas Barham (s/o Robert Barham and Elizabeth Clark) 11. Jacob Calvin Newsom (1727/8-1778) m. Tabitha Gilliam (dau. Of Hansville Gilliam) 12. David Newsom (ca1731-1768, VA) m. Mary Barham (dau. of Charles Barham)

Children of William Newsom (b. 1672/3 - d. 1751) and Phyllis
1. Joseph Newsom (died in 1771) m. Elizabeth (they had two daughters, one married a Mr. Stevenson and the other married a Mr. Anderson) 2. John Newsom (b. 1700 - d. 1770) m. Martha Holt (dau. of Thomas Holt and Frances Mason) 3. Elizabeth Newsom (died 1771) m. Thomas Edwards (died 1762) 4. Mary Newsom m. William Holt

Children of John Newsom and Sarah Crawford
1. Joel Newsom (b. 1705/10, Surry Co., Va. / d. 1752) m. Rebecca Dickinson 2. William Newsom (b. ca. 1705/10) m. Elizabeth (after John's death in 1724, his widow, Sarah Crawford Newsom married William Ruffin (son of Robert and Elizabeth Ruffin)

Children of Robert Newsom (b. 1681-2 d. 1757) m. Elizabeth
1. Mary Newsom 2. Elizabeth Newsom 3. Sarah Newsom 4. Julian Newsom 5. Ann Newsom m. Mr. Settle 6. Thomas Newsom 7. Robert Newsom (b. ca. 1710/20) m. Elizabeth 8. Joseph Newsom (b. ca. 1710/20) m. 1) Julian Pope (dau. of Wm. Pope) m. 2) Patience Jones, widow (d. 1798) (married in 1760)

Fifth Generation
Children of Thomas Newsom and 1) Tahpenes Holt
1. Lucy Newsom (1734) m. John Sands 2. Thomas Newsom (1737) (probably died young) 3. Nathaniel Newsom (1740) m. Susannah 4. Elizabeth Newsom (1742) m. William Loftin 5. Charles Newsom (1745) (probably died young) 6. John Newsom (1746/7) 7. Ephraim Newsom

Children of Thomas Newsom and 2) Alice Stagg
1. Thomas Newsom (1758) m. Mary Jarrett (d/o Nicholas Jarrett) 2. Andrew Newsom (1760) m. Elizabeth Fort 3. Sarah Newsom m. Micajah Hall 4. Charles Stagg Newsom (1765) m. Temperance Holt 5. Charlette Newsom (1767-1788) (did not marry)

Children of Sampson Newsom and Mary 1. Jesse Newsom m. Elizabeth (had at least two children, Sampson and Lucy)
2. Agnes Newsom m. Mr. Polly 3. Joice Newsom m. Mr. Moseley 4. Mary Newsom m. Mr. Armstrong 5. Martha Newsom m. Mr. Johnson 6. William Newsom 7. Lewis Newsom (1748) m. Milly (they had one son, Ransom Newsom. He lived in Randolph Co, NC) 8. Hartwell Newsom (1752- after 1790) (moved to Cumberland Co, NC)

Children of Amos Newsom and Agnes
1. Hardy Newsom (1741) (served Rev. War in NC) [1st cousin / 6x removed] 2. Lucy Newsom (1743) 3. Jones Newsom (1749) (served Rev. War in NC) [1st cousin / 6x removed] 4. Randall Newsom (1760/61) m. Polly Izell (served in Rev. War in NC) [1st cousin / 6x removed]

Children of Benjamin Newsom and Mary Crafford (also called Crawford;died 1766 or 1787,
in Va.. Her father was Carter Crafford) [My GGGGGgrandparents] 1. Crawford Newsom (b. before 1760 / d. 1787, Va.) 2. Carter Newsom (b. before 1761) probably died about 1805 in Washington Co., Ga. May have been Married to Lucy; she was the only Newsom living in that county in 1820. Carter's orphans drew in the land lottery of 1807, drawing lot 26 of district 21 in Wilkinson Co. 3. Benjamin Newsom (1762) 4. John Newsom (1765) (may have been married to a Pope or Pate in Va.) 5. Holliday Newsom (1766) Lived in several different Ga. Counties. 6. Elizabeth Newsom (She recieved her father Benjamin's estate, according to his will of 1799) 7. * Peter Newsom [My GGGGgrandfather] (b. ? / d. 1806, Warren County, Georgia) married Rhoda Wilhite.(of Franklin Co., N.C.) Peter and brothers Carter, John, and Holliday came to Wilkes Co., Ga. about 1789 from Franklin Co., N.C.. As the widow of a Revolutionary War vetran, Rhoda drew a pension as such and drew in the land lottery

Children of Solomon Newsom (the 1st) and Martha Matthews
1. Solomon Newsom (the 2nd) married to (1) Jane White (2) widow Elizabeth Mitchell. Solomon was a Captain during the Revolutionary War. He escaped the Tait's Indians in 1779 and reached a fort on the south side of Briar Creek in present day Warren Co., Ga. in time to warn them of the impending attack. According to Dr. George, Solomon II was a Melitia Capt. in Col. Elijah Clarke's Regiment in the Revolution. He was b. abt 1745 (1741?)in Va. and died about1803-4 in Warren Co., Ga. He was married twice and had sixteen children.The children by his second wife sued those by his first wife in a series of estate cases that spanned more than twenty years and was brought before the Courts in at least four counties. The case in which all the heirs, children by both wives and some grandchildren were named, can be found in Warren Co. Superior Court- Writs Book "J" 1828-1830, pp. 254-257. (A microfilm of this case can be found in the Georgia Archives Drawer 103, Box 52) "Asa Newsom Administrator vs Linny Tennison alias Linnt Dennis, et al." [1st cousin / 6x removed] Note regarding Newsom's fort: " On page 297 in deed book "A", Claybrn newsome and his wife Hester, sell for $2.00 to James Meekum 120 acres on south side of Big Brier Creek, between that and the Old Neswome Fort field, now held and claimed by Moses McKinney. May 22, 1797. This old fort may have been used as a place of defense for women and children while the men were subduing the Indians. Even in 1797 it was designated as the "Old Fort" and it had doubtless been in disuse many years then." History of Warren County, Vol.1, page 18 2. David Newsom (never married) 3. Mary Newsom married Silas Pace Claiborne Newsom married Hester Duckworth 4. Anne Newsome (d. before May, 1817) married (1) John Burhalter (b. 1760/d. 1861Edgefield Co., S.C.)[Michael is John's son by marriage to Sarah Milledge ] John served as a private in Ga. Revolutionary War troops at the Battle of Kettle Creek. (2) Samuel Wilson. [John = 1st cousin by marriage / 6x removed] 5. Unnamed daughter married Joseph Robertson, based on legal document between Robertson and Solomon (the 2nd) 6. Claiborne Newsom married Hester Duckworth (linked to Solomon the 1st by land) 7. Sarah Newsom married Henry Golden (he was killed by Indians) 8. Elizabeth Newsom married in1794 to Captain Hugh Reese (b. 1740, Va. / d. 1826 Columbia Co., Ga.). This was Capt. Reese's 3rd marriage

Children of Sarah Newsom and Thomas Barham
1. Thomas Barham Jr m. Elizabeth Moss 2. Charles Barham m. Mary Harwood (?) 3. Benjamin Barham m. Sarah 4. Martha Barham (b. 1763) 5. Lucy Barham (1768) m. Jacob Newsom (son of Jacob Newsom and Tabitha Gilliam)

Children of Jacob Newsom and Tabitha Gilliam
1. Gilliam Newsom (b. 1752 / died after 1790) moved to Halifax Co NC - m. Hulda Roaper 2. Littleberry Newsom (b. 1755 / died before 1820) m. Mary (died 1820). Had 4 children. 3. Isham Newsom m. Sarah Newsom (d/o Joseph Newsom and Patience Jones) 4. Jacob C. Newsom m. Lucy (Polly) Barham (d/o Thomas Barham and Sarah Newsom; Sussex Co., Va. - dau. Of Thomas Newsom and Elizabeth Crawford) 5. Lucy B. Newsom (b. 1757) m. Thomas Porter

Children of David Newsom and Mary Barham
1. Randolph Newsom (ca1755-1819) m. 1) Sarah Mason (d/o Christopher Mason & Sarah Chappell) 2. Lucy Newsom m. William Myrick 3. Joel Newsom (ca1760-1831/35) m. Ann (Nancy) Northington (d/o Nathan Northington and Rebecca Chappell) 4. Barham Newsom (died ca. 1803, VA) 5. William Newsom (ca1760/65-1818) m. Mary Cocke Simmons (d/o John Simmons Sr) 6. James Newsom (lived in Sussex Co, VA, and served in Rev. War) [1st cousin / 6x removed]

Children of John Newsom (b. 1700) and Martha Holt
1. William Newsom (b. ca. 1730) - d. 1757) m. Elizabeth Gray (lived in Dinwiddie, VA) 2. John Newsom 3. Francis Newsom (b. ca. 1735/40) m. Mary Simmons (dau. of Benjamin Simmons 4. Elizabeth Newsom m. Mr. Barrett 5. Robert Newsom m. Martha Ruffin (had one dau., Martha, who married Robert Cocke)

Children of William Newsom (b. ca. 1705/10) and Elizabeth
1. Mary Newsom 2. Sarah Newsom 3. Thomas Newsom 4. Anne Newsom 5. Joel Newsom (died in 1812) m. Mary Ely (Married 1787)

Children of Joel Newsom (b. 1705/10) and Miss Hilliard
1. Hosea Newsom (probably moved to Hertford Co, NC) 2. John Newsom (probably moved to Hertford Co, NC) 3. David Newsom m. Sarah (lived in Wayne Co, NC) 4. Joel Newsom (probably moved to Wayne Co NC) 5. William Newsom 6. Isaac Newsom 7. Mary Newsom

Children of Robert Newsom (b. ca. 1710/20) and Elizabeth
1. Benjamin Newsom (b. 1735/40 - d. 1800, VA) m. Mary Crawford 2. Robert Newsom m. Mildred Vick 3. William Newsom (did not marry)

Children of Joseph Newsom and Julian Pope or Patience Jones, widow (d. 1798)
1. Joel Newsom (b. ca. 1750/55, VA) m. Sarah 2. Jacob Newsom 3. Benjamin Newsom m. probably Phoebe Turner (dau. of Benjamin Turner) 4. Ann Newsom 5. Martha (Patty) Newsom m. Mr. Taylor 6. Sarah (Sally) Newsom m. Isham Newsom (her cousin) (Isham, son of Jacob, Thomas, William, William)

Sixth Generation
* Children of Peter Newsom and Rhoda (Wilhite) [My GGGGgrandparents]
1. Figures Newsom born in N.C. The name of first wife unknown, although it is known that she was a Cherokee Indian; second wife = Temperance Meders, married Dec. 17, 1839) 2. Rics (Rich or Richmond?) Newsom died before 1830 (married 1st cousin, Dicy, who was the daughter of Peter's brother, Crafford 3. Green Newsom [My GGGgrandfather] (b. 1794 ? / d. May, 1865) married May 1 or 7, 1812 in Warren Co., Ga. to Nancy Attaway(b. 1896). Green served in the War of 1812 in 3rd Regiment of Georgia Militia. 4. James Newsom Married Elizabeth on Aug. 7, 1816, Warren Co. 5. Daniel Wiggins Newsom married Nov. 1, 1819 to Martha Haywood in Warren Co. Only Child = daughter [NOTE: Retired University of Georgia professor, George L. Newsome, believes that Green was one of the younger sons of Peter and Rhoda. Peter's will named wife Rhoda, sons Figures and Ricks, and mentions nine younger children who were not named. It's believed that Green was one of the younger children not named in the will.]

Children of John Newsom (maybe married to Pope or Pate of Va.) several daughters & 2 sons. 1. John L. Newsome ( b. 1799 / d. 1857?) married Dec. 29, 1831 to Keziah Mote (b. 1817 in Ga. / d. 1850-57) John L. administered his father's estate. Was it John (father) lived to be 92 years of age. Children of Carter Newsom and Lucy? Or was this his daughter?
His orphans drew in the land lottery of 1807, drawing lot 26 of District 21 in Wilkinson County.

Children of Holliday Newsom
1. John Newsom died 1827 in Morgan County, Ga. Married to Catherine? )She lived in Morgan County in later years with two sons James C. and Holliday C. Newsom

Children of Crafford Newsome ( he died in Va. In 1787) - came to Ga. In 1806
1. Crafford Newsom II - came to Ga. In 1806 - Married Elizabeth Newsome, 1st cousin, daughter of either Peter or John. 2. Dicy Newsome - came to Ga. In 1806 -married Ricks, son of Peter, her 1st cousin

Children of Jacob C. Newsom and Lucy (Polly) Barham
1. Gilliam Newsom (1789) 2. Thomas T. Newsom (1791) m. Lettice Drake (1805-1880) 3. James H. B. Newsom (1794) 4. Jacob Newsom (1796) 5. William Newsom (1799) 6. Hartwell B. Newsom (1801-?) m. 1) Elizabeth Gray, d/o Joseph Gray, [Jacob later married : 2) Mary Cock/Cook, 3) Narcissa, 4) Catherine Beckner]

Children of Claiborne Newsom and Hester Duckworth
1. Solomon Newsom 2. Hardy Newsom 3. Claiborne (the 2nd) 4. Carter Newsom 5. Joseph Newsom 6. John Newsom 7. James Newsom (b. Sept. 11, 1792 Wilkes Co./ d. 1856 St Helana Parish, La.) married on Feb. 18, 1819 to Catherine Chambers (b. Aug. 31, 1801) daughter of Reverand Jacob and Sussannah Chambers.

The children of Solomon (the 2nd) and Jane White (1st wife) were: 1. John Newsom (b. 1766 SC d. 1803 Warren Co., Ga.) m. Sarah Harp
2. Frederick Newsom (b. 1769 SC d. 1849 Warren Co. Ga.) m. Elizabeth May 3. David Newsom (b. 1770 SC d. 1808) m. Mary___?. 4. Joseph D. (Joeday) Newsom (b. 1772 SC / d. 1838) m. Charity Mitchell (dau of his stepmother) Joeday served as a representative in the Georgia legislature from 1808-1810; in the Ga. Senate from 18131816. He represented Warren Co. [second cousin / 5x removed] 5. Olive Newsom (b. 1774 SC) m. James Moon 6. Solomon Newsom,Jr. (III) (b. 1775 Warren Co.) m. Celia___?. 7. Nancy Newsom (b. 1778 Ga.) m. ___Goga. 8. Sarah Newsom (b. 1780 Ga.) m. Edward Harris 9. Asa Newsom (b. 1782 Ga.) m. (1) Jincy Hobbs (2) Nancy Newsom 6 Apr 1800 Warren 10. Narcissa Newsom (b. 1785 Ga.) m. William Hogan 11. William Newsom (b. 1788.) Became ward of Asa upon death of his father.

Children of Solomon (the 2nd) and the widow Elizabeth Mitchell (2nd wife):
1. Joshua Newsom b. 1793 Ga. m. Elizabeth Adkins 2. Linney Newsom b. 1794 Ga. m. James Tennison 3. Alecy Newsom b. 1797 Ga. m. James Carter 4. Martha Newsom b. Ga., she never married. 5. Elizabeth Newsom b. 1801 Warren co. d. 1880 Glascock co. m. John Usry.

Seventh Generation
Children of Greene Newsom and Nancy Attaway ( my GGG grandparents)
Martha (called Patsy), born 1816-1817, married March 17, 1833, to James J. Chalker . James J. Chalker is almost certainly the son of Nathaniel Chalker, whose will was probated in Warren County November 7, 1861, which lists his wife Elizabeth; sons Henry, Samuel, Philip, James, John, Joseph D., and Andrew J.T.; daughters Jane, Mary, Susan, Martha A.E., and one other illegible name. 2. John C. (called Jack), born 1816-17, married Elizabeth Harris abt. 1819 3. Jane (called Jincy), born abt. 1819, married November 30, 1839 to Tobias Chalker (b. 1823 / d. Dec. 23, 1839) 4. Rebecca, born 1830, married Joseph Davis October 7, 1855 5. A son born 1822 ? 6. * Carter [My GGgrandfather] (born 1826 / d. Oct. 3, 1881), married June 19, 1841 in Waren Co. to Cathren (Catherine) Williams (b. 1831) on June 20, 1847 . Carter was a Cofederate Veteran of the War Between the States. He enlisted September 16,1863, in Gibson, Glascock County, Georgia, to serve under Major Edward B. White's command in Co. K., 3rd (Palmetto) Battalion, South Carolina Light Artillery (aka White's Battalion, South Carolina Light Artillery) assigned to James Island. This battalion was formed about 1861, with three companies, A-C. Seven other companies were added at various times, the last about June 21, 1863. Companies H, I, and K not being legally organized were disbanded by S.O. 77, A. & I.G.O., dated April 1, 1864. This battalion fought in the battle of Charleston Harbor (Aug.-Sept '63) and he Carolinas Campaign (Feb. - April '65). Carter's actual Service record states he was company K, while in his Confederate Pension Application (Date 1895, 1896, 1897) "K" appears crossed out and is changed to "E". Based on theses same Pension Applications, at some point (1864?) he was transferred to Starr's Cavalry. He drew a pension for his service. 7. William (Bill) born 1828, married Mary Anne Brazel March 6, 1853. CSA? Buried at Alderidge Chapel cemetery? 8. Richmond (born 1830 / d. Aug 11, 1895) married (1) Rachel Peeples in 1853 (2) Mary J. Jan. 1, 1856. He served the CSA in Co. A, 48th Ga. Inf. His Confederate Pension app. states he rcieved two wounds on the same day . He was shot through the arm above the elbow and through the hand by minnie-balls at the "battle of the big blow up at Petersburg, Va.". He lost total use of that arm and hand. The state of Ga. compensated him in the amount of $5 for a finger he lost because of the wounded hand . Mary's application for CSA veteran widow's pension states Richmond was wounded at Gettysburg. [GGG Uncle] 9. Lawson (b. abt. 1834 Warren Co./ d. abt 1858 Warren Co.), married Martha A. Grace December 13 or 14, 1851. Lawson was robbed and murdered in 1858. 10. Mary (called Polly), born 1835/6 1.

Children of Figures Newsome (name of first wife unknown, though it is known that she was a Cherokee Indian). They had 10 children.
1. Mason born 1814, married Samuel Marsh December 14, 1830 2. Seaborn born 1816 in Floyd Co., Ala, near Rome, Ga., married Elizabeth Harrell March 5, 1849. Seaborn told a census taker that that his father married an Indian. 3. Peter J (Q), born 1818, married Olivia Harris June 25, 1844 4. Emoline (called Emily), born 1820, married Nathan Marsh June 29, 1848 5. Son born about 1822-24 ? There is speculation that this son was: Reuben D. Newsom married in 1840 to Julia Francis Ivey. Served in CSA forces - Co. A. 8th Confederate Cavalry - killed Mar. 10, 1865 , Monroe's Crossing (now Ft. Bragg) [1st cousin /4x removed] 6. Frances born 1826, ? 7. Figures born 1827 / d. July 2, 1861 in Glascock Co. , married Nancy Kelly April 10, 1851. Roster of Confederate Soldiers list him in CSA service: Ga, cavalry, 7th Battalion (State Guards) Co. G. A note on his service records states that he was drafted, but refused to be mustered in on Aug. 4, 1863. [1st cousin / 4x removed] 8. Asa born 1829/ d. May 3, 1862, married a different Nancy Kelly June 31, 1858. Asa served the CSA in the Ga. 48th Infantry, Co.A He died from wounds sufferd at Malvern Hill, or as widow's Pension app. States, "the 7 days fight near Richmond." His widow reports that she was notified of his wounding, but when she arrived in Richmond to see him at hospital, she was informed he had died and been buried for one week. Sevice records state he died of typhoid fever in General Hospital at Camp Winder. Va., Sept 22, 1862 and that he was buried there in Hollywood Cemetery. [1st cousin/4x removed] 9. Charity born 1832, ?

10. Missouri born 1837

Children of Figures Newsome and 2nd wife Temperance Meders (married December 17, 1839.
11. Green born 1841, died in the Civil War August 6, 1863 (married Eliza McGrew?) He served as a in the Ga. 48th Infantry, Co. A CSA. [1st cousin /4x removed] 12. Susan born 1844

Children of Ricks Newsome and Dicy Newsome (first cousins; married July 13, 1807). They had 3 sons and 1 daughter according to the 1830 census, but they were not named. However, they could have been: 1. Peter Newsome 2. James Newsome 3. Rhoda Newsome married to William Carrol on Feb. 25, 1831, Warren Co. and/or John Pruitt in Warren Co. Oct. 26, 1820. Children of Peter and Rhoda's Sons' (not named in will)
1. Reuben D. Newsom (Nephew of Green) married in 1840 to Julia Francis Ivey. He served the CSA in Co. A. 8th Confederate Cavalry - killed Mar. 10, 1865 , Monroe's Crossing (now Ft. Bragg) [ 1st cousin /4x removed] or may have been Figures' son 2. Marcus L. (Lafayette) Newsome (b. May 5, 1830 / d. May 12, 1912) Married on Jan. 2, 1853 to Julia Ann Mote (b. Dec. 17, 1833 / d. Dec. 15, 1914) daughter of Allen Mote and Rhoda Barton of Warren Co. He served the CSA in Co. F, 62nd Ga. Cavalry which was later sent to be a part of the 8th Cavalry. He filed for a pension as a Confederate veteran in Glynn and Glascock Counties, Ga. [1st cousin / 4x removed]

Children of Thomas T. Newsom and Lettice Drake
1. George W. Newsom (1822) m. Martha Elizabeth Taylor . He served the CSA in Co. H, 22nd Ga. Inf. And filed for Confederate Pension in Wilkes Co., Ga. [4th cousin] 2. Elizabeth O. Newsom (1834-1873) m. George W. Wall 3. Emeline Kingsley Newsome (1836) m. Anderson Goodman Wall (son of Daniel Wall) 4. Sally B. Newsom (1841) 5. Samira T. C. Newsom (1844) 6. Amanda K. S. Newsom (1846)

Children of Hartwell B. Newsom, and 1) Elizabeth Gray 1. Lucy Newsum (ca1822) m. Elijah Doub
2. Jilom (pronounced Gilliam) Newsum (1823) m. Amanda Elizabeth Spears 3. Lottie Newsum

Children of Hartwell B. Newsom, and 2) Mary Cork/Cook
1. William F. Newsum (ca. 1831) m. Mary M. Campbell (1834-?), d/o William and Elizabeth Campbell. William served the CSA in Co. A, 49th Ga. Inf. Received a pension in Dodge Co., Ga. 2. Mary Newsum (1831-1916) m. William Benson Doub 3. Washington Newsum (1834-?) (died during Civil War) [4th cousin] 4. Hartwell Newsum Jr. (ca. 1839) (died during Civil War) [4th cousin] Note: Hart Newsom Jr. and Washington Newsome fought in the Civil War; one for the north and one for the south. At the battle of Bunker Hill in Virginia, their bodies were found side by side. The one in gray was dead and one in blue was wounded who later died of "lock jaw". They were burried side by side at Bunker Hill, VA. Today, there are related Newsome's that spell their name "Newsom" and "Neusom" due to Washington Newsome changing the spelling of his last name so that they could not tell who he was, because he was fighting against his brother in the war.

Children of Hartwell B. Newsom, and 3) Narcissa
1. Sarah T. Newsum (1846) m. Michael Hoge Collins 2. James Duffy Newsum (1850) m. Ann Elizabeth Kennedy

Children of John L. Newsome and Keziah Mote (all born in Warren Co.)
1. Matilda (b. 1832 Warren Co.) 2. John C. (b. 1836 warren Co. / d. before 1900) married Aug. 13, 1869 to Safronia Wilson (b. 1842 Warren co. / d. after 1902, Glascock Co.) He served the CSA in Co. B, 22nd Ga. Reg. - Sargeant. Surrendered with Lee at Appomatox. (2nd cousin) 3. Rebecca (b. 1838 Warren Co.) She became the ward of Allen Mote (Warren Co.) in 1847 4. William (b. Sept. 12, 1832 Warren co.) married before 1865 in Glascock Co. to Lucy (b. 1840 Warren Co.) 5..Jeptha M. (b. 1845 Warren Co.) married Feb. 14, 1869 to Sarah (Sally) A.E. Land (Glascock Co.) 6. James (b. 1847 Warren Co.)

Children of James Newsome and Catherine Chambers
1. Hester A.D. Newsom (b. Dec. 20, 1822 / d. Aug. 7, 1901) married June 6, 1841 to Abraham Newsome NesomIII (b. Feb. 28, 1805 Charleston, S.C.) son of Thomas C. Nesom and Nancy Kirby

Children of Joseph D. (Joeday) Newsom and Charity Mitchell
1. William m. in Warren Co. on Nov. 8, 1831 to Salina Shivers (b. abt. 1815) 2. Solomon (executor of father's will) 3. Elizabeth 4. Olivia 5. Joeday - served the CSA in Co.C Ga. 26th Inf. - Corporal [3rd cousin] 6. Augustus Clayton - served the CSA in Ga. 12th (Wright's) Cavalry (State Guards - Wright's Co.) [3rd cousin] 7. Ann 8. Georgia Ann Selina

Eighth Generation
Children of Martha Newsom and James J. Chalker
1. James J. Chalker, born about 1837 2. Jesse F. Chalker, born about 1838 3. John Chalker, born about 1840 4. Selina S. Chalker, born about 1841 5. Rebecca A. Chalker, born about 1844 6. Rowena J. Chalker, born about 1845 7. Henry Chalker, born about 1849

Children of John C. Newsome and Elizabeth Harris
1. Archibald E. Newsome (b. May 29, 1848 Warren Co. / d. Aug. 5, 1916 Glascock Co.) married in Glascock Co. to Mary Pool (b. April 15, 1850 in Georgia / d. Feb. 11, 1939 Glascock Co.) Daughter of Henry and Ellender Hutchenson Pool. He served the CSA in Co. I, 2nd Ga. Reg. Inf. His CSA pension app. states he was captured by Sherman's raiders while on furlough at home; imprisoned at Point Lookout, Maryland. [3rd cousin] Joseph Davenport Newsome (b. 1850 Warren Co. / d.?) married Martha A. Newsome (d/o Marcus L.) Jane Newsome (b. 1819) Son Newsome (b.1822)

2. 3. 4.

Children of Jane Newsom and Tobias Chalker
1. 2. 3. 4. Nancy B. Chalker, born about 1840 Amanda J. Chalker, born about 1842 Freeman J.M. Chalker, born about 1845 William S. Chalker, born about 1849

Children of Carter Newsome and Catherine Williams [my GGgrandparents] 1. Wiley C. Newsome ( b. about 1849, Warren Co., Ga.) - Married Eliza J. Crawford about 1868 2. (Saul) Solomon T. Newsome (b.abt.1852 Warren Co. / d. abt 1907) - First married Aug. 17, 1871 to Catherine E.L. Usry ( b. abt. 1854 / d. between 1886-88. Daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (morgan) Usry . Second marriage on Jan. 30 1890 in Glascock Co. to Winnie Clark ( b. Aug., 1863 / D. Feb. 27, 1936 in Jefferson Co.) 3. Martha A. Newsome (b. abt. 1853) 4. Thomas S. Newsome ( b. 1855) 5. Mary A. Newsome (b. 1857, Glascock Co., Ga.) - Married Robert Young 6. Elizabeth Newsome ( b. 1859- Glascock Co., Ga.) - Married Cicero Reese, Oct. 24, 1877 7. Rebecca Newsome (b. abt 1861) - 1st marriage = Ben Purdue / 2nd marriage = Andy Pope 8. "Babe" Lawson Newsome (born 1866) - Married Rebecca Wilkie 9. Stonewall Jackson Newsome [My Ggrandfather] (b. April 16, 1868 Jefferson Co. / d. Feb. 12, 1946 Glascock Co., Ga.) 1st Marriage on May 3, 1888 = Martha Sammons (b. Jan. 5, 1871 /d. April 6, 1922 ) 2nd Marriage = Clara Maud Whitehead (b. April 7, 1893). Note: Martha Sammons was the daughter of Ruther Sammons and Silas Dye (listed as such on Martha Jane's death certificate). Rutha claimed that all 5 of her children were the offspring of Silas Dye. Rutha and Silas never married, though he was married twice. Silas did take one of Rutha's children (a daughter) home to to be raised by he and his second wife. Silas (my Gggrandfather) enlisted May 6, 1862 as a Private in Co. B, 22nd Regt., Ga. Inf. Volunteers (Glascock Independent Guards) Army of Northern Va., CSA. He was wounded at City Point, Va. in May, 1864. He surrendered with Lee at Appamatox Courthouse, Va. April 9, 1865. Martha's brothers = Charles Benjamin Sammons, Jordan (Jack) Sammons, James (Jim) Sammons]

10. Sampson N. Newsome (b. Dec. 17, 1871) - Married Lizzie Autman

Children of William Newsom and Mary Ann Brazil
1. Elizabeth Newsom, born about 1851 2. Elizar Newsom, born about 1856 3. Joshua L. Newsom, born about 1858 4. William Newsom, born about 1859

Children of Richmond Newsom and Mary J.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Lawson M. Newsome (b. abt. 1859) married Elizabeth (b. abt. 1862) Anna Guste Newsome (b. abt. 1861) Richmond J. Newsome (b. 1863) Irene Newsome (b. 1866) Julia Newsome (b. 1868) Joshua Newsome (b. 1870) Batie Newsome (b. 1871) George Washington Newsome (b. 1871) John Newsome (b. 1875) Lillian Newsome (b. 1878) Son Newsome (b. 1880)

Children of Lawson Newsome and Martha A. Grace
1. 2. 3. James T. Newsome(b. abt. 1853) John F. "Jack" Newsome (b. abt. 1855) Mary Ann L. Newsome (b. abt 1856)

Children of George W. Newsom and Martha Elizabeth Taylor
1. George Madison T. Newsom (1853-1924) m. Loucetta E. Starr (1858-1915)

Children of Marcus L. Newsom (Green's Nephew) and Julia Ann Mote
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Martha A. Newsom (b. abt. 1854 / d. after 1880) married on April 20, 1874 Glascock Co. to Joseph Davenport "J.D." Newsom(e) (b. abt. 1850 / d. after 1880) son of John C. Newsome (2nd Cousins) Aaron W. Newsom ( b. about 1856 / d. after 1880) married on Aug. 11, 1874 to Lucy Black in Glascock Co. William L. (for Lawrence?) Newsom ( b. abt 1859 / d. after 1880) Marcus M.L. Newsom (b. abt 1863 / 1912) George D. (b. 1868 / d. 1930) married Jan. 31, 1895, Glascock Co. to Annie Wilkins ( b. 1874 / d 1943) Mary A. Newsom (b. abt. 1870 / d. after 1880) R. Melia Newsom (b. abt. 1872 / d. after 1880) Possibly "Lawrence W." This might be the same as William L. Possibly "Marion M.L." This might be the same as Marcus M.L.

Children of Seaborn Newsom and Elizabeth Harrell (all born 1849-1863)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. William A. Newsom - he served the CSA in Co. A, 48th Ga. Cecelia Newsom Marsh Rebbeca Newsom Rhonda Newsom married William Marsh Elizabeth Newsom Solomon Colquette Newsom John David Newsom married (1st)Elizabth Coxwell (2nd)Sarah Francis Eliza Newsom Mary Newsom (b. 1857)

10. Robert Newsom (b. 1879)

Children of Figures II and Nancy Kelly
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Martha J. Newsom Safrond Newsom Allen (b. Aug. 10, 1860 / d. May 14, 1929) m. Jeanette Kent Newsome (b. Jan. 31, 1874 / d. Jan. 18, 1956) Gracey Elizabeth Robert

Children of Asa Newsom and Nancy Kelly
1. Crockett C. Newsom

Child of Charity Newsom (unwed) ;she accused Joshua F. Usry of being the father 1. William Newsom Usry (Note: Found in Deeds and Mortgage Book A of Glascock Co. is a record in which the justice of the peace made Charity take an oath that she would not swear at or trouble Joshua F. Usry any longer about circumstances surrounding her illegitimate son and released him from all liabiblity to support the child.) Children of Peter Q. Newsom and Olivia Harris
1. 2. 3. Joeday (b. abt.1845) Marian (b. abt. 1847) Sarah A.E. (b. abt. 1849)

Children of Solomon Newsom and Martha Matthews
1. Solomon Newsom (the 2nd) married to (1) Jane White (2) widow Elizabeth Mitchell 2. David Newsom (never married) 3. Mary Newsom married Silas Pace 4. Ann Newsome married (1) Michael Burhalter (2) Samuel Wilson 5. Unnamed daughter married Joseph Robertson, based on legal document between Robertson and Solomon (the 2nd) 6. Claiborne Newsom married Hester Duckworth (linked to Solomon the 1st by land) 7. Sarah Newsom married Henry Golden (he was killed by Indians)

Children of James Duffy Newsum and Ann Elizabeth Kennedy
1. Ohio Newsome (1869-1869) 2. Phylena "Lena" Elizabeth Newsome (1872-1933) m. Thomas Boone Turley (1873-1939) 3. Molissie Bell Newsome (1875) m. Elmer Meredith Burton (1871-1947) 4. Effie Teresa Newsome (1877-1904) 5. James Edgar Newsome (1879-1953) 6. Pearl Newsome (1881-1938) m. George Wade 7. Oliver Newsome (1885-1950) 8. Lydia Newsome (1890-1950) 9. Emmett Rex Newsome (1892)

Children of William Newsome and Salina Shivers
1. 2. 3. 4. Andrew J. (b. abt. 1834) - served CSA - Co. C, Cutts Battalion, Georgia Artillery Joeday (b. abt. 1836) Lillian A. (b. abt. 1838) William H. (b. abt. 1842) - Served CSA - Co. H, 46th Georgia Regt. (Pension Baker Co.)

Nineth Generation
Children of Stonewall Jackson Newsome and Martha Jane Sammons [My Ggrandparents]
1. Walter Newsome ( b. Dec. 2, 1890 / d. Sept. 25, 1900) 2. Elbert Ernest Newsome (Feb. 20, 1892 / d. April 3, 1966) married on Nov. 8, 1914 Malinda McCoy (b. 1897 / d. 1985) 3. *Leona Newsome [My Grandmother] ( Nov. 12, 1895/d. Sept. 4, 1984) married Jan. 7, 1912 to Colonel William McNeal (b. Dec.13, 1892/ d. Dec. 1, 1976) Note: William McNeal's maternal grandfather (my Gggrandfather), Green McCoy (b. 1834) served in Co.A, 48th Ga. Regt., CSA. He was wounded in battle, taken to Christian's Hospital where de died April 13, 1863. It is recorded that he was buried April 19, 18632 in the Lynchburg City Cemetery (aka Confederate Cemetery): Grave 1st line, No. 5, Lot 184. 4. Herbert Oliver Newsome (b.April 7, 1897/d. Nov.27, 1955) married to Lula McCoy on Feb. 22, 1914 5. Homer Newsome (b. Sept. 23, 1899/d. May 9, 1971) married to Reba 6. Hilary Thomas Newsome (b.Mar. 30, 1902/d. May 23, 1971) - 1st Marriage=Julia Carpenter in 1926 7. Eddie Wilbur Newsome (b. Mar.8, 1904/d.Aug. 20, 1904) 8. Ozzie Newsome (b. Aug. 17, 1905/d. July 27, 1913). Note: Leona, Elbert, Ozzie and other siblings were out working in the cotton fields about July 24, 1913, when a thunder storm with torrents of rain sent the siblings into the woods at the edge of the field seeking refuge from the storm. Ozzie ducked under a mule drawn wagon to escape the deluge. A sudden burst of wind snapped the top out of a pine tree above the "parked " wagon. One of the mighty boughs of this pine crashed through the floor of the wagon, through Ozzie, and deep into the red Georgia clay. ( Grandma says the mules never flinched) Amongst the ensuing panic, Elbert ran and obtained a handsaw from a stationary saw mill just stone's throw away on the banks of the Ogeechee. The bough was sawn both above and beneath the lad to free him, though the portion that had pierced his torso could not be removed. Carried home on a litter made from a blanket, he clung to life tenaciously for two or three days before passing on. He murmured no complaints…only requesting water. 9. Allie Newsome (b. Oct. 4, 1907/d. Nov. 9, 1954) married Luther Newsome Feb. 8, 1924. It is purported that Jackson paid Luther $25 to marry Allie who was with child by another man. 10. Nannie Laura Newsome (b. April 3, 1910/d. Mar.9, 1976) married Ether Marsh in Oct. 1926 11. Flarrie Mae Newsome ( b. Mar.21, 1912/d. May 8, 1978) - Married Hartwell Williford Sept., 1926 12. Thelma Lois Newsome (b. Nov.17, 1914/ d.) married Lewis Jackson Sept. 5, 1936

Children of Stonewall Jackson Newsome and Clara Whitehead
1. Virginia Newsome (b. May 4, 1923) 2. Martha Vera Newsome (b. Nov. 7, 1925) 3. Glenice Newsome (b. June 17, 1927 / d. July 7,1959) married a Hall 2. J.N. Newsome, Jr. (Nov. 14, 1930/ d. June 20, 1935) 3. Zeferine Newsome (Nov. 22, 1933/ d.

Children of Wiley C. Newsome and Eliza J. Crafford
1. 2. 3. 4. Hilery Newsome (b.abt. 1870) Thomas Newsome (b. abt. 1873) Nora Newsome (b. abt. 1876) Francis G. Newsome (b. abt. 1878)

Children of Solomon T. Newsome and (#1)Catherine E.L. Usry
1. 2. James Newsome (b. abt. 1871) Fulchum Newsome (b. abt. 1874)

3. 4.

Narison (Lizzie) Newsome (b. abt. 1878) Angelo Newsome (b. Oct. 18, 1879). She married Joseph Floyd Rhodes. 5. Safronie Newsome (b. Aug. 1882) 6. Samson Newsome ( b. May 1886)

Children of Solomon T. Newsome and (#2)Winnie Clark
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. John Clark (b. Sept. 1882) Step-child. Thurman Newsome ( b. Feb. 1890) Luther Newsome (b. Nov. 16, 1892 . d. May 13, 1971 Jefferson Co.) married Mattie Hadden (b. June 18, 1891 / d. July 22, 1930 Jefferson Co.) Oscar Newsome (b. Mar. 30, 1896 Jefferson Co. / d. May 20 _____) married Doshie Kirkendoll. Ernie Newsome (b. June 10, 1897 Jefferson Co. / d. April 13, 1978 Jefferson Co.) married on Aug. 29, 1920 to Irene A. _____? Carlos Bernice Newsome (b. Aug. 21, 1900 Jefferson Co. / d. Nov. 2, 1965 Richmond Co.) married in Stapleton, Jefferson Co. on July 27, 1921 to Ida L. Dixon (b. Mar. 12, 1907 Jefferson Co. / d. Mar. 19, 1993 McDuffie Co.) Ollie Newsome (b. 1903) married Sidney J. Kirkendoll (brother of Doshie) Ozzie Newome (b. 1905 / d. 1948 Avera, Jefferson Co.)

7. 8.

Children of Joseph Davenport Newsome and Martha A. Newsome
1. 2. 3. Lora A. Newsome (b. 1875) Joshua C. Newsome (b. 1877) Artie Newsome (b. 1879)

Children of Aaron W. Newsome and Lucy Black
1. 2. Allace Newsome (b. abt 1875/ d. after 1880) Issac Newsome (b. abt. 1877 / d. after 1880)

Children of Lawson M. Newsom and Elizabeth
1. Mary Newsome (b. 1878)

Children of William A. (Aaron) Newsome
1. Charles Nathaniel Newsome 2. James Lawson Newsome (married Dovie Alberta Morgan, sister of brother Brady’s wife, Edith) 4. Hubert N. Newsome 5. Dewey W. Newsome 6. Brady Newsome married Mary Edith Morgan 7. Leon (Lee) married Artie Maye Sammons. (Note: Lee killed himself after Artie left hime to apparently marry another man. 8. Amy Newsome Faglier 9. Bernie Newsome Todd 10. Callie Newsome Todd 11. Emma Newsome Smith

Children of George Washington Newsome
1. Elbert Newsome

Children of Sampson N. Newsome
1. Author Newsome - Hickory, N.C.

Children of Rhoda Newsom and William Marsh
1. Emma Marsh married __________ Usry.

Children of John David Newsome and 1st or 2nd wife?
1. John David (b 1938 / d. 1938)

Children of George M. T. Newsom and Loucetta E. Starr
1. Marshall Melton Matthew Newsom (1893-1959) m. Lillie Mae Houchins (1902-1943)

Children of Crockett Newsom and Mary Jane Newsome
1. 2. 3. Fannie Belle Nancy Lorine Lucy Ellen

Children of Allen Newsome and Jeanette Kent Newsom
1. 2. 3. 4. Cecil Newsome ( b. June 19, 1908 / d. July 1, 1959) Cleo Newsome Phillips (b. Mar. 10, 1907 / d. June 3, 1981) m. Albert Paul Phillips (b. Oct. 3, 1897 / d. Sept. 24, 1937) Ellis Allen Newsome (b. Nov. 11, 1898 / d. Oct. 7, 1965) m. Annie Padgett Newsome ( b. Dec. 12, 1893 / d. June 2, 1962) Alfonso Newsome

Tenth Generation
Children Of Leona Newsome McNeal and Colonel William McNeal [My Grandparents]
1. Geneva McNeal (b. Oct.14, 1912 / d.) Married Ed Dechau June 26, 1927 2. Stella McNeal (b. Jan. 4, 1915/d. Feb.1, 1916 ) 3. John Wesley McNeal (b. April 25, 1917/d. May 28, 1918) 4. Eve McNeal (b. May 6, 1919?d. May 22, 1958) - Married John Day on Oct.18, 1942 5. Mary Elizabeth McNeal (b. Nov. 7, 1920/d. ) - Married Walter F. Cowan on Dec. 5, 1942 6. Juanita McNeal (b. April 20, 1925/ d. ) - Married Ray McKenney on Sept. 21, 1946 7. Fred McNeal (b. Nov. 15, 1926/d.) - Married Alma Hughes on Jan. 25, 1948 8. *Dorothy Jean McNeal [My mother](b. Dec. 16, 1933 / d. July 15, 1986) married on July 2, 1951 to William Hudkins Cunningham (b. June 27, 1927/ d.) (My Parents)

Children of Angelo Newsome and Joseph Floyd Rhodes
1. 2. Lucille Rhodes Eula Rhodes

Children of Carlos Bernice Newsome and Ida L. Dixon
1. 2. 3. Glenn Edward Newsome (b. Feb. 17, 1924 / d. Nov. 8, 1986 Columbia Co.) married Marjorie Kent Dorothy Newsome married John H. Peeples, Jr. James C. Newsome ( b. Oct. 7, 1930, Louisville, Jefferson Co. / d. Dec. 17, 1992) married (#1) Dec. 27, 1948 in Aiken, S.C. to Meta Ann McKerley (b. Jan. 12, 1931); divorced 1962. Married (#2) Montezuma Lou Harrell (b. Aug. 30, 1926, Gibson, Glascock Co.)

Children of Charles Nathaniel Newsome
1. 2. Charles Aubrey Newsome William Hugh Newsome

Children of Elbert Newsome
1. Elbert Newsome, Jr.

Children of Thelma Newsome and Lewis Jackson
1. Drucilla Jackson married Olin Wood on Nov. 19, 1960

Children of Nannie Laura Newsome and Ethan Marsh
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Jackson Seaborn Marsh Mattie Maye Martha Elese Julia Allan Faye Sarah Newsome Bridges William Phillip

Child of Brady Newsome and Mary Edith Morgan
1. Dollie Murray (Clayton, Ga.)

Children of Lee Newsome and Artie Maye Sammons
1. 2. 3. Minnie Lee Unice Elsie

Children of Emma Marsh and ____________ Usry
1. 2. Dessie Usry married John Colquette (Bud) Newsome (John David's son) 2. Martha married to Edgar Lamb

Children of Florrie Mae Newsome and Hartwell Williford
1. 2. Terrell Williford and __________________________ (Mitchell, Ga.) Martha married to Edgar Lamb

Children of Elbert Ernest Newsome and Malinda McCoy
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Lester Ernest Newsome (b. / d. Nov. 20, 1998) Homer Lee Newsome (b. 1926 / d. 1945) Vernon Nesome m. Phyliss ______________ Lewis Newsome Wilbur Newsome John Newome Edna Newsome Hobbs Ruby Nesome Blackwell Jean Newsome Shirley

Children of Allen Newsome and Annie Padgett
1. Risden Newsome (b. Aug. 1931 / d. Nov. 5, 1984)

Children of Alfonso Newsome and _______________
1. Callen Newsome Jolly

Children of Allie Newsome and Allie Newsome (dau. of Jackson)
1. 2. Gene Sadie

Eleventh Generation
Children Of Dorothy Jean McNeal and William Hudkins Cunningham
1.Thomas Harold Cunningham (b. Mar.22, 1954 in Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga / d. ) - Married on Dec. 21, 1975 to Dixie Jean Newgard (b. Oct. 30, 1954) 2. Ellen Lee Cunningham (b. Sept. 13, 1956 in Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga. / d.) - Married May 21,1978 to Bruce Allen Bergherm, Jr. (b. 6-2-1956 / d.)

Children of Geneva (Geebee) McNeal and Ed Dechau
1. 2. Edward Dechau, Jr. (b. Dec.5, 1928) married: (1st) on Nov. 3, 1951 to Marguerite Dusenbury (2nd) on Aug. 10, 1973 to Azalene (b. Nov. 12, 1931) Fredier Lee Dechau (little girl - died as a result of "cat scratch fever")

Children of Eve McNeal and John (Jack) Day
1. Billy Day, Jr. (b. Oct. 10, 1943) m. Judy ___________abt.1972?

Children Mary Elizabeth McNeal and Walter Cowan
1. 2. 3. Rosemary (b. Oct. 18, 1944) married (1st) Johnny Smith (2nd) Richard Peters Suzanne (b. Jan. 18, 1948) married (1st) in July, 1966 to "Junior" Albert Lacy Lambert (2nd) on June 10, 1973 to "Reed" Wayne Edward Ledwig (b. Oct. 21, 1946) Terry Ray (b. Oct.11, 1951) married (1st) Virginia Cordova (2nd)Joanne

Children of Nita McNeal and Raymond L. McKenney
1. 2. Larry Joseph (b. April 20, 1949) married in Aug. 1974 to Valerie Hendershot (b.Sept.1, 1950) Janice Anita (b. Jan. 19, 1941) married (1st) in 1968 to Norman Gray (2nd) Doyce Nicola on Mar. 21 or 23, 1972

Children of Fred McNeal and Alma Hughes
1. 2. Fred, Jr. (b Sept. 19, 1952) married (1st)Mary Denise ____________ (2nd) Kim (b. May 4, 1957) on June 14, 1980 Carolyn Eve (b. April 8, 1961)

Children of Glenn Edward Newsome and Marjorie Kent
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Edward Glenna Terry Patricia Penny

Children of Dorothy Newsome and John H. Peeples, Jr.
1. 2. 3. Larry Anthony Peeple Victoria Elaine Peeples Pamela Suzette Peeples


John Henry "Trey" Peeples

Children of James C. Newsome and (#1) Meta Ann McKerley
1. Yvonne Ann Newsome

Children of James C. Newsome and (#2) Montezuma Lou Harrell
1. 2. Carla Jay Newsome James Harrell Newsome

Children of Charles Aubrey Newsome
1. Cordell Newsome married Debbie _______? (lives in Tracey City, Tn)

Children of William Hugh Newsome
1. James Newsome (lives in Warrenton, Ga.)

Children of Elbert Newsome, Jr.
1. Mollie Newsome married to Steve Sudhoff

Children of Lester Newsome and Florence C. Newsome
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Lester Nesome III Phillip C. Newsome Tony S. Newsome Cheryl Newsome Irby Sandra Newsome Azimi Cathe Newsome

Children of Vernon Newsome and Phyliss Newsome
1. 2. Keith Newsome James Russell Newsome (b. April 27, 1958 / d. May 11, 1981)

Twelvth Generation
Children Of Thomas Harold Cunningham and Dixie Jean Newgard
1. Stacey Brooke Cunningham (b. Sept. 22, 1981) 2. Amy Noelle Cunningham (b. Dec. 1, 1983)

Children of Ellen Lee Cunningham and Bruce Allen Bergherm, Jr
1. Bruce Allen Bergherm III (b. May 10, 1980) 2. William Garrett Bergherm (b. May 5, 1993)

Children of Janice McKenney and (1st) Norman Gray
1. Kimberly Jan Gray (b. )married on June 11, 1994 to Edwin Alfred Baer

Children of Ed Dechau and (1st) Marguerite Dusenbury
1. 2. 3. Gregory (b. Aug. 11, 1952) married Nov. 26, 1977 to Pam Drake (b. Oct.23, 1954) Gretchen (b. Jan. 19, 1955) married on June 7, 1973 to Howard Franklin (b. April 30, 1951) Stephanie (b. )married on to Larry DeCampli

Children of Billy Day and Judy
1. 2. William (Billy) Eva Ann (b.Sept. 26, 1971)

Children of Fred McNeal and (1st) Mary Denise
1. Fred III (b. Dec.16, 1971)

Children of Fred McNeal and (2nd) Kim
1. Morgan (b. July 6, 1987)

Children of Suzanne Cowan and "Junior" Albert Lacy Lambert
1. Troy Ledwig (b. July 15, 1967) married (1st) ____________? (2nd) in Dec. 1989 to Tracey Burns. Troy took his stepfather's last name.

Children of Rosemary Cowan and Johnny Smith
1. Tina Peters (b. March 3, 1966) married to Gary ________________. Tina took her step father's last name.

Children of Terry Ray Cowan and Virginia Cordova
1. Christine (b. June 21, ____) 2. Corey (b. Nov.4, ______)

Thirteenth Generation
Children of Troy Ledwig and (2nd) Tracey Burns
1. 2. Tiffany (b. Feb.28, 1985) - step child adopted by Troy; Troy's first wife's child. Justin (b. Oct. 25, 1989)

Children of Tina Peters and Gary __________
1. Joshua Peter's (b. Mar. 16, 1988). Joshua took his mother's maiden name. Gary is his stepfather. 2. Bradley (b. Oct., 1995)

Children of Gregory Dechau and Pam Drake
1. 2. Blake (b. June 3, 1980) Heather (b. April 5, 1983)

Children of Gretchen Dechau and Howard Franklin
1. 2. 3. Tiffany (b. Oct.30, 1980) Tara (b. Oct.15, 1983) Christian (b. August 1, 1985)

Children of Stephanie Dechau and Larry DeCampli
1. 2. Dustin Gena

Four Great Grandfathers Served in the Armed Forces of the

Confederate States of America
During the War of Northern Aggression

Jesse McNeal, Private
Enlisted May 6, 1862, Augusta, Georgia Company B, 22nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Army Army of Northern Virginia, CSA Known as the "Glascock Independent Guards" Killed at Manassas Gap, Virginia, July 23, 1863

J.J.G.W. "Green" McCoy, Private
Enlisted March 4, 1862, Gibson, Georgia Company A, 48th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army of Northern Virginia, CSA Known as the "Gibson Guards" or "Gibson Volunteers" Died in Christian's Hospital, Lynchburg, Virginia, April 14, 1863 Buried in Confederate Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia, April 19, 1863 Section No.5, 1st Line, Lot 184

Carter Newsome
Enlisted September, 1863, Gibson Georgia White's Battalion, Company, E, 3rd South Carolina Light Artillery Transferred to Captain Starr's Cavalry, May, 1864 Discharged upon the surrender at Appomattox, Virginia, April 9, 1865

Silas Dye, Private
Enlisted May 6, 1862, Augusta, Georgia Company B, 22nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Army Army of Northern Virginia, CSA Known as the "Glascock Independent Guards" Gunshot Wound to Right Knee and Captured at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 Paroled at Baltimore, Maryland, August 23, 1863 Received at City point, Virginia, for exchange of Union Prisoners, August 24, 1863 Wounded at Wilderness, Virginia, May 6, 1864 Surrendered and Paroled at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, April 9, 1865

Organizational Assignments of the Forty-eighth Georgia Infantry Regiment

Formed 10 and 11 March 1862 at Camp Davis in Effingham County, Georgia, near Savannah. 25 May 1862 ordered to Richmond, Virginia. Attached to Major General Daniel Harvey Hill’s Division, Brigadier General Roswell S. Ripley’s Brigade. Brigaded with the 44th Georgia Infantry Regiment, 1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment, and 3rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment. 16 August 1862 attached to Lieutenant General James Longstreet’s Corps, Major General R.H. Anderson’s Division, Brigadier General Augustus R. Wright’s Brigade. Brigaded with the 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, 22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment, and 44th Alabama Infantry Regiment. 15 November 1862 attached to Lieutenant General James Longstreet’s I Corps, Major General R. H. Anderson’s Division, Brigadier General A. R. Wright’s Brigade. Brigaded with 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, 22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment, and 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion. June – July, 1863, the Gettysburg Campaign, attached to Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell (A. P.) Hill’s III Corps, Major General R. H. Anderson’s Division, Brigadier General A. R. Wright’s Brigade. Brigaded with the 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, 22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment, and 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion. 1 August 1864 attached to Lieutenant General A. P. Hill’s III Corps, Major General R. H. Anderson’s Division, Brigadier General A. R. Wright’s Brigade. Brigaded with the 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion, 10th Georgia Infantry Battalion, 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, and 64th Georgia Infantry Regiment. 1 October 1864, attached to Lieutenant General A. P. Hill’s III Corps, Major General William Mahone’s Division, Brigadier General A. R. Wright’s Brigade. Brigaded with the 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion, 10th Georgia Infantry Battalion, 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, and 64th Georgia Infantry Regiment. 1 January 1865, attached to Lieutenant General A. P. Hill’s III Corps, Major General William Mahone’s Division, Brigadier General Moxley Sorrel’s Brigade. Brigaded with the 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion, 10th Georgia Infantry Battalion, 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, and 64th Georgia Infantry Regiment. 2 April 1865, Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill is killed in action near Petersburg, Virginia. The remnants of III Corps are attached to I Corps for the remaining week of the Army of Northern Virginia’s existence.

Report of Brigadier General A. R. Wright, C. S. Army, commanding brigade, on action of Wright's Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. HEADQUARTERS WRIGHT'S BRIGADE, September 28, 1863. MAJOR: I submit the following report of the part taken by my brigade in the military operations at Gettysburg, Pa. , on July 1, 2, 3, and 4 last: On the morning of July 1, I moved my brigade from its camp near Fayetteville, Pa. , and, by order of the major-general commanding the division, marched in the direction of Gettysburg, passing through the South Mountain at Cashtown Gap. In this march, my brigade was immediately in rear of Mahone's brigade, and I was instructed to follow Mahone's command. About 10 a. m. , and when within about 1 mile of Cashtown (which is at the foot of the eastern slope of South Mountain), my command was stopped by the halt of Mahone's brigade in the road in my immediate front. In a few minutes after I had halted, the report of artillery was heard in the direction of Gettysburg, and seemingly not more than 6 or 8 miles distant. After remaining about one hour or an hour and a half in the road, the column again moved forward, my brigade following, as before, Mahone's. On arriving near to Cashtown, I was directed to file off to the right of the turnpike, and bivouac my men in a piece of timbered land, in rear of Mahone, who had preceded me in the woods. At the same time, I was informed that my wagon train would be parked in the open field in my front. In this position I remained until about 1 p. m. , when we again took up the line of march along the turnpike in the direction of Gettysburg. When within about 6 miles of the latter place, I was compelled by severe indisposition to leave my command, and, consequently, know nothing more of the day's operations excepting that derived from Colonel Gibson, of the Forty-eighth Georgia Regiment, who in my absence assumed command of the brigade. By him I was informed that between 4 and 5 p. m. the brigade reached a position three fourths of a mile to the right of the turnpike, and about 2 1\2 or 3 miles from Gettysburg, where they remained until next morning, and where I found them in line of battle on returning to the command at 7 a. m. on July 2. Just after assuming command, I received orders to move my brigade by the right flank, following immediately in rear of Perry's brigade. In this order I was conducted by Major-General Anderson to a position already occupied by a portion of the troops of the Third Corps, and was directed to relieve a brigade (Davis', I think, of Heth's division), then in line of battle about 2 miles south of Gettysburg. About noon, I was informed by Major-General Anderson that an attack upon the enemy's lines would soon be made by the whole division, commencing on our right by Wilcox's brigade, and that each brigade of the division would begin the attack as soon as the brigade on its immediate right commenced the movement. I was instructed to move simultaneously with Perry's brigade, which was on my right, and informed that Posey's brigade, on my left, would move forward upon my advance. This being the order of battle, I awaited the signal for the general advance, which was given at about 5 p. m. by the advance of Wilcox's and Perry's brigade, on my right. I immediately order forward my brigade, and attacked the enemy in his

strong position on a range of hills running south from the town of Gettysburg. In this advance, I was compelled to pass for more than a mile across an open plain, intersected by numerous post and rail fences, and swept by the enemy's artillery, which was posted along the Emmitsburg road and upon the crest of the heights on McPherson's farm, a little south of Cemetery Hill. In this advance, my brigade was formed in the following order: The Twenty-second Georgia Regiment on the right, the Third Georgia in the ; center, and the Forty-eighth Georgia on the left. The Second Georgia Battalion, which was deployed in front of the whole brigade as skirmishers, was directed to close intervals on the left as soon as the command reached the line of skirmishers, and form upon the left of the brigade. Owing to the impetuosity of the advance and the length of the line occupied by them, the Second Battalion failed to form all its companies upon the left of the brigade, some of them falling into line with other regiments of the command. My men moved steadily forward until reaching within musket range of the Emmitsburg turnpike, when we encountered a strong body of infantry posted under cover of a fence near to and parallel with the road. Just in rear of this line of infantry were the advanced batteries of the enemy, posted along the Emmitsburg turnpike, with a field of fire raking the whole valley below. Just before reaching this position, I had observed that Posey's brigade, on my left, had not advanced, and fearing that, if I proceeded much farther with my left flank entirely unprotected, I might become involved in serious difficulties, I dispatched my aide-de-camp, Captain R. H. Bell, with a message to Major-General Anderson, informing him of my own advance and its extent, and that General Posey had not advanced with his brigade on my left. To this message I received a reply to press on; that Posey had been ordered in on my left, and that he (General Anderson) would reiterate the order. I immediately charged upon the enemy's line, and drove him in great confusion upon his second line, which was formed behind a stone fence, some 100 or more yards in rear of the Emmitsburg turnpike. At this point we captured several pieces of artillery, which the enemy in his haste and confusion was unable to take off the field. Having gained the Emmitsburg turnpike, we again charged upon the enemy, heavily posted behind a stone fence which ran along the abrupt slope of the heights some 150 yards in rear of the pike. Here the enemy made considerable resistance to our farther progress, but was finally forced to retire by the impetuous charge of my command. We were now within less than 100 yards of the crest of the heights, which were lined with artillery, supported by a strong body of infantry, under protection of a stone fence. My men, by a well directed fire, soon drove the cannoneers from their guns, and, leaping over the fence, charged up to the top of the crest, and drove the enemy's infantry into a rocky gorge on the eastern slope of the heights, and some 80 or 100 yards in rear of the enemy's batteries. We were now complete masters of the field, having gained the key, as it were, of the enemy's whole line. Unfortunately, just as we had carried the enemy's last and strongest position, it was discovered that the brigade on our right had not only not advanced across the turnpike, but had actually given way, and was rapidly falling back to the rear, while on our left we were entirely unprotected, the brigade ordered to our support having failed to advance. It was now evident, with my ranks so seriously thinned as they had been by this terrible charge, I should not be able to hold my position unless speedily and

strongly re-enforced. My advanced position and the unprotected condition of my flanks invited an attack which the enemy were speedy to discover, and immediately passed a strong body of infantry under cover of a high ledge of rocks, thickly covered with stunted undergrowth, which fell away from the gorge in rear of their batteries before mentioned in a southeasterly direction, and, emerging on the western slope of the ridge, came upon my right and rear at a point equidistant from the Emmitsburg turnpike and the stone fence, while a large brigade advanced from the point of woods on my left, which extended nearly down to the turnpike, and, gaining the turnpike, moved rapidly to meet the party which had passed round upon our right. We were now in a critical condition. The enemy's converging line was rapidly closing upon our rear; a few moments more, and we would be completely surrounded; still, no support could be seen coming to our assistance, and with painful hearts we abandoned our captured guns, faced about, and prepared to cut our way through the closing lines in our rear. This was effected in tolerable order, but with immense loss. The enemy rushed to his abandoned guns as soon as we began to retire, and poured a severe fire of grape and canister into our thinned ranks as we retired slowly down the slope into the valley below. I continued to fall back until I reached a slight depression a few hundred yards in advance of our skirmish line of the morning, when I halted, reformed my brigade, and awaited the further pursuit of the enemy. Finding that the enemy was not disposed to continue his advance, a line of skirmishers was thrown out in my front, and a little after dark my command moved to the position which we had occupied before the attack was made. In this charge, my loss was very severe, amounting to 688 in killed, wounded, and missing, including many valuable officers. I have not the slightest doubt but that I should have been able to have maintained my position on the heights, and secured the captured artillery, if there h; ad been a protecting force on my left, or if the brigade on my right had not been forced to retire. We captured over twenty pieces of artillery, all of which we were compelled to abandon. These pieces were taken by the respective regiments composing this brigade, as follows: The Third Georgia, 11 pieces; the Twenty-second Georgia, 3 pieces; the Forty-eighth Georgia, 4 pieces, and the Second Battalion several pieces-the exact number not ascertained, but believed to amount to as many as 5 or 6 pieces. I am gratified to say that all the officers and men behaved in the most handsome manner; indeed, I have never seen their conduct excelled on any battle-field of this war. In the list of casualties, A am pained to find the name of Colonel Joseph Wasden, commanding Twenty-second Georgia Regiment, who was killed at the head of his command near the Emmitsburg turnpike. The service contained no better or truer officer, and his death, while deeply deplored by his friends and associates, will be a serious loss to the Confederacy. Major Ceorge W. Ross, commanding Second Georgia Battallion, was seriously wounded, fell into the hands of the enemy, and has since died. This gallant officer was shot down while in the enemy's works on the crest of the heights, endeavoring to have removed some of the captured artillery. As a disciplinarian, he had no superior in the field; an accomplished gentleman and gallant officer, the country will mourn his loss. Colonel William Gibson, commanding Forty-eighth Georgia Regiment, was seriously wounded, and left upon the field. I am pleased to say that recent information received from him gives assurance of his ultimate

recovery. This regiment suffered more severely than any other in the command. Being on the extreme left, it was exposed to a heavy enfilade as well as direct fire. The colors were shot down no less than seven times, and were finally lost. During the morning of Friday (the 3d), my brigade remained quietly in its original line of battle. Late in the afternoon, it was moved forward 500 or 600 yards, to cover the retreat of Pickett's division, which had assaulted the enemy's position at the same point where my brigade had advanced the day before, and had been forced to re tire. Soon after, I was ordered by General Lee to move my brigade to the right several hundred yards, and form in rear of Wilcox's brigade, to support the latter in case the enemy should advance upon it, and which was now threatened. In this position I remained until after nightfall, when I retired to my original position in line of battle upon the hill. On Saturday (the 4th), my command remained quietly in line until about sunset, when I was ordered to take up the line of march for Fairfield. We reached the latter place about midnight, marching through drenching rain, and here I received orders to move on to Monterey Gap, in South Mountain, and support Iverson's brigade, which had been attacked in the mountain while guarding a large wagon train. About daylight, I came upon the rear of the train upon the top of the mountain, but found the road so completely blocked up as to prevent my farther progress. I halted my command, and permitted the men to lie down and take a little rest, while I rode to the front, to ascertain the exact condition of affairs. I found General Iverson near Monterey, and not far from the Waynesborough turnpike, and from his learned that all the danger to the train had passed, and I directed him to move on in the direction of Waynesborough as rapidly as possible, so as to enable our troops to get through the mountain pass. Shortly after this, Major-General Anderson came up, and assumed the further direction of the day. From this time until we recrossed the Potomac, my brigade lost not a single man in the very severe and fatiguing march of the night before recrossing the river. My entire command displayed a patient endurance of physical suffering and heroic fortitude rarely exhibited by any troops. A detailed list of the casualties of my command was forwarded to you immediately after the battle, and is, therefore, omitted in this report. Inclosed I hand you copies of the reports of the officers commanding the different regiments composing this brigade. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, A. R. WRIGHT, Brigadier-General, Commanding Brigade. Major THOMAS S. MILLS, Assistant Adjutant-General, Anderson's Division.

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