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Ravyn Lenae Washington

12249 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL, 60628 || || C: (773) 971-8392

Academic Education
Survey of Literature Honors
World Literature Honors
American Literature Honors
British Literature Honors
Algebra I
Integrated Math II
Integrated Math III
Financial Stats
Earth and Space Science
Human Geography Honors
World History Honors
US History Honors
Economics and Government
French I
French II Honors
French III Honors
French IV Honors
Health (1 semester)
Drivers Education (1
Computer Education
Integrated Arts

Artistic Education

Meg Arbeiter
Nik Mabry
Kristen Hefferan
Shifra Adler
Gabriel Warner
Marshall Selvidge
Paul Dorney
Minh-Dan Tran
Cheryl Kondreck
Joseph Wagner
S. Onyezia
Roman Marchenko
Roman Marchenko
Myanna Klein
Leonard Hinds
Virginie Tchakoumi
Virginie Tchakoumi
Oscar Munoz
James Salazar
Drew Steger
Tsegaye Lobban
Natalie Chami

Vocal Technique I
(Classical Italian and
Vocal Technique II
(Classical Italian and
Vocal Technique III
(Classical English and
Musical Theatre)
Vocal Technique IV
(Classical French)
Vocal Jazz (3 semesters)
Acting I
Musical Sceneworks
Dance for Music Majors
(1 semester)
Music Theory
Music Theory I
Music History
Music Technology
Keyboard Skills I
Keyboard Skills II
Keyboard Skills III
Junior Choir (2 years)
Senior Choir (2 years)

Denise Knowlton
AJ Wester
Denise Knowlton
Matthew Blanks
Gaye Klopack
Jason Sperling
Denise Knowlton
Rachel Crystal
Alicia Poot
Brooks Truly
Denise Knowlton
Natalie Chami
Greta Pope
Matthew Blanks
Matthew Blanks
Gaye Klopack
Natalie Chami
William Chin

May 20th: ChiArts Music Curtain Call
May 2: Teyana Taylor at the House of Blues
April 14: Kerfuffle at the Chicago History Museum
March 19: Ravyn Lenae by SXSW in Austin, TX
March 18: Painkillers Reloaded by SXSW in
Austin, TX
March 16: Clich by SXSW in Austin, TX
Classical NATS 2016
February 27: ChiArts Silent Auction at the Chicago
Puerto Rican Arts Museum
January 31: Death & Taxes at Emporium in
Chicago, IL
January 23: LTAB Mixtape at Metro in Chicago, IL
January 15: Refuge Live with DWoods
January: ChiArts Winter Voice Showcase


December 22: Live at House of Blues

December 20: Black Jupiter Live at Double Door

in Chicago, IL
October: ILMEA Chorus Audition
CPS Festival 2015
ChiArts Jazz Master Class
November 14: We Go by Airgo at Silver Room in
Chicago, IL
October 19: Classick Fam at Wicker Park in
Chicago, IL
May: ChiArts Music Curtain Call
January: House of Blues Bringing Down the House


December: ChiArts Winter Music Showcase

IHSA 2014
May: ChiArts Music Curtain Call
CPS Festival 2014


ChiArts Winter Music Showcase